Love Poems About Honeydew or Honeydew Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
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Calls To the Meadow

Yellow tips of comfort     
eye a corner of my sky   
Should be  holding on   
soft skin caresses of sun   
coming round once again   
Dipped toes in quiet waters   
drenched afternoon delight   
swans sit still  watching   
stallions  running home   
Honeydew dreams  drifting   
arms wrapped    all around   
wild visions flap in the breeze   
Listen   calls to the meadow   
come to me and fill her need

by Sarah Seraphin |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, romance,

Loves Perfect Nectars

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Honeydew dripping from the smiling petals in raspberry

Rose fragrance, upon the corners amid Her soft moist lips ~

Kissing their lovely tenderness; glistening buds of sweetness 

Perfumed pearls; sugary joy; heavenly, is their taste...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

...“Loves Perfect Nectars” *

by Jessamyn Duckwall |
Categories: beautiful, color, fruit, green, happiness, tribute,

Ode To Honeydew

Honeydew melon is decidedly feminine--
Venus, the moon, a ripe pregnant belly
at peace on my kitchen counter
emitting the distant scent of summer

Even the sound of her name brings to mind
delicate Shakespearean lady-creatures:
lady-sprite Honeydew flitting about
in forests adorned with soft petal pink,
sweet viridians

On my wooden cutting board, I halve
my luscious green girl, open wide that simple kissymouth.
Her sugared fruitmeat sends waves of ambrosial
love, playfulness even, to my nostrils 

We kiss; and oh I'm dizzy with love
for the sweetness of Circe's seafoam
heart-of-mermaid fruit

by William Masonis |
Categories: beauty, devotion, girlfriend, love,

From the Cold

In the cold of the starligt
You made it quite warm
In the honeydew moonbeams
Your eyes held the storm
The tempests I've made of my life
And my love
Were caught in your pupils 
All lit from above.

No need to cry, no, no need to weep
For the thousand unsaids that still lie with my sleep
The million bright moments we'll both go and reap
Will carry as far,
Will carry as deep.

Your beauty is silence
Our glory is new
Born free from the coldness,
That grief-killing slew
Your eyes are both mirrors
Reflecting my love
All filled with the light
Streaming down from above.

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: food, fruit,



I love eating some fruits day or night 
I like some more than others.Thats right! 
Watermelon and oranges are among the ones 
That I enjoy to eat more  than honeyed buns 
Honeydew, grapes and cherries  are so juicy and sweet 
And fruits are so  good and healthy for me and you to eat! 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
Aka ladydp2000 


by Sarah Seraphin |
Categories: love, passion, romance,

Loves Perfect Nectars

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Honeydew dripping from the smiling petals in raspberry

Rose fragrance, upon the corners amid Her soft moist lips ~

Kissing their lovely tenderness; glistening buds of sweetness 

Perfumed pearls; sugary joys; heavenly, is their taste...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

...“Loves Perfect Nectars” *

by Amelie Mara |
Categories: color, feelings, rain,

Hues of Rain

Rain sketches lulled dusk
in eaves of mint blue,
bathing tender flesh
from autumn’s debut--
Parasols sway and dance
through spilled avenue.
Green-gold drops ripple,
soaked in dazzling hues
inviting  bare lips
to taste honeydew;
wet kisses’ painting
love on  avenue.

Theme #7 -COLORS- (old/new) 
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17 January 2016

by Tim Smith |
Categories: dream, love,


Aesculus hides a sprig of buckeye 
longing another lemongrass scene
secluded off in rainy day kisses 
washing against the grainy rocks 
... of me 

A sorrel drenched in vinaigrette 
tossed and served    cold 

Warm weather wishes  woven 
tied up and hidden with the riches 
sparking chestnut driven dreams 

Restless amidst arms of ardor 
cerulean wisps parasol freely 
into secluded sunset horizons 
falling slowly into me 

A honeydew sculpture of rare succulence 
dripping down and living 
in the corners of my sky


by Robert Lindley |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, dedication, desire, joy, love, wife,

Wrote Her Another Poem

Wrote Her Another Poem

Wrote an alluring poem for her this morn
joys of love for her and our first born
The Sun rose to bask glory upon her face
as she walked in beauty and perfect grace

Gentle wind sang of great admiration too
as flowers in unison it so joyously blew
The trees swayed in rhythm and sweet time
earth going right along with gentle clime

Honeydew , pretty songs of birds did tell
of sweetness and harmony given as well
She that elicits a glowing sincere praise
my heart, joy and temperature did raise

Hot morn matching an intense hotly felt ardor
she that stirs me to ever try so much harder!

Robert J. Lindley, 09-06-2014

by Leigh Dixon |
Categories: love, senses,

Mother Nature

I’m wrapped in your soft, willow arms. 
I arch my neck as the sun plants kisses of sweet honeydew down to my collarbone. 
Your light breath, a breeze, brushes my cheek and touch’s my senses. 
Wild flowers grow where your fingertips trace my skin. 
Indian paintbrush 
Queen Anne's Lace 
A wonderland of colors, scents, and smells. 
I get drunk on your love Mother Nature.

by Kenneth Melvin |
Categories: love,

Honeydew, I Love You

Of course I love you, the slang phrase Yo, men flirting O, sumptuous U, curse words aches to demolish the beauty of you, sweet sticky substance found on plants she's my honeydew, the sweetness of someone like you, is rare like a holographic card, O you, can a card explain you, cheap brand but great value, right love, what is left residue, drowning in Love Boo, I'll be a lifeguard and be honeydews rescue.
- Loverboi

by Marie Roche |
Categories: devotion

Unrequited Love

She was promised to another his older brother
who would scold him in jest taunting
I will win the ultimate jest

Her heart I will pursue the sweet smell of honeydew
Black curls frame her face
Her bosom covered in ivory lace

Five foot nothing in her heels round hips luscious lips
going wild with desire
He could only admire

by Keith D Trestrail |
Categories: love,

Cotton Tree

All is bright, and I betwixt God and you,
  the kookaburra is in the willow,
and honeyeaters in the honeydew 
  flitter as I lay your breast and pillow.
You are my morning and evening star,
  sweet inveigler to the unpractised heart -
girl, all I need is to be where you are
  and never know what woe it is to part.
So we are in our beguiling sublimed
  by a divine ordinance or blessing,
but visceral love, like a woman’s mind,
  keep all mortal men eternal guessing!
Kid, you mean and are everything to me,
and I do love the stars in Cotton Tree.

       Written: September 1997

by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: funny

I Can'T Elope

I can't elope with him,

when you're the apple of my eye.

So, don't be a gooseberry green,

and hurt my feelings to make me cry.


Currant-ly, now, I'm dreaming,

of being your precious Honeydew.

So, don't think he a-peels to me,

for Darling, I'm plum in love with you!


We could build a house on Strawberry Lane,

you and I, in our own caper-ous stew.

So, I'm raisin' my hopes high,

that on a set date, you'll say, "...forever, I do!"


Paw-paw is slow to give us his blessing,

as nervously your palms sweat.

So, indulge him, his corny tales of old,

then, Sweet Pea, just tell him, I can't elope- yet!

by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: beautiful, girl, love,

Loves Perfect Nectars

Honeydew dripping 
From the smiling petals 
In raspberry rose fragrance
Upon the corners amid 
Her soft moist lips ~
Kissing their lovely tenderness
Glistening buds of sweetness 
Perfumed pearls; sugary joy
Heavenly bliss in this, she'll taste.

by Barbara Green |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, beauty, boyfriend, celebration, dedication, destiny,

A Dose of You

To my God I make this plea, you the only man for me.
To another, I can never be true, 
All I need is a Dose of You.

To your heart, I will always be true
Can’t you feel my love shining through
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.
My love has  no curfew. Nothing else
On my menu.because, I’m in love with my dose of you.

You are sweet as a honeydew
Don’t need your revenue
When I’m down and feeling blue,
all I need is a Dose of you.

by Peter Dome |
Categories: addiction, kiss,

Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips.
Luscious delicious honeydew lips
Soft warm pillows so alluring and tantalizing
On which to sip
I like a moth
Transfixed to a deadly flame
As a beautiful siren
Calls my name
Come hither
My lust for love
So much
Beyond my will restrain
To explore loves moist sweetest
Bliss and sweetest pain

My body on fire
My soul a lowly slave
She the mistress
To whom
I am left breathless
And totally enslaved.

Peter Dome©2020.

by Maria Mitea |
Categories: meaningful, missing, ocean, paradise, poems, strength, sweet love,

August Honeydew

rays deviation
gathered in the sorrow of flowers, smiles
falling asleep on the blood moon, honey
glued on the lines of the palms,
that flow like sand from the fists, masters
on the other side of the dawn,

rising dunes in the sky

by Pj Bayliss |
Categories: love, lust, romance,


I wanna be within you, When your silky waves crest, Beads of my milky honeydew, Burst and run into your nest. Knuckles tighten with your grasp, Muscles quaking in strong remorse, Your voice straddles lust's deep gasp, Heavenly bodies guide our course. Waves surge and peak once more, You shudder like the surf hitting land, Clenched tight you release sacred door, Releasing everything, but holding my hand. (C)2016 PJ Bayliss

by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: love, passion

No Taste As Sweet

There is no taste as sweet … 

…As a juicy strawberry…
…Godiva chocolates…
…Ripe honeydew…
…The finest pastries…
…Junior’s cheesecake…

Accept… maybe your lips.


by Rose Pace |
Categories: husband, lost love, love, passion,


What alchemy is at work here
That makes the gut a home for butterflies? 
What compels the pulse too quicken so?
Or the cheeks to glow with just a whisper, of a thought of you?
What chemistry Has filled my head with you?
And made the days smell fat with smiles And honeydew?
Yet what force stops and holds me back?
Is it that the pain of love is greater than the lack?
I am scared of the possibilities,
And the numerous ways in which I can break,
I am scared of falling, and not landing on my feet
But in some head over heals, Cliché,
Love will save the day, Sort of way,
Loves poison is strong stuff,
And I am scared of falling

by C.W. Bryan |
Categories: image, love,

Cutting Her Bangs Again

The mirrored door of our medicine cabinet came off its hinges today. You were searching for the waterproof band-aids you made me buy because every time you have a cut you wash your hands thrice as much. You said it was wasteful to change your band-aid nine times a day.
The mirror crashed, sending your image in shattered fractals in the sink, on the counter, woven in the new seashell bath mat. Thirty or forty or what seemed like a thousand glass pictures of your two month old bangs. So you grabbed the scissors with ease from the newly freed shelf and went to work without a band-aid. Trimming your bangs back two months.

Tiny hairs on the porcelain sink– Ants on honeydew

by Jan Allison |
Categories: color,


Colorful vegetables are so good for you Colorful dining when served cordon bleu Colorful melons, I just love honeydew Colorful candies that I love to chew Colorful cocktails I’ll sip one or two Colorful rainbows so pretty to view Colourful skin inking, it’s called a tattoo Colorful steam train, I hear it choo choo Colorful language – the air can turn blue!

by C.W. Bryan |
Categories: imagery, love,

Cutting Her Bangs

Tiny hairs on the porcelain sink– Ants on honeydew

by Matthew Brackley |
Categories: imagination, love, nature,

What Am I?

What am I?
On a sea of blue
Mixtures of stardust
Earthen rust
and honey dew
Clouds rising in a dark sky
Fly , if you must
One time before you die
Turning into stardust
Earthen rust
and honeydew
I can live forever...
On wings above
On stardust
On your love