Love Poems About Honolulu or Honolulu Love Poems
by Yann Rolland |
Categories: appreciation, blue, confidence,


The love that ends leaves traces, why not? 
Even in the great desert, Troy, Samothrace,
On hot sand and mint tea, see it
On the blue oranges, on the green moon,

Love leaves traces in the eyes, traces
Even in the streets of Manhattan,
He leaves traces in the worried coaches, see it
Among the camels in the Wadi Rum,

The love that ends leaves traces, why Not?
Caramel, marshmallow or chance, see it
Even in the Pacific Ocean, “help” trees cry out  
In the Laotian Islands, even in Honolulu, We see it.

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: age, passion, romantic love,

Honolulu Fire - New

fresh scent of his shirt, pressed to my nose — Honolulu fire frangipani and hibiscus passion (too hot for the millennials) fine-wine aged, luxuriant tastes. Oh, Babe! 3/13/2019 What I Love Contest Sponsor- Maureen McGreavy