Love Poems About Hong or Hong Love Poems
by King-Galaxius Stravinsky |
Categories: slam

King Kong

I had a talk with a loved one.
You love Kool-Aid flavors of pink lemonade, cherry, lemonade, or grape.
He thinks you are ugly and referred to you as a prime mate ape.
Not wearing a wig. In stature you are big.
Never in your life have you lived in Hong.
You ex-father-in-law raised his shoulders in mock charade, comparing you to King 

by stephen blencowe |
Categories: love, romance, new years day,


                           JANUARY WAS ANTARCTICA.....
                           OCTOBER A BEACH IN BALI......
                           ALMOST FORGOT HONG KONG AT EASTER.....
                           NEW YEARS DAY IN SYDNEY......
                           NOW WHERE TO NEXT MY LOVE.....
                           EMIGRATE TO ENGLAND?......

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Well,I'll paint my face red
sharpen my spear
i am on the pad of war.
I will put foot to work here.
knowledge is my weapon.
A Chinese in Hong Kong make me mad
i will kick his ***.  

I'll put on my hoodie
spears on my back
gladiators on my feet
head to the jungle.
Knowledge will be my shield.
This war i must win.
Any soldier that stand between
victory and i
their *** i will kick. 

(Just a way for us  to ease the pain of the distance and spaces between us!)

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, beauty, child, love,

When Darkness Wanes As Light, Ascends

Finishing life's rare found treat, at her Chinese restaurant's
All which one may eat with a bowl of neopolitan ice cream
Gazing upon neon tides, bright lights; Hong Kong in the night
An innocent baby girl of around five, pehaps native's child ? 
Beauty's eyes amid such their purity glancing at myself; curiosity...
Her waitress or his cooks daughter possibly waiting out another day
While I sit to enjoy the city scape never turning yet knowing she is there
Entering my mind these two whom twine; touching this Spirit escaping, the dead.

by Jodie Williams |
Categories: adventure

My last hour

My last hour will be selfish
Silly songs, souveniers of mmmbops
Even the distortion will distort
So what if the neighbours complain.
They just need patience
I won't be long.

I'll pee in the local swimming pool
It can be my legacy
I'll phone random people in Hong Kong
And reincarnate into a fly on the wall
To watch the faces of my phone bill providers
When they realise I won't be paying this month.

I'll pluck up the courage to tell you
That I love you, always only you
I'll not pay for my groceries.
I can't be imprisoned now.
I'm as free as I'll ever be
I've seen all I'll ever need

20 July 2011