Love Poems About Honorary or Honorary Love Poems
by Jimmi Canada |
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It's blisteringly faithfully rot,

it's intangible as it's deserving of all,

so many signs,
and signatures to boot...

The wreathe in the sky,

the tree rotation eye,

end of all eagerness,

dredge of the forced peaceful bliss..

The honorary code time'd and then aged like the rot,

and an evening star,
and a really far far...

by James Horn |
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Birds and Butterflies

Birds and Butterflies

Saw birds and butterflies by some flowers
And I still remember all of the hours
We spent sitting together each day;
Next morning to you what should I say?

Was last time I ever saw her again;
God had saved her from all sin;
She forgave me for all that I did,
Which was not good and God would forbid.

God so great also too forgave them all;
He was very big and I seemed so small;
She received a title which was honorary
Which still is, 
"Song bird who sings softly in the prairie."
I even had tears in my eyes when I finished this one.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: hilarious, how i feel, society,

Facebook Love

I threw up at one o’clock.
I hurled again at two. 
I threw up banana, an ugly color yellow.
I threw up eggplant, and it landed on some non-fellow.

So sorry, I gulped, as un-tasty bread slithered down.
My raw throat has now turned a putrid, ugly brown.

And please,  please, don’t put this out on Facebook, Sweet  barely-know-you-cousin of mine.
Beause if you do, this tightly held relationship is at the end of the line.

In a little honorary text six seconds later, I read,“That was absolutely one hundred percent so mean.”
I could picture the idiot laughing and dancing all the way to her even dumber computer machine.