Love Poems About Hong or Hong Love Poems
by King-Galaxius Stravinsky |
Categories: slam

King Kong

I had a talk with a loved one.
You love Kool-Aid flavors of pink lemonade, cherry, lemonade, or grape.
He thinks you are ugly and referred to you as a prime mate ape.
Not wearing a wig. In stature you are big.
Never in your life have you lived in Hong.
You ex-father-in-law raised his shoulders in mock charade, comparing you to King 

by stephen blencowe |
Categories: love, romance, new years day,


                           JANUARY WAS ANTARCTICA.....
                           OCTOBER A BEACH IN BALI......
                           ALMOST FORGOT HONG KONG AT EASTER.....
                           NEW YEARS DAY IN SYDNEY......
                           NOW WHERE TO NEXT MY LOVE.....
                           EMIGRATE TO ENGLAND?......

Categories: love, missing you,


Well,I'll paint my face red
sharpen my spear
i am on the pad of war.
I will put foot to work here.
knowledge is my weapon.
A Chinese in Hong Kong make me mad
i will kick his ***.  

I'll put on my hoodie
spears on my back
gladiators on my feet
head to the jungle.
Knowledge will be my shield.
This war i must win.
Any soldier that stand between
victory and i
their *** i will kick. 

(Just a way for us  to ease the pain of the distance and spaces between us!)

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, beauty, child, love,

When Darkness Wanes As Light, Ascends

Finishing life's rare found treat, at her Chinese restaurant's
All which one may eat with a bowl of neopolitan ice cream
Gazing upon neon tides, bright lights; Hong Kong in the night
An innocent baby girl of around five, pehaps native's child ? 
Beauty's eyes amid such their purity glancing at myself; curiosity...
Her waitress or his cooks daughter possibly waiting out another day
While I sit to enjoy the city scape never turning yet knowing she is there
Entering my mind these two whom twine; touching this Spirit escaping, the dead.

by Jodie Williams |
Categories: adventure

My last hour

My last hour will be selfish
Silly songs, souveniers of mmmbops
Even the distortion will distort
So what if the neighbours complain.
They just need patience
I won't be long.

I'll pee in the local swimming pool
It can be my legacy
I'll phone random people in Hong Kong
And reincarnate into a fly on the wall
To watch the faces of my phone bill providers
When they realise I won't be paying this month.

I'll pluck up the courage to tell you
That I love you, always only you
I'll not pay for my groceries.
I can't be imprisoned now.
I'm as free as I'll ever be
I've seen all I'll ever need

20 July 2011

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: music,

French Troubadours Sing Their Praises

French troubadours sing their praises
melodic tune gently raises
mystical awareness of the throng
the king’s concubine finds voice in song
many a love match in throne room hazes

sensuality in these phrases
smoldering looks among youthful gazes,
lustful lunges do not seem wrong
French troubadours song

soulful feelings burn heart in blazes
twisted emotions lost in mazes
many young women shipped to Hong Kong
Not understanding quite what went wrong
barely a rumor banishment raises
French troubadours song

Written 502-2022
Your Favorite Theme Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Regina McIntosh