Love Poems About Honied or Honied Love Poems
by Michael Grugan |
Categories: angst, death, depression, introspection, lost love, seasons,

Apart, Apart, in Ever-Dream

I come from Dawn to Night's long mile
Whose boyhood heard the songs of brooks
And mourned the sparrow's falling,
And Hope, those days did lift my wings
As lone I strode the gardened fields 
Of honied labyrinth...
Apart, apart! In Ever-Dream,
My bliss found full at giants feet-
Enthralled, bewitched at Sky's orations
Or what forests deep did tell...
And now the Day's long-bearded trek
But to endless shade proceeds...

by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: blessing, celebration, cinderella, color,

honied fairytale

A honied fairy tale

The grass in the clearing is deep green and sweet
foxes and rabbits play hide and seek, only stupid
rabbits get caught and devoured.
When twilight falls, there is no animosity each
goes back to their hole in the ground.
Woodrats with silky four have a love life the give
birth to saccharine babies that plays with boars.
For this is a fairy tale where little girls do not cry
by the sight of blood in the snow.
A story best told when sitting by the fire and
eating chestnuts.