Love Poems About Honeydews or Honeydews Love Poems
by Kenneth Melvin |
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Honeydew, I Love You

Of course I love you, the slang phrase Yo, men flirting O, sumptuous U, curse words aches to demolish the beauty of you, sweet sticky substance found on plants she's my honeydew, the sweetness of someone like you, is rare like a holographic card, O you, can a card explain you, cheap brand but great value, right love, what is left residue, drowning in Love Boo, I'll be a lifeguard and be honeydews rescue.
- Loverboi

by Pragna Paramita Mondal |
Categories: love

The Abode

There was a sunny spot in my eye,
a region of riots and ripples,
a cause for resplendence
in mosaic mysteries
and myriad myths;
Tendrils and creepers, 
ivies and myrtles 
and an emblazoned bliss…

There was a sunny spot in my eye,
beyond the honeydews,
the hills and the hedges,
that nestled the we;

the you and the me…