Love Poems About Honeymooners or Honeymooners Love Poems
by S.zaynab Kamoonpuri |
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Nida and Nazim, the newlyweds noticed the newmoon.
A big brown bat banished them from boon.
The hubby and wife headed back inside for their honeymoon.
The mystery of night brought them out again
Together in love nothing could scare them for long
Nocturnal sounds added to their curiosity 
As they explored each other in passion's song

by Dalila Agtani |
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The “kubo” now complete and done With all the spirits and blessings Adorned and commends All sights of beauty existing No faults of structure than woodborer Can ever be commented to dissuade One night or two or month long Of couplings and bliss Under the moonlight moaning Pure gold of love shared Oh, I know and we know we care So much perfect for honeymooners That no one would dare Put a footprint like “hasta la vista”
Terms: Kubo- Filipino term for a hut, a small dwelling made up of local materials, generally constructed in the suburbs. “Hasta la vista” Spanish term for see you later.

by Line Gauthier |
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niagara falls

niagara roars
while double rainbows rising
honeymooners smile

posted on May 21, 2018

by Kim Rodrigues |
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Gold champagne and tipsy, the bride unbridled.
Round and round, she stirs with romance under the
moon and stars, a-swooshing. A wedding toast with
     bubbles and giggling.

Sheets — warm, tired, impossibly wrinkled, burns her
cheeks at Summer’s peak. And his sweet and sexy
tongue, asleep with dreams, unaware and moaning,
        calling out her name.

Honeymooners kiss as he wakes up lips and
neck and this and that. She obeys the rapture
blossoming again in her husband’s trellis —
     breathlessly brimming.


by Line Gauthier |
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Black and white television set
First one in the neighborhood

Rabbit ears adjusting the reception
Rotating dial to change channels

Kiddie cartoons and Roy Rogers
Weekly ritual of Saturday mornings

Much talked about Sunday nights
Ed Sullivan his prestigious guests

Staying up past our bedtime
Honeymooners and I Love Lucy

AP: 1st place 2022

Posted on March 9, 2020

by Kim Rodrigues |
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“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature” Gerard De Nerval THE SNOWY FIELDS The honeymooners sleigh-shaped bed — a vase. Arrange our starry souls, so sound awake. O lovebird buds, fly free above our place — Embrace the happiness of snow globe shakes. The snowy fields of baby’s breath catch mine. Its strong and downy spread of beauty soft. O Winter glistens in my arms. The sign. . . A million stars of love’s sweet light; the loft. Date written - 10/23/2019 Writing Challenge, October, 2019 - Flower or Flowers - Sponsor, Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode