Love Poems About Honors or Honors Love Poems
by Cona Adams |
Categories: humor,

The Graduate

You've graduated with honors, you're over the hump,
with not many hoops left through which to jump.

You've left behind all that you hold dear
and stepped forward blind, but never fear.

We've set no traps for you to fall into.
We're harmless, benign, kindhearted and true.

We like your style, we love your quick wit,
but we're keeping track, we freely admit.

We're writing it all down for a future roast
and if ever we share, your name'll be toast.

But we promise you not to draw blood,
just want you to know, your name'll be mud.

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: death, devotion, lost love, memory,

Notice of Bereavement

Dear Poetry Soup Members,
My dear husband passed away peacefully in his sleep July 29th at home. We were together over forty years. My daughters are here to help and comfort me. My husband wanted no service but military honors. He served four years in the army in military intelligence (MI). Please forgive me if I am slow to respond to your wonderful sentiments and comments on my poetry. Love and blessings, Connie

by Tamica Thompson |
Categories: romance,

My Mr Good Thing

That's that good dose of medication,
That stimulation, 
That creme, 
That protein
That good love that makes you Fein
Like a wet dream.
That **** that makes you cum
In your panties and jeans.
That mmmm that makes you wanna sing.
My Mr. Good Thing.
That relaxing touch.
Like a xanax pill.
That's that good -good,
That make you cook a full coarse meal.
That one hundred
That real.
Have you head over heels.
Make you suck his dick so good
Have him paying all your bills.
I'm so overwhelmed 
By the joy that he brings.
I'm a black woman
Who honors her King.
He is mines, and mines alone.
My Mr. Good Thing.
No one can ever take his place
Or come in between.

by Charles Knowles |
Categories: girlfriend, love, poetry, relationship, romantic, teenage,

Be Mine

You're beautiful, loving, sweet and kind,
also unique, full of value, amazing and genuine. 
There's something I've been meaning to do,
something that comes from my heart and is true.
I want to do something that your exes couldn't do,
which is cherish, care for and be loyal to you.
Whatever happened in the past is the past,
As you know we've been talking for some time
and don't want it to end,
there's one thing I wish to ask,
That you would do me the honors of being my girlfriend?

by Suburban Lovechild |
Categories: appreciation, celebration, courage, freedom, hero, music, visionary,

I Met the Man

I met the man
Who has become
The man, my father
Fought so hard
To not become
To always be
That lyrical, selfless soul
Only out there
To rid the world
Of joyless, empty measures
Filled with pauses, rests and
Unintended notes
His motivation comes
In rushes, bursts and
Pure brazen moments
Ready to share
His love
To the sick and the slick
The blase pack of
Tepid luminaries
Each marshal of
Their own parade
And he conducts
Honors their passion
For something
Other than
The driftless pith
Of the soured day's
With his merriment
And simple brand
Of anguish-soothing


by John Freeman |
Categories: inspirationalpoetry,

"soup's Greatest"

(Internal rhymes and also end rhymes)

P.oetry at it’s best, always meets God's test, 
O.ften times is best , as minds remain at rest,
E.ntries fair and galore, poems of heart’s explore,
T.riumphing mind‘s gore, as hearts begin to score,
R.eversing strife’s trends, poetry honors friends, here poetry is penned, inspired as heart lends, in and shop around, a good friend can be found,
O.pen your heart’s gown,  and good friends will abound,
U.nadulterated troops, are not reincarnated snoops,
P.oetry Soup‘s love troops, never dupe one's great scoops !! 

Poetry Picture of Poetry Soup
In Honor of: Adeleke Adeite

by Larry Belt |
Categories: lovebeauty, beauty,

Heaven's Gift

A simple glance, is all I ask of you
Steal away my breath, like you always do
The flowers faint, each time that you walk by
Even the breeze, honors you with his sigh

The sun now shines with an envious glow
Hiding in the clouds, too ashamed to show
A beautiful gem, sparkling so bright
Even the darkness, whispers of your light

A poet's verse, love, in the purest rhyme
Thief of my attention, keeper of time
Even Shakespere himself, would surely fail
Searching for words, of your beauty to tell

Setting minds to wander, and souls adrift
Your beauty so pure, simply Heaven's gift

by Elias Teklemariam |
Categories: faith, imagination, lost love, mystery, philosophy, visionary, yellow,

Lambs of Freedom

Lambs of Freedom

Love, faith and unity
Ye three millenia,
Green, yellow and red
Coronate Aethiopia.
Gamma colors ye freedom
Thou hast burning candles,
Memory of the lambs
Thou hath ye cradles.
Green, yellow and red
Tricolors ye freedom,
Green, yellow and red
Ye honors thy honordom.
Let them reveal ye happiness
Glory be thy holiness.
Aethiopia Hoy!, Blessed and free
Freedom ye mater dolorosa.

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allegory, allusion, extended metaphor, humanity, love, poetry, words,

Declaration of Love To Humanity and Poetry

If it's for the general well-being of poetry
I declare that I will remain a poet
even without honors and earnings...
If it's for the total well-being of humanity,
I will continue to be human, even if
compliments or awards never receive...
call me a fool poet,
dreamy... all in complete harmony,
I will not abdicate on being who I am...!
A fighter for peace and progress
of humanity and universal love!

by Manon Boudreau Star Child Nebula |
Categories: bird, blessing, confidence, devotion, faith, giving, inspirational love,

This Is a Story of a Girl

Who sees the colors of our world
Please understand
Many receive it
She had the courage to giveth
Trusting birds came to her door
Tap, tap, tapping to feed them more
Up she went and got some seeds
Within herself she believed
God's in control
Saw the beauty of her soul
She called them in
Birds flew on in
Our Lord saw her heart gifting
Wonderfully assisting
Animals asked
She was up to the task
Praise the Lord our God 
Birds sang along, then nod
Her penmanship
Honors Heaven's friendship

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: god, internet,

God Vs Technology

God never said.
"And let their be technology to rule
the world."
Technology has no commandments.
It's a selfish piece of trash.

it's meant to separate you from friends
and family.
With bleeps, jokes and pictures
To replace their loving presence.

There is no love in an iPad..
So, who is behind all this?
He, the one,who wants to overthrow God
And take his place.

He who wants you to believe you
can live anyway you choose.
There is no morality, just pleasure.
There is no uniqueness, no human

He who laughs at goodness but honors
So that ......the Spriit within us
Is choked, silenced and never seen.

11:45am PST

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: death, husband, mother, son,

Duality of Contrast

Far from home in warfront a soldier dies
His son a soldier receives the body
Decorated with national honors.
Mother’s arms around her son
Her head reposed on his chest
Finds the support she needs.
The sleepless eyes closed
Dry tear drops in the corner
And on the disheveled eyelashes
Encase the grief and the loss of her husband.
The listless lips pursed
Faintly curved in contours of trust
Define the pride and the love for her son.

On the face of contrasting duality
Petrified emotions of a widow and a mother
Converge in hope of continuity
Of seeing the departed enclosed in her arms
Of transplanting the past to the present.

February 21, 2018.

by Gale Greenwood |
Categories: peoplelove, me,

Would You

If we looked the same
No separation between race 
color or shame
Could you love me just as I am
With my flaws, my sorrows, 
even with my honors?
But, if I were different 
Separating race, color, and yes 
Could you still love me for 
being just me
Or would you feel the need to 
walk away again?

by Anderson Dovilas |
Categories: nostalgia, son, sweet, son, sweet, , sweet love,


Your son is a liar
He says to someone 
You have the longest
Wave in your smile 
That’s a lie
That’s also a sweet lie 
To describe a sweet love

Your son is a hustler
He goes in the street 
Stole someone’s heart
And said 
Every kiss  
Has a Mother’s Day

Your son is ugly 
But his beauty 
Honors your strength 
And your dignity 
He says each star is a
Birth mark 
That makes you
A life creator

Your son is homeless 
He says since your death 
He has no place to go
Where can he find 
The warmth of your arms 
Where can he buys   
Some mama’s love

Your son has a son
Your love will not perish.  

Anderson Dovilas, in memory of my Lovely Mother and a great Mom.

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, poets, thanksgiving,

Gratitude V

Any new stone that is built into the tower of success, you, my dear friends, have put in place!*  

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       30 June 2017

*This week, I was lucky enough to be honored twice: First as POTW and then as POTD. I would like to thank all of you who with your visits and comments made this possible.  I also thank the people of PoetrySoup who bestowed upon me the honors. I shouldn't forget to thank my Muse for the inspiration for, without her, mute I would have remained! God bless you all.

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: film,

Best Actor

Reviewers didn’t love it
But of all the films I’ve seen,
My very favorite told the tale
Of Freddie and of Queen.*

Sometimes actors who are special
Can embody, on the screen,
Personalities so perfectly
There is no in-between.

So though I know Rami Malek
Starred in every single scene,
Freddie Mercury was there
On every stage or limousine.

Which is why I really get it
When the judges do convene,
That the honors for best actor
Go to…(you know who I mean!)

*Bohemian Rhapsody

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, assonance, blessing, creation, family, morning, poets,

Hope Dawn's Welcoming Breath Honors Your Sought After Desires

Hope Dawn's Welcoming Breath Honors Your Sought After Desires

May wonderful colors and beautiful dreams be your take
I pray rhyming rhapsody sings to your heart's deep content
Heaven's blessings with God's love be your dawn's every cake
Sweet happiness with loving family's your time well spent
Hope dawn's welcoming breath honors your sought after desires
Dear and true romance brings you joy's romantic burning fires.

Robert J. Lindley, Rhyme
April 19th, 1972

Old Note: April 19th 1972
Poem is a dedication to all poets everywhere.

New Note: 9-25-2023
May God bless world's poets everywhere.

by Alkas Poetry |
Categories: allusion, literature, metaphor, poetry,

Sonnet What Is This

Sonnet is not an infidel depository,
how can one be infidel to singing!
how not to weep  the weeping,
sans sonnet, which is antidote to gall ...

Sonnet is the song of troubadours
is the secret treasure of illusionists
not being metier only of doctors,
but cannot be tamed by anarchist.

The sonnet is the host fact of pain
 chief guardian of poetic wisdom and
 whoever does it, is one who does

Conserves its origin and  its dynasty
to perform it well with pomp, nobility
as one who honors and cares for his love

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: garden,

The Luxury of a Garden

Garden’s luxury of pinkest foxglove,
Nurtured by angels from way up above,
Along with petunias and marigolds,
Honors the true path of the very old.

Joyful delight oozing from every pore,
Fairy brownie heart completely did soar.
Sweet deer in the meadow came up to see,
Owls and robins were looking from their tree.

Twilight breezed in on tiny birdlike wings.
Macaw and crow were given shiny things.
My poet’s heart was cheering in my dream.
Gentle brook trickled into every stream.

A prettier scene will never be found.
Joyfulness and love oozing all around.

by Olabosoye Wemimo Olaoluwa |
Categories: art, books, deep, future, voice, work, writing,

Kolegb 676

Poetry love defines me
It has been an exercise 
One day shall bring honors

by Larry Belt |
Categories: naturebeauty, flower, beauty, flower,

The Rose

A simple flower with crimson petals
Painted by the hand of God
Below the beauty lies the thorns
That some might even think odd

The thorns are but a symbol
That signify His pain
The crimson red, His sacrifice
The blood, that left a stain

It's beauty honors Heaven
Petals straining toward the sky
Humbled by the morning dew
A gift, from Him on high

The flower of love, they call it
The most popular flower chose
And now you know the story
Behind the beautiful rose

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: birthday, dedication, grandmother, grandson, love,

Happy Fourteenth Birthday

     Happy 14th Birthday

F-Favorite, my favorite human     
   being~ that's you!
O-Optimism,that sparkles in you,
U-Understanding, oh,you always
R-Respectfully, is how you treat
T-Treasure, you are, since the   
   minute you were born!
E-Enchantment, oh my, that does
   describe you!
E-Effortlessness in baseball, your
   honors in studies and piano,too!
N-Nana, so very grateful for every       
   minute, I was blessed to be 
   with you!

       Love you, Nana

      September 7, 2020
               7pm PST

by Gregory Golden |
Categories: inspirationalme,

I Shall Rise Above It All

Lord, I lost both my legs in the war
Now, I come to you
For love and sanctuary
I shall stand up
I shall stand tall and
Do Gods work
Let me be a soldier 
For the Lord and walk by faith
No more honors, metals or military parades 
You give me this new beginning,
Lord, I request battle shield and bright sword
I will follow your word and compassion
To fight against the
Evil that dwells in the flesh of man
I shall rise above it all

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: love,

My Great Achievements

I’m on fire
Can do no more
Achievements galore
Feisty on there
Honors came
One a many, and
Listening to her breath
She was delighted
That meant more
Treats come later
Ones I ask for
And some not
I’m the winner
The top success
I cannot do more
Than love her

Russell Sivey

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: analogy,


One letter that follows,
  if added will deem

To separate the real  
  from what’s referenced or schemed

“Honor from honors,
   Love from loves

“Truth from truth’s,
   and Self from selves

“God from gods,
   Time from times

“Vision from visions,
   and Life from lives”

The singular, the plural
  what is, what is not

One small trailing letter
  —true meaning leaves off

(Villanova Pennsylvania: March, 2019)