Love Poems About Honeysweet or Honeysweet Love Poems
by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: devotion, love, me, me, sensual,

Leaves On the Winds

To tremble in the glory of your eyes,
A slavish toy within your sweet embrace,
Entwined in bindings woven by your sighs,
Awakened by your breath upon my face.
You lead me onward with such loving grace,
As senses whirl in a different place,
A place where kisses taste of honeysweet,
And I become the dust beneath your feet.
If I should yield unto desire’s retreat
Open my heart to this, my lover’s call, 
Will your soul join mine and make me complete,
Both freely tumbling in love’s wondrous shawl,
As leaves on the winds of a sensual fall,
Unity as you shroud me with your all.

Form: Choi's Sonnet