Love Poems About Honeycombed or Honeycombed Love Poems
by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, heart, heaven, love, moon, rose, sun,

Holding precious a treasured dream

As the morning sun 
smiles warmly with colour 
upon you my love

It's all around embraced within a circle 
kissing each and every single breath 
inside jumping heartbeats pop 

A moonbeam enters softly embraced 
your the light of destiny kissed 
beautiful rose shining gold gift wrapped

Amazing with the dewdrops 
your sparkle dwells in the heart 
guiding this soul lovingly home

I can see heaven in your eyes 
where chocolate melts like carmel 
into heartbeats golden honeycombed

unrhymed tercets

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

Night Psalm

I unloved you for years.
We became friends in a dream - in your dream.
My actual life, awake or sleeping,
loved the way we plundered the flesh
of a hundred shared passions, the way we exchanged erotica
like unisex garments.
I am honeycombed, riddled by all those unloved times,
yet I love them, and you now. We were ghosts
in blind eyes, obsessed with crippling raptures.
Love was a promenade roadkill, now its specter binds me
to old love songs never sung.