Love Poems About Honourable or Honourable Love Poems
by Jack Ellison |
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Attila The Hun

Attila the Hun was a kindly old soul He raped and plundered the land With the aid of his murderous henchmen all A truly psychotic man The kind of man you'd like as a friend If you love to ransack and pillage Hitler was another of these murderous souls Marauding each town and village Need more of the likes of Benito Mussolini Such honourable leaders all But I harken back to Attila the Hun His exploits leave me enthralled May seem like I've tumbled over the edge But I blame it on dear Eileen Ghali She poked and prodded me into submission Could no longer dilly and dally © Jack Ellison 2013 Dedicated to my dear good friend Eileen Ghali!

by poesy relish |
Categories: conflict, confusion, emotions, how i feel, love,

Hit by Love

Love gushed out like a tornado
swishing and whirling
wrecking heart, mind, soul,
a complete CHAOS!

It is a new dawn
rising from the ruins
in bits and parts
aiming stability...

The thudding heart,
and rising pulse
the building pressure
and flow of desire...

Bemused, in this heaven I dwell
controlled by feelings that swell
unaware of the path ahead
Lost in this vortex of emotion.

© Nadiya (14 Jan '15)

*Won 2nd place on 4 Mar 2015 in the contest 'Beginnings matter' by Richard Lamoureux
* Honourable mention in the contest 'Any Poem #31' by Poet Destroyer.

by Amy Rose |
Categories: dedication, devotion, family, friendship, love, people, relationship, thank you, tribute, love,

True Friendship

He heals the hearts of many
Providing guidance 
With his host of divine networking
A male Snow White
The animal kingdom loves him!

A man so humorous
When one truly listens
When you open your heart
And open your mind
You can hear and understand him 

Sharp and cleverly witted, he is!
I love him dearly!

Blessed am I
To have him in my life
Dear Friend
Your tenderness
Warms my heart
'I Love You'
Thank you 
For being a
‘Honourable Friend’

by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: lost love, love


Love is the prison of the heart
It captures you in emotions
Its intentions are honourable at the start
It sometimes ends as a deadly potion

by Seren Roberts |
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No more regrets - Regret Contest

Regrets are for the living
Why regret what you can’t undo
I have many regrets some unforgiving
Mostly cariad they concern you

I regret our love was so honourable
The decisions that we made
To make our wedding night so special
Now left with nothing, love unsaid

Two years have passed since you left me
Felt like ten the tunnel was long
Buried myself in a world of memories
Stupidly cried when I heard our song 

Now my head is lifted up high
Memories are there but not to the fore
I can say your name and not cry
My life now goes on, not quite as before

Penned  2 August 2013

by Lekau Mamabolo |
Categories: beauty, character, happiness, spiritual,

Flowers In Our Hearts

If flowers could talk like honourable Kings and Queens
Then the world could be palatable to all
Flourish with perfection in our midst
For they will preach message of love and sanctity
Tell us about beauty and sweetness,
And sing for us blissful songs
May be, we could all admire life
Give it a noble status
Than power the catalyst of impudence
May be, we should all have flower gardens in our hearts
To cultivate nobler seeds beyond time
Suppose, all sitting under the shadow of Almond tree,
Thinking of nothing but holiness
And Chanting for joyous world
Imagine, if we were all swords of peace,
Love, beauty and happiness

by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: desire, devotion, emotions, leadership, life, love, marriage,

What Love Can Do

Love performs 
everything it preaches.
Love reforms
everyone it reaches.
Love transforms
everything it touches.

Love rewrites
sour and sweet stories.
Love ignites
golden gain and glories. 
Love unites
moments and memories.

Love commands
respect and responsibility.
Love understands
the heartbeat of humanity.
Love stands
in prosperity and in adversity.

Love sings
a priceless and perfect part.
Love springs
from a honourable heart.
Love brings
joy and make pains depart.

by James Fraser |
Categories: angst, brother, daughter, death, family, father, history, husband, loss, lost love, mother, people, political, sister, son, warlost, lost, september,

9/11, 2001 " Page 2 of 2 "

Intelligence first, Retribution next
Clinical response the worlds text
Which free country is next in line
To be hit by this cowardly crime.
New York Cities patriots, suffer further pain
As Fire Officers and Police are slain
They indeed are part of this attack
So many of them never came back
Honourable dads, cousins and wife's
Mourn their lost ones, who lost their lives.
The World will remember
This September deathly sound
When iconic giants crashed to the ground
Hero's in the air, and on Manhattan Earth
Proved to us all, whats humans are worth.

In respect to the decent people who perished on that September day.

by Ann Gilmour |
Categories: death, life, scary, soulmate,


So many times I'd found this world a scary place to live in
But he brought a special calmness that restored my equilibrium
Then cruelly he was taken as cancer stole my love away
Distraught with grief I really did not want to live another day

15th January 2020
Contest Name: Arbitrium Divisa 6 
Sponsor: Gregory Barden

Taken from my Poem MY LIFE IN TEN
Written 29th September 2019

2nd Place
Contest: Story of my life in ten lines
Sponsor: Silent One

Contest Name STRAND SELECT 9
Sponsor Brian Strand

by Alfonso II Warally Ngengethe Mussabwa Chris |
Categories: 12th grade, bible, for her, i love you, me, mum, women,


Mother is the first very important person
On earth who real knows my importance 
To her and continue praying for me daily. 
Her passion and  love towards me are very
Exceptional from I was born  till now.  
Right person to be proud of on earth is my  Mother. 

March 17/2023
Written for poetry contest sponsored by Constance la France 
Theme chosen: Mother

...Honourable mentioned 
in the contest...

by john chizoba vincent |
Categories: art, beauty,


The Nkporo Maidens 
Are waiting down the great street
Of perfection to be crowd with 
Love for their honourable deeds

I watched them danced yesterday
At the Agbala with their bangles 
and jewelries.
Their breast stood in happiness
Later Each began to go up and down
In salute to the Audience
Their bodies answering the call of their feelings
Their were spirited in the thunder of perfection
Sparkling like the sun

I think they were the best to none
As i watched them entangled in the dance
Our deities their were, the lilies of our lives
No one does it better than those 
Maidens from Nkporo who tells a fascinating
Stories with the movement of their bodies. 

by V. Deepa |
Categories: feelings, july, june, love, rain, weather,

The wet weather coaxes Love

Rattling rain drops,heists our sleep at mid night Settling on tops,over the roofs from a width height Prattling quickly stops, whence I catch his sight Curling his mops of hair with my fingers a bit tight Battling cold, hops out when he hugs me in dim light Tackling him,slops sweat,continually in the twilight Troubling,he cops pleasure kissing me with might Bowling love crops stress,making us look bright.
6-7-2020 Note2:Triple Rhyme poetry Contest.(N/A) Placed as Honourable Mention in the contest. Note2: Strand Completely New (20), Any Form,Any Theme Poetry Contest Sponsored by Brian Strand.

by James Fraser |
Categories: inspirational, philosophy, visionary

Who we are?

Who am i
Who are you
What are we exactly here to do?
Honourable missions in our life
Bring happiness
To quell strife
Treat each others as we would do
Live in peace no harm to you
Take care look after brothers
Treat them equal and not as others
Words of kindness are free to us
Use them wise no need to cuss
Live and love as we are meant
On this planet heaven sent
As individuals we are rare
Animals look alike and have to share
If we appreciate who we are
You and i have come far.

by Isaiah Asangalisah |
Categories: 3rd grade, allusion, anti bullying, appreciation, visionary,

If My Love was A Timely Present

My Love for the World has always been Really 
Really Blossomy
You Look at me and you see a Timely Person
I have lived to see a World garnering for progress
Where Love Conquers even an honourable 
So Let Love Lead in a spectacular manner
And a Unity formed for a Strong Forte.

by Sibusisiwe Vulamasango Ncede |
Categories: africa, age, confidence, courage, culture, freedom, future,


How amazing is to be in love
How precious is to embrace who you are
How exciting is to be motivated
How honourable is to be acknowledged

Writing the wrongs is not the answer to the question
Admitting to mistakes is up to you
Doing what needs to be done is a pleasure
Sucking up to opportunities is... wait for it

To know it is to been around it
To say it is to have said it
To see it is to have seen it
To go for it is to have gone for it