Love Poems About Honeysuckles or Honeysuckles Love Poems
by Anna Hopper |
Categories: beauty, seasons, song,

The song of spring

   Nature's song is best in spring
Beneath a Bradford pear
   Grass wears it's earliest green
So begins my love affair

   A gentle breeze caresses my skin
Honeysuckles delight my tongue
   Days inside are growing thin
Winter's last song was sung

   The clouds create paintings in the sky
As the sun plays peekaboo
   A ladybug tickles the top of my thigh
Unique flowers begin to accrue

   Wheat grass dances to the beat of the wind
Butterflies escape their cocoons
   Fresh spring water, warm enough to swim
These are my favorite tunes

by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: appreciation, image, inspiration, inspirational, nature, spiritual, uplifting,


Jet stream shoots Between two mountains cliffs A breeze of honeysuckles I smell Shooting stream Jet between two mountains Cliffs of honeysuckles to enrich Mountains cliffs A stream jets a breeze felt Honeysuckles smelt and landscape blooms Waterfall Mountain parts water pours A course emerge a spring to love
Poet: Verlena S. Walker Date: Penned October 26, 2014! Contest Name: SOME FORM OF CRYSTALLINE

by Adell Foster |
Categories: fantasy, happiness, life, love, on writing and words


In his arms I am free to explore the oceans ~ 
openly caste my gaze 'pon stars twinkling 
 in the midnight skies; 
his hand gently caressed my face, 
as willow wept her tears 'pon the winds ~ 
From wind a genteel sigh of reprieve is released
as tender droplets of precious rain, 
and honeysuckles wantonly bloom 
'pon receiving them -- And Aye,
I am free to explore the oceans and more,
in his arms I have found both ecstasy and tranquility
For he is the hearth of my home...

by Sarban Bhattacharya |
Categories: nature,

Autumn Glides Away

There lies a way to heaven by that lake,
My sickness gone, I fear no chilly mist;
A redwing calls me, dawn is now awake,
The fragrant autumn air I can't resist.

There is my home far from this cottage small, 
Where honeysuckles with gold aspens mate,
And purple sweetgums love their mother Fall,
Oblivious of their harsh wintry fate.

November Rain! Your icy arrows smart
Those scarlet berries on the woody hill.
Let the thrush sing once more till I depart,
Let his mellifluous throat subtly trill.

True is this blazing hue— October's art,
A timeless souvenir stashed in my heart.

10th November, 2019
New Fall Sonnets Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Emile Pinet

by jan hansen |
Categories: absence, best friend, blessing,



I dream of a river clear
As a nun’s tears
In a landscape of flowers.
Bees, don´t sting
Nestles is banned.
Is a dulcet word.
I think of a woman
who came to my village?
Years ago.
Her smile lingers
Her laughter
Alentejo wine
Not the supermarket type
With plastic top
And fake labelling.
The river of love
Runs to Brussel.
This is odd, Brussel  
Is a rain heavy place
And little else.
For wonderful chocolate
And tasty beer.