Love Poems About Honoring or Honoring Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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The Color Of My Heart

Sketch the sunset leaving today behind sinking in the footsteps of yesterday. And feel the ripple of all life combined empty your thoughts, take all but love away. Emblazon upon your mind, blue of sky gilded by the golden hue of sunrise. And capture a shooting star zipping by watching its beauty materialize. Blend the yellow of a buttercup's glow with the flickering flash of firefly lights. And walk the Earth, yet let no footprint show respecting life by honoring its rights. Mix well, until presumptions fall apart and thus reveal the color of my heart. (Sonnet) Dec. 1, 2018 Colour of my heart Poetry Contest Sponsored by: John Hamilton

by Shanity Rain |
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see how you give

 "put on your doorstep 
to see how you give "

live life in giving and taking
live life loving or hating

my Grandfather knew things before his time 
my muse , my memories of his being kind  

I have a picture of he and I
The man with a pipe in his hand 

always a book he would read
I clearly see why , I remember him reading me a story
on wrinkled paper as if it had been once thrown away frustrated ,
 The Poet , The Man , with Pipe in his hand 
asking  as a child " where are the pictures ?" 
He replies " this book does not have them "
I can not draw that well .

I Love you Forever Grandpa Murray from Chicago , Do you read poems to children in Heaven ? Honoring James Murray The Poet .

by Apolo Amai |
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African Sparrow

A sign of courage
Upon your stead

You let me lead
Through your own strength

I love your grace
Your peace warm embrace

I long for the caress
That you’re every thought brings

A set of harmony only heaven bound
I seek a refuge only your light brings

The loving kindness you so give
Ever so freely I honor you

By honoring me

by Gale Greenwood |
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It Is Time

It is time to join the battle my friends.
It is time to save some lives.
It is time to sound the bugle my friends.
It is time to end the strife.
It is time to forgive the abuses my friends.
It is time to stop taking the lord’s name in vain.
It is time to channel the truth my friends.
It is time to love again.
So sound the horn light the beacon.
Let love and peace never be beaten.
Carry the flags of all great nations,
as we join hands honoring life’s creations.

by Harold Hunt sr |
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I Am a soldier

I am A soldier
I am a soldier I stand proud to honor my country.
I refuse to take second to any other nation.
I love my country. It's flag and it's people.
I will defend my country and all which it stands for with my life.
I will say no and bow to no other leader or it's rules.
 For I'm an American and a hero to those that believe in it.
Thank you all for honoring me and the many that serve this country.

by Michael Gelb |
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Message in Flight

A fellow from my group had told me
It was something that touched me

He told me about something for his wife
About releasing a balloon honoring her life

I thought I would do it for my wife
Write messages how she’s missed from my life

I love you Joey I wrote on the balloon
I kissed it and let it go up towards the moon

It went up and up into the sky
I did my best not to cry

I watched it take flight
I watched it go out of sight

The balloon went up to my wife 
I will be with her at the end of my life

Up above my wife waits
Till I get to heavens gates

by mourning mist |
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What Men Like

As a man of soul and never led by flesh or skin,
Why do men like women who do nothing but sin?
Woman who abuse others and do nothing but lie,
How was an ******** even obtained to get by?

I love a woman soft who loves man with a heart,
Defending and honoring friends from the start,
Take this as a warning ladies I am a handsome lad,
My ***** would remain in my pants for making others sad.

by Joyce Johnson |
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Senryu for Mama

memories of love
and family loyalty
mama’s legacy

honoring her by
passing that devotion on
to her descendants

mama’s legacy
reflected in the faces
of great grandchildren


by Janis Thompson |
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The Touch

The Touch

A spirit grew within ourselves
and reached out to be caught
upon the air of pure ideas,
a mathematics sought.

Reaching up to touch unknowns
and validate our being
we found the ones celestial
a confidence and trust
a sight beyond our seeing.

Reaching up our palms were touched
by love that’s so divine
and viewing just our living selves
a perfect edifice
we came to know that it exists
by a planned design.

Belief and thought have framed the world.
gave it balance and controls.
as well as structure for a life 
and blueprint for the soul’s.


A Poem Honoring Spirituality Poetry Contest
Caren Krutsinger

by Reason A. Poteet |
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Mother's Nature

When xenophilous young zealots
argue basic convictions,
determined, expectant
faith grabs hold.
Interceding judiciously,
kneeling, loving
mothers naturally offer prayers -
questioning, reasoning,
steadfastly teaching 
unwavering values, 
when xenophilous young zealots
argue basic convictions.  

"An abecedarian poem honoring all first-time mothers of the empty nest.  Your child goes away to college and comes home a stranger, debating everything you represent.  In addition to a poetic form, an abecedarian is a beginner in any field of learning,  a very appropriate description for such a mom.

a xenophile is a person who is attracted to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs


by Demetrios Trifiatis |
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If only I could empty your veins 


Your indifferent blood that runs through  


Replace it with mine,

Only then

You would be able to feel the intensity 


My love, which- boiling lava - makes my heart beat,

Ecstatically, for you!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    05 December 2018

I would like to thank all my friends who support my efforts 
for without them this honor POTD would not be possible.
I equally thank the officials of this site for honoring me!

by Wendy Rycroft |
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Hundreds of bells rang out,
Honoring her name, 
They shouted with pride,
We love you,
Independent strong and wise,
Beauty beholds you,
Your worthiness we admire,
Your kindness surpasses many,
Combination of quality,
The room always a light,
Senses shining bright,
Fragrance scented,
Flowering forever, 
In Gods sight,
Not only a spectacular color,
Pure purple delight,
You’re a medicine,
Warmth of tea inside,
So versatile your actions,
Regarded with overwhelming value,
A symbol of good fortune,
Wealth and healing too,
Spread your wings, 
My angel,
Blossom like you do.

by Ernest Robles |
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Darling, accept my strong honor
which by anvil struck steel and
broke the vows of nature!
The heav3nly gods found anger
and nothing less than truth
is like false; love is givings
as to keeping's give; 
lover-- honoring proudly
the deepest like-aboves
as our first's because
(hath faith abandoned thee?
not so quietly and nevers!).
As knowing love as ours will
like fields in spring rain
continue to (i love you) grow!

:: 12102015 ::

[Robles, E.P. "A Walk to the Moon.", 
2016. Unpublished.]

by daisy bala |
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Valentine's Day

St Valentinus honoring day
I was pompous since a week
Lovers feast with kisses in hay
But eventually Despair strong and love meek

In shadow, no surprises
Blatant thoughts got me carried
Heart melted like melancholy hospices
Either I can b in love, or I can be married

It was just a day dated fourteen
I did my usual chores in saunter
Though he could have expressed umpteen
My tongue waggling in banter 

Nevertheless hopefully for the next year valentines
Surely my husband will propose, singing love hymns.

by Karen Murphy |
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Rock and Roll Fav

 My favorite artist is Mick Jagger. 
 I love his croon and his swagger.

 Watching him dance is an awesome thing.
 Not to mention the songs that he sings.

 He's a talented artist, royalty too.
 Being knighted, this was his due.

 So honoring him in this poem of mine,
 Is a pleasure and makes my soul shine.

 I also hope that others see this too.
 This is the end, I bid you adieu.

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In Loving Memory Kolby

In Loving Memory: Kolby Horton

Kolby with eyes of the ocean 
You captivated our hearts
For the past twenty-two years
Your smiles have been blessings of love
With tears of joy we say good bye to a wonderful young man
And a beautiful father to be
Those same eyes we saw so much wonder in 
Will exist soon again
In the eyes of your child
Honoring you, Cherishing you and Celebrating your life
Gone so soon may not understand why
But the belief in your strength will heal our heartbroken souls
In god we trust love you so Kolby with eyes of the ocean.

by Darlene Gifford |
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The glint of the sun
on my window today,
is reflecting God's flashing
"Love You!" rays.

The glint of the sun,
Lord, on your window today,
is from poets honoring you
in their own poetic way.


by Sunita U.D Palawon |
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Love is actually trusting you

Time is witness to fidelity of man.
Even arranged marriage is that successful.
Never thought I am your ideal woman.
In union we virgins, vowed to be faithful.

Honoring promises of love for lifespan,
We stand even today, hand in hand; praiseful.
On the path of life, we followed each other 
Sensing a need unknown to one another.

11 syllable per line

by Symphony . |
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Awakening is upon us…

Ignoring fact won’t matter

Time will arrive…

When oneness shared

Becomes reason.

Likeness reveals…

Speaking equal.

Removing blinders and fear

Produces truth.

Honoring joining

In thought

Fed the soul

As meant to be. 

Awareness concern

Reminds the self

Of our relation.

Accompanied by comfort

Covers the whole…

Peacefully healing

Visual delusions

Inspiring correct sanity.


by Brian Magness |
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Molded from the best God has for humanity,
Offering your time, your love, even your sanity.
Trusting in Him to keep us safe from the unkown,
Honoring God with your life and love you have shown.
Enhancing my life with all the prayers offered up,
Requesting nothing in return for filling up my cup.

To my mom

by Lu Loo |
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My Final Prayer

when I lay on my bead and take my last breath,
I shall honor my life even after my death-
I hope that after life I can look back with ease,
for I have lived a life with love and adoration,
and am grateful for my God-given creation-
my gratitude for my existence shall never cease,
for all the beauty I held in my long life, 
being a honoring mother and a faithful wife-
I know there are no wrongs that can't be right,
to have tried my best without complication, 
and only in death may I find a celebration-
as I drift off into the mercy of the light. 

Rhyme Scheme

June 21, 2017

by Kelly Hitchcock |
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Control the Controllable

Control the controllable
Discernment well defined
A profound cognitive shift
Radical transformation – it’s all in the mind

Stress - anxiety
The fear of the unknown
The weight of the emotions
Tragically – the burden – the cognitive load

Tired – exhausted
Tattered - we fight till the end
Bruised and battered
Good intentions – perhaps the eighth deadly sin?

God grant me the serenity
That comes with honoring the truth
It allows me to accept the things I can’t change
The wisdom - I can only do what I can do

Radical acceptance
Embrace the love and the pain
Control the controllable
Ironically – nothing changes

We change

by randy johnson |
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Honor thy Parents

Honoring thy parents is one of the Ten Commandments, that is clear.
If it wasn't for our parents, none of us would be here.
Honor thy parents because that's what we're supposed to do.
They brought you into the world and they love you.

Honor thy parents because they took care of you when you were a child.
If we fail to honor the fifth commandment, the Lord will be riled.
When we honor our parents, it's great in God's eyes.
Honor thy parents and honor them until they die.

by Beata Agustin |
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God’s transforming might shows His faithfulness Shining gloriously with His righteousness… …Ready to create in me a clean heart That obeys Him with joy-filled willingness. God’s empowering love reveals His grace Enclosing my soul in His care’s embrace… …Enabling me to serve midst my frailty Honoring Him devoid of self-pride’s trace.
Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me. April 27, 2019

by randy johnson |
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Popeye the Murderer

I'm Popeye the sailor, I'm sure not Popeye Doyle.
Things went down hill when I married Olive Oyl.
Bluto showed up at the wedding and started a fight.
As usual, I ate my spinach and punched out his lights.
But I hit him too hard and I broke his spine.
I was arrested and now I'm doing hard time.
Olive was supposed to love me forever by honoring her wedding vows.
But she annulled our marriage because conjugal visits aren't allowed.
When I ate my spinach, I always kicked Bluto's butt, I could not lose.
But you'd better stay away from spinach to avoid ending up in my shoes.