Love Poems About Honeymooner or Honeymooner Love Poems
by James Horn |
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Making Oklahoma

Making Oklahoma

Rather than a lot later wish it was sooner
When we both would become a honeymooner
And off to Oklahoma one day we did go
Where living is easy and things seem so slow.

Wide open spaces are here, there and around
To outstanding Oklahoma we will be bound
All of your imagination there it can catch
And once it does even more may stretch.

Plains are found flat and cattle close by
Will live and love it here until day we die
Gave our thanks to God for all of His grace
And for making Oklahoma a perfect place.

James Thomas Horn, Retired Veteran

by Johnny Zephir |
Categories: history, imagination, inspirational, life, nature, passion, visionary,


Like the Zephyr of anewly-dawn,
have you seen Her?

Had you seen Her,
a messanger of the horizon
more unpromiscuous!
The honeymooner of Twilght,
like a wingless angel in the morn-light...
Had you seen her coming
In the mirror- In her swing!
to emanate Love- exceptionally

Have you seen Her?

Had you seen Her,
where you've never been...
Beauty- Divine, like tropical hybiscus
is her smile- her breath, of lavender
worthy of praise and flattery!

Had you seen Her...
You'd finely treasure
the Lavishness of Liberty!