Love Poems About Honeys or Honeys Love Poems
by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
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No Money no Funny

I wrote about love, sadness and the funnies
I even thought my lyrics would get me the honeys
All I got is bank letters addressed to me
The bailiffs round for tea
Please tell me, can my poetry earn me monies?

by Dave Collins |
Categories: dance, flower, funny love, growth, insect, nature, sweet,

Flower power

White seas of clover
seduce armies of honeys
sweet summer of love

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: allusion, marriage, true love,

Just Married

Sister forget history
brother forget the past
leave behind those things
leave behind those sweeties
leave behind those lads
a new person you are today
Do not shed tears, forget
do not say I wish I could

New life you are in from now
New person you are from now
New duties, new rights
beg at your doorway
life of honor and dignity awaits
that partner is your honey of honeys
you had time to choose
the whole world was yours
now the doors are closed
do not break them to go out there
as you found the just, the star
you found the hidden beauty
take that one with all your heart
another choice does not exist
That is why you say
“I do!
Till death do us part!”

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: chocolate, cute love,


                        ~ Chocolate Honeys~


                        Waltzing on a plate
                        Oh my dreamy chocolates
                        Wow my hunky date 

                           April 12, 2020 
                            10:30pm PST

                             English Haiku