Love Poems About Honoured or Honoured Love Poems
by Jack Ellison |
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Lady Love

There's a very special someone that I've come to know The name “Lady Love” fits her like a glove She exudes passion from every pore, every fibre of her being The sensual words and phrases she whispers From deep in her heart turn grown men into children She possesses an inner beauty that shines forth Like a rare exotic flower just discovered in life's garden To have met her, I have been truly blessed I am honoured that this beautiful soul has allowed me into her heart If I meet my maker tomorrow, I will take with me The love and friendship of a beautiful caring soul Simply known as “Lady Love” © Jack Ellison 2014

by Brenda Rose |
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Time To Honour

Hold on to the elderly
And never let them go 
Like morning dew on an open flower
Their sparkle becomes a glow.

And it will never fade 
If honoured when we touch
Their light will simply pass
And live to glow in us.

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

by Mohannad Khufash |
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How blessed I am that you are in my life
Not a day goes by when I do not think of you
You make everything alright
To you I do not have to prove myself
For you know me
I love you

How blessed I am that you are in my life
How honoured I am to be a part of yours
Memories made and shared
With you the one I love
My friend, my lover, my queen
'Til the end

by James Fraser |
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Images of She

Everyday I view images, of a creature beautifully be
Through my eyes I see a maiden, such beauty in she thralls thee

It does not matter what she wears, or the way it's worn
She would look beautiful wearing rags, shredded ripped or torn

To her locks I mention, draped against porcelain skin
Like a magnetic I'm now drawn, her beauty draws me in

Next I value her loves, such intelligence abounds her soul
History, the arts and music, knowledge has been her goal

Everyday I view images, of a creature beautifully be
I can only feel so honoured, that she's fallen in love with me


by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: faith, god,

Honored Dinner Guest

Happy Birthday Jesus
This is your special day
You're welcome in my home
I'd be honoured if you'd stay

The table has been set
Please hear my simple prayer
I pray you will be seated
In your own special chair

At the head of my table
is the place where you belong
When I've  sat in your place
I've often got it wrong

As you smile on my guests
I know You Love each one
We're honored to be with You
God's precious only Son

What can we give to you
Would you like a sip of wine
I suspect the gift you want
Is for us to share our time

So Happy Birthday Jesus
Please stay here every day
Teach me to become wise
So I can live a better way

by Jack Ellison |
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A Most Precious Thing

Real true love is such a precious thing Unequaled in our human emotions Certainly way ahead of hate and mistrust This feeling of absolute devotion Like no other since the world was new So honoured and tested by time Like a soft summer breeze on a starlit night Like the smell of sweet roses divine Nothing equals the feeling of love Not even sweet chocolate fudge Uh maybe chocolate fudge is pretty close Naw, love's much sweeter, nudge, nudge Ahh, I've thought of something sweeter The smell of a newborn infant Now who could contest that my friends Totally divine, like heaven sent

by Shilpa Chaganti |
Categories: color, confusion, happy,

Seven For Chaos and Order- the Inseparable

The Inseparable Chaos and Order I love being a confusing clutter.. caring not to cure it; Cutting off the classic for the colour- filled chaos; I am the craft of being creative in my own chaotic way; The nature of Nature itself, is curved towards chaos; But the orderly order is so amazing, I always awe and envy; Often achieved and obtained by the most honoured; Adorably astute to always accept me even amidst all my inadequacies.
Dated: 28/01/2017 Contest: Seven for Chaos and Order

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: appreciation, tribute,

Connie Marcum Wong

Connie Marcum Wong

     Connie Marcum Wong! Super strong!
    We held like minded personality and interacted beyond poetry-soup arena.
    I relished and honoured her every comment touching core of heart.
   An emotional bond had tied us though without any scope to meet.
   I love and admire her all along.


Short Connie Tributes

Contest by Andrea Dietrich

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: anniversary, lonely, lost love,



   Allurement of your charm and charisma
   Neither to overlook nor to ignore.
   Nearness of two wobbled hearts happened miraculous.
   I honoured fervent fervid favour of fortune.
   Vibrant Spring united us last year! Dear!
   Emotive urge flooded my bubbling blood.
   Rolled rippled pearly passion in romantic rapture.
   Spam and sank in dulcet dream.
   Ardent ardor whirled on pivot of non-verbal commitment.
   Reappeared Spring in splendour after one year.
   You are not back to celebrate Anniversary of our unison.



Contest by Sara Kendrick

by Jack Ellison |
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True Love Is Such a Beautiful Thing

True love is such a beautiful thing Unequaled in our human emotions Eons ahead of hate and mistrust This feeling of absolute devotion Like no other since the world was new So honoured and tested by time Like a soft summer breeze on a starlit night Like the smell of sweet roses divine Nothing equals the feeling of love Not even sweet chocolate fudge Uh maybe chocolate fudge is pretty close Naw, love's much sweeter, nudge, nudge Ahh, I've thought of something sweeter The smell of a newborn infant Now who could contest that my friends Divine, like it's heaven sent © Jack Ellison 2013

by Sibusisiwe LETA Ncede |
Categories: africa, blessing, change,

The Meaning

Muttering is not a solution
Grambling is not the key
Screaming is not a validation
Abbreviation is outdated

Life is meant to be lived
Tears are meant for cleansing of the eyes
Loving is meant for happiness
Strength is meant for growth

Opportunity is not a success
Challenge is not a competition
Love is not a mercy
Pain is not the end

Knowledge is meant to be utilised
Humanity is meant to be embraced
Determination is meant to be honoured
Courage is meant to be respected

by Jan Allison |
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Rain Dance

Come take my hand the weather is fine
Walking together in the summer sunshine
All of a sudden it starts to get dark
So hurry to shelter in the local park

We huddle together in the kiosk door
Cuddled up with the man I adore
Then suddenly you grab my hand
We dance in the rain by the old bandstand

Our clothes and hair get soaking wet
We are so in love we do not fret
Back to your house we do retire
To snuggle in front of a roaring fire

It is there in the glow that you take my hand
Kneel and propose – now I understand 
You are the one I’ve looked for all my life
I’m honoured to say ‘Yes, I’ll be your wife’

Jan Allison
9th August 2014

by John Rhinem |
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Beyound the Night Ii

Encrypted liturgies time-honoured fascinations....

Aside these contiguous rivers of resoundings ~

Tintinnabulating endemics adorned amid the amulets of

Unilaterals ornate tidings enchanting chimes

If one so seeks to find....

This paean charm beyond their own eyes then

Whom can truly say until all has been told?!

Pacifism; universalism; factions; subcultures; dissensions towards

A sunflowers hopeful dreams thus held amid these

Softened petals of such fragrant love ~

Betwixt the ever present shadows wherein, they grow....

Realms casting senses and, who is wrong and who is right!? 


"Beyound the Night" *

by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: relationship, sunshine, true love,

Come To the World

Let's fly together to the world of love
Where heart is pure and mind is sure
The beauty of nature still beguile 
where bloom of flowers are still fresh and live
Where wind carry the scent of togetherness 
Where sounds are smoothing to the souls of ears
Where murmur of the heart is heard so clear
Where pain of others are joined with the joys of others
Where promises are fulfilled and words are honoured 
Where life is a joy and living is a pleasure.....

by Jack Ellison |
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Whoop Whoop For Love

Whoop whoop I'm in love with love It's the only thing that really matters Everything else goes on totally unabated And can leave our mind in tatters But uttering the word love to people Most times they'll melt and blubber They get flustered and turn a crimson red Flounder like a ship with no rudder It's a basic instinct with all living things We think that we're superior It's the common bond that unites us all There's no real motive ulterior The propagation of the whole human race Is the basic reason for love But it's evolved in us *****sapiens To an act that is honoured above © Jack Ellison 2013

by Seeyam Brjmohun |
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My Guinevere

In this hell you hold the hand of our Lord.
Deep inside my heart troubles towards doom,
If I could cast it upon my own sword
And if I could request for just one boon.

Fear to accept what my heart proclaims true?
With no reasoning and poisoned with lies
My ambition can never be with you
I am haunted by your beautiful eyes.

There’s no profit from the promise we’ve kept,
Which cannot be honoured to ours above.
Denial and deceit we must both accept,
We must from our good lord both hide our love.

And inevitably darkness draws nears,
Discovery will realise our fears.

by Gwen Von Erlach Schutz |
Categories: social,

A Letter To Royalty

To have met a prince so handsome and fair,
Kind and generous,
Beloved and reverent,
May God continue to bless you,
And your complex ways,
A learned passage,
Place where you haven't been before,
A visit to many doors,
Each brilliant and divine,
To live with materialistic majesty,
The nature of God's love,
An enhanced society,
You have been honoured to visit.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

by Yasmin Ilahi |
Categories: familylove, mother,


I love my job.  I feel honoured to be a mother and a wife.  This job is my life.  People pity 
me.  Why? because I choice to stay at home and raise my children.  MYSELF.

I'm my own person.  I am blessed.  Yes I do get stressed.  I study and teach.  My job is 
rewarding and never boring.

To see my house sparkle and gleem.  Cosy evenings with my hub.  I love my job.  I feel 
honoured to be a mother and a wife.  This role is my life.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: bird, love, trust,

Building Trust

bird in nest
looks at us
our trust builds

the space shared
is honoured

by God’s grace
we both feel
love entwined 


by Jack Ellison |
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The Latest Love Charts

We two have just reached No.1
On the latest just released love charts
Knew our love was being considered
By the way we traded our hearts

Well we've finally been honoured
For our 30 year love affair
It matters not that we lost one another
We're back with a love so rare

You never left my loving heart
Was waiting for September 7th
Then it happened, a miracle happened
Never again to leave my presence

To love one another till death do us part
Is a familiar time honoured refrain
But it applies to us like all of the rest
We'll never be wanting again

by Sibusisiwe LETA Ncede |
Categories: africa, change, confidence, creation,


To be content with yourself
Is to be honest and ready for the impossible
To be mesmerized by creation
Is to be falling deeply in love

Calmness overwhelms your inner self
Eagerness evaporates into the thin air
Shortness occupies confidence
Tenderness set the chosen stage

To be evaluated and analysed
Is to be honoured in such a way that leaves the audience speechless
To be honoured and acknowledged
Is to be a human being

by Daljit Khankhana |
Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, life, love, mystery, social, me,

My Opinion

I were nearly up-set,
When they come to blame me,
You are very intelligent,
But you have obtained third grade.

I know they ‘ll n’t understand me,
I wasn’t a words minder,
I read their question, 
And answered as I think.

But they have blamed me,
You answer is separate than 
A book which I have read?
They failed to mark my answer.

They failed to accept my answer.
I always have my opinion,
But they never regarded me or
Honoured me in a new vision.

by Sibusisiwe LETA Ncede |
Categories: africa, appreciation, change, confidence, freedom, future, happiness,

To the World

Let me introduce myself
I am what is not expected
Figuring it out takes time
I am what is rare
Thinking about it requires honesty
I am what I am
Proudly labelling it out

Let me sit on my throne
As it is mine to sit
Let me achieve my goals
As they are meant to be achieved
Let me strive for success
As I was born to be
Thankfully I am

Let me show the mixture of ingredients that I am
Embracing my uniqueness
I am going through a difficult phrase
Yet the best part of my life
I am honoured in so many ways
By those who love me unconditionally
Loyalty spelling it out

by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: absence, abuse, anger, conflict, corruption, leadership, lost love,

Our People, Our Us

Our people, our us. 

So many, such loss.

Real suffering, real pain.

Deep sorrows, remain.

Our people, our us.

You and me, any of us.

Rules set, rules honoured.

Sacrificed time, sacrificed love.

Our people, our us.

Died alone, in fear, without us.

They drank, they laughed, they cheered.

While our people disappeared.

by Ken Jordan |
Categories: i love you

Come With Me

Poet: Ken Jordan
Poem: Come With Me -
Edited by: Sparkle Jordan
written: October/2013

My heart
so humbly 
Wilt thou 
come with
by the sea -

To count 
the stars
the night,
moon ?

thou wilt
with you,

thou heart 
for thee

life long
is you -

I say
to thee,

I wouldn't
stand with
you -

sail across 
seven seas,
back again 

to be
with thee 
by the sea -

To count 
the stars
in the night