Love Poems About Honeymoons or Honeymoons Love Poems
by Dale Gregory Cozart |
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Shadowed Night

As sable floats the shadowed night
I stand in true love's disrepair
beneath a host of haloed light
this lamp shines in the autumn air.

I stand in true love's disrepair,
of nuptials do my dreams now flow. 
This lamp shines in the autumn air
corona of an opal glow.

Of nuptials do my dreams now flow, 
my thoughts of crimson honeymoons.
Corona of an opal glow
now whispers vows and passioned runes.

My thoughts of crimson honeymoons,
beneath a host of haloed light,
now whisper vows and passioned runes
as sable floats the shadowed night.

by Panagiota Romios |
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Some couples take expensive 
cruises to far off exotic lands!
Others, only use whatever cash
is on hand.

It's that joy that love you deeply  
Two souls, in concert and committed-
that are so special and rare.

In  your future come great children
and  many anniversaries! 
These mean far more than any expensive 
honeymoon, I see!

                        ~ 2 .


by Michelle Morris |
Categories: desire, happiness, hope, inspirational love, love, marriage, wedding,

Our love so fearless

Our love so fearless 
By Michelle Morris

Love's intoxicating mist
Surrounds us with her mystery
She is silent and deadly
And we don't stand a chance

Pure heavenly embraces
Sweet kisses laced with sin
Tangled limbs and silk sheets
Leave us weakened by our whims

So many beautiful nights
Underneath the stars
Honeymoons and sweet nothings
We forever share our hearts

No matter how long this lasts
Or how short our mortal years
We shall live beyond galaxies
Forever in our love so fearless

© Michelle Morris, 2022