Love Poems About Honky or Honky Love Poems
by Kerry Singleton |
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Honky Tonk

Your honky tonk don't cut it no more
 all this misery you put me through
 your whiskey breath, your cheatin ways
 a cowboy gone astray, too many chances
 & still you don't see
 so get ya boots on honey & be sure to close the door
 lovin you is over
 your bad boy days & wicked ways don't win me
 you wear the devils grin, full of evil sin
 what used to be a man, now stands before me a drunken fool
 full of sorrow your all washed up
 your stumblin words can't save you now
 so turn up the juke box baby
 this love has played it's last tune...

by Sonia Walker |
Categories: music,

The Guitar Player

Greasy hair under his baseball cap,
day-old stubble on his double chin,
he picks away on his Gibson guitar,
eyes half shut easing the guilt 
of leaving his family behind.

Miles of road ahead of him,
rain hits the windows of the tour bus,
he's seen them all----the farmlands,
mountains, deserts, woodlands 
and skyscraper cities.

Booze and smoke cloud his brain,
he can't remember when he had a 
home-cooked meal last,
he's played in all the honky-tonk dives  
from here to there where he still 
smiles at the pretty women who
give him the eye cause they love his 
music and masculinity,
he's the guitar player.

by Sand Blown |
Categories: song, sound, word play,

The Stones Are Still Rollin

midnight rambler!?....mmmm....gimme shelter....sympathy!....for.....

the devil! angie.....i.....can't get no

can't always....get what you want....time?....time is on my side....

it's only rock and me?....tumbling dice!....

can't you hear me knockin?.....honky tonk! woman....start me up....

crazy moma waiting on a....friend beast....of burden....flash!....

sticky fingers.....all down the line....if you can't rock me....

like a rolling stone....shake your hips....shine a light....

you don't have to mean it susie can make it.....

if you try long while.....under cover of....the night love train....

stan sand

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: age,

Sittin' In a Honky Tonk

Sittin' in a honky tonk he'd just turned forty two
Scratched the label off a beer he'd nothin' else to do
Thought about his life 'til now - he'd just turned middle age
Coulda done some better things if money was the guage
There were things that he would change and some he could forget
But he knew it was half done and he could change it yet
His memory flashed back to blue eyes and golden hair
The tears and the laughter and the love they used to share
She is now a granny with a family of her own
And he's tearin' labels as he sits here all alone
He smiles at the honky tonk it's home as he can see
He will have a beer or two when he is forty three


by Kenneth Birlin |
Categories: parody,

Song Titles 50's

In The Still Of The Night
Don’t Be Cruel
Gimme, Gimme Good Lovin’
That’ll Be The Day
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

This Magic Moment
Peggy Sue
You Really Got Me
All Shook Up
I Wonder If She Loves Me

In The Midnight Hour
Last Kiss
Never My Love
It’s Only Make Believe
Goodnight, Sweetheart Goodnight

Call It Stormy Monday
Honky Tonk Woman
You Cheated
All Summer Long
This Time (We’re Really Breaking Up)

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: lost love,

Brown Eyes

He played guitar in a Texas tavern -
Could have been famous but for her brown eyes.
He loved her more than his music could tell.
He smiled and played while he swallowed her lies.

There came a time when her brown eyes wandered -
Settled on a drifter from San Antone.
Now he plays guitar in Huntsville prison -
His brown eyed lover is sleeping alone.

He used to play in a Texas tavern -
Just a lowdown honky tonk so they say.
He had great talent 'til he did murder -
He let brown eyes and lies get in his way.


by Larry Bradfield |

She Was Gone

Her eyes were blue
Her flaws were few
As she lay with her head on my pillow

The day was lost
'Til our paths crossed
In the sandy streets of Amarillo

I took a chance
Asked her to dance
In a honky tonk just outside of town

We danced to swing
When it was king
In this old roadhouse where they love the sound

We made a plan
To meet again
On the full moon 'neath the weepimg willow

But came the dawn
And she was gone -
I wait 'neath a tree in Amarillo

For contest Easy by Skat A