Love Poems About Honorably or Honorably Love Poems
by cecil hickman |
Categories: dedication, family, life, on writing and words

Poetry Soup

Poetry that flows from different souls,
Opening their heart and minds deeply,
Each one unfolding for different goals,
Talented ones who write honorably,
Revealing love, dreams, and sadness,
Yes, even showing life’s gladness,

Sharing words with each other bold,
Ones passion; another’s indifference sold.
Universally bound, lyrical lines, so told,
Providing ranges of forms, lined in gold. 

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: blessing, dedication, family, hero, husband, love, meaningful,


Jovially, you approach life, with jokes to share.
Optimistically, you view obstacles as opportunities.
Sacrificially, you ensure safety for loved ones' care.
Honorably, you'd rather do what's right than appease.
Understandingly, you unfold patient behavior.
Admirably, you exhibit traits of a savior.

For my dear husband. 
His name means "Yahweh is Saviour" or "to save." 
He has saved my life.


by Akinpelu Ishola |
Categories: dark, loneliness,



Beneath your grave,
Take me along 
I'm lost on my world
Suffering is my friend
Agony is my watchword
I wined and dined
With the devil
Call me "Lord Lucifer"

This world is empty
I felt the pains underneath my eyes
My eyes are filled with tears
Dropping like a rotten leaf
How can I live alone?
While, my love is dead
I heard her screamed louder.
It echoed on my heart
Damaged my lungs
And ripped off my soul

Take me along
Where we can live forever
Dagger my heart
So, I can die honorably
And superimposed on your body
Buried beside you till eternity
Vanity upon vanity
I'm empty without you.??