Love Poems About Honeycombs or Honeycombs Love Poems
by Charmaine Chircop |
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Too Late For Honeycombs And Spring

He calls back the lost bee to climb between last falling blossoms of his attracting lips To sip , to feed on nectar To feel his pollen on her skin But it is too late for honeycombs and the enamouring blush of their Spring
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Love's Bases

Genuine love is loveless
Whereof the heart is beclouded
With mystic, monastic and metaphysical aura
Only minds as deep as the Congo river can contain.

'Tis when fair love subsist
That spiritual, ethical and philosophical
Transcend all mundane forms and allures
That are subject to the acid test of time and change.

'Tis to disdain honeycombs
To find relish in bitter herbs is rare
And have wants and longings lay in catacombs
Beside the sweet amusing bed of roses it is but to dare.

'Tis to know what it is
Love dwells  in spirit and not physique
And its form is literal but not imaginative
And its essence not naive but rather philosophical!

by Probir Gupta |
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The Pomegranate

Not one, three bowls of lovely pomegranates
Look, the passion incarnate
Love or hate as you like, please don't desecrate
Gateway to glorious ecstasy
Of serene sensuality holding supreme creativity
And the all seeing mighty eyes!
Invitation to the abundant festival of inhalations 
‘Come, honeycombs are ready
Bees throughout eternity, come and benumb
Come here and swamp the boat’
Under the lavish moon there in the dark lagoon
   25 February,2016
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by Gordon wickstrom |
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Love 3

Love is a heart so vast 
that you will pass
through its walls that rise to
the sky,like a flower that climbs 
seeking heavenly doves,
Love is the honey that measures the earth,
an incorruptible song,
a burst of brilliant light, 
an immense jungle of honeycombs-

All that love touches becomes filled with a
profound essence,a sweetness,a lance flower that
bursts forth in happiness,a torrent of hearts,
a song that reaches to the depth of the multitudes, 
an indestructible force,
There is nothing so alive as your love.California

by Kerry Ann Egling |
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Love remains

I know the land where the lemon trees flower ,and the skies are blue
In this very land is where I met you
In this land of honeycombs
And cornflowers so blue
Our love blossomed as if it was true
In the land where the lemon trees flower
I will remember you 
As our love dies down and reality is found
I always did find it hard to believe in things I can not see
But in this land where the lemon trees flower
I find the truth
As rainbows collide into one being 
and we sing the unsung song
Love remains in this land 
So true

17 July 2018 
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by Ken Carroll |
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Looking East

Rolling ghostly clouds
seethes the gulf
moon is full
moon and full

Summer is here again
no one knows how it came
moon swollen and full

Honeycombs of light
peek through the clouds

I am obsessed 
with a lady to the east

The song is sung
when all are asleep
I dream her awake

Thoughts are singing
gulf is silent
I am looking west

Words of romance
come easier
when sung by the sea

No one knows
how she came 

She just did
maybe the moon
shines on her

In Georgia

Under the white moon
perhaps she
will read this

As I write this
my heart
flies from me

Summer night
your love is here

By the ocean side
by the islands

Summer night
tell her
by the full moon

her lover is here...