Love Poems About Honeycomb or Honeycomb Love Poems
by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: nature

Rhymed Haiku

humble bumble bee
brings pollen from apple tree
to make his honey

he feeds his loved queen
to protect her he gets mean
his stings aren’t funny

a hive is his home
he fills it with honeycomb
for love not money

For Carol Brown's "What's the Buzz" contest

Carol gave me a no. 1

by John Freeman |
Categories: passion, romancebeauty, beauty,

" Fairest Love " (Shakespearean Sonnet)

Thou has the fairest of features my love.
My conscious of thy beauty shall not die,
It surrounds me thus, as immortal glove.
Your piercing beauty of blue eyes, as sky.
Thy warm body I shall ever cherish,
To whom my soul doeth forever belong.
Thus my desire for thee shall find flourish,
As the night birds in the night’s fairest song.
Thy lips my beauty drops as honeycomb,
It’s  honey sweetness from under thy tongue.
From the pleasures of thy love I shan’t roam,
I am come to thy garden to raise young.
Thou ravished forever my heart my spouse,
From thy love’s presence I shan’t ever rouse.

Shakespearean Sonnet
In Honor of : Dr: Ram

Placed #8

by L'Nass Shango |
Categories: love, i love you,

Where Are You So Soon, My Love

Where are you so soon, my love
Like a summer night blown away
Where are you today, my love
Your face on my sleep sings all day

Your lips were unbroken honeycomb
My desire the humming bumble bee
For you, my distant pollen, ever I roam
Seeking you in sweet shadows of memory.

Shall we meet again ever, ere the sun
Sets forever on the howling bar
Shall you know I love you as I loved none,
My seeming lost and pole-less star.

by Gelissa Yorke |
Categories: feelings, first love, hope,

Summer Groom

A flower of gold how sweet you are, so colorful so vibrant as sweet as honeycomb,
your eyes are as the blues off the tip of a mountain, or is it as blue as the oceans deep, 

is it winter or is it spring, who can tell, when there is a mist of love that curves your beautiful hands
now it is summer filled with life of gold, only the heavens can understand what this life of happiness
could unfold
It lights up like a candle, like a flower it blooms, like a rabbit running through the meadow,
oh my sweet summer groom.

by John Freeman |
Categories: allegory

The Elect Lady

The Elect Lady
~“Tis torture, and not mercy. Heaven in earth hath
become hell as woman scorn. The poison
of asps drips forth of her tongue…her honeycomb
hath dried… 
Life sourest as wine gone foul of sweet fermenting. 
Amiss of love,  a strong delusion of her was chosen, ere 
her love of truth. Loose the yoke, chaotic, 
psychosis,  Pharaoh let her people go.”~

For and in Honor of  Wandering Butterfly
And Contest: Romeo and Juliet; How tragic is Love

by Afzal Nusker |
Categories: kiss, love,

French Kiss

Unfurl the petals of flowering lips
          to quench unavoidable thirsty crave.
Invigorating nectar drools and drips
                 while bees of passion they madly behave.

               Soon the hearts become honeycomb of love
and souls get wet in romantic dribbles.
          In enthralling rapture, minds float above
     when bodies quiver by frenzied tickles.

Quote: I may not be a French but I do know how to kiss like one ;~/)

Date: 06/24/2017

Note: Entered in two different contests.
August standard contest by Brian Strand - N/A
Best rhyming poem, May-July by John Hamilton - *Placed Fourth*

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: sea,

Heart of the Sea

Dark night cool waters beckons love come forth
As its lapping echos from shore to shore
Drawing waves kiss the sand and beg for more
Come, come love, listen intently thenceforth

Black waters viewed 'pon a cloudy blue night
Seagulls, pelicans have flown away home
Oceans waves offer up varied honeycomb
Lovers have kissed again and taken flight

The heart of the sea offers its repose 
Enticing addulation 'pon the waves
Short visit somehow many hearts enslaves
Calling come as waves stir evening primrose

The heart of the sea beckons juxtapose
Melancoly spirit's thoughts now oppose

Sponsor: Poetess Darkly
Contest: Heart Of The Sea
Written October 13, 2013

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: emotions, happiness, heart, i love you, inspirational love, romantic love, smile, soulmate, sweet love,

Whenever I See You Smile

It lifts my own lips whenever I see you smile.
Your joy phrased smiles radiate heart gems I treasure
for endless sweetness value in love kissed measure.

Your mood grips my grin whenever I see you smile.
Such pure cheer takes me in a delightful rush hold
of sweetheart clasp to grasp anew your spirit’s mold.

Brightly my face beams whenever I see you smile.
I cannot resist your sincere looks of happy
or hooking them to romantic curls of sappy.

My happy flaunts style whenever I see you smile.
Your glad grin inspires cheery tones in my heart’s home
where smiles feed love like sweet completes a honeycomb.

Mystic Rose Rose / Anna and the French Kiss

January 2, 2019

by John Freeman |
Categories: confusion, life, love,

Loves Breach

“Tis pain not concern, life in earth hath become off as vague scorn. 
      The poison of asp drips ahead of her tongue…her honeycomb hath dried… 

       Life sourest as wine gone wild of natural fermenting, 
       wrong of love she chose extreme delusion ere her love of truth. 
       Loose the yoke, chaotic, psychosis, strife let life's people renew.”

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, life, love, wifeme, me,

A Subconscious Prayer

Lord I beseech Thee : Take me Home
I tire of the Sorrows in LIFE
Joy eludes me ; except in POEM
I Truly miss my Beloved  : WIFE

But I am here, and SHE is There
Lord I beseech Thee : Take me Home
In Heaven I’ll Live anywhere
Golden Castle ; or Oceans foam

I walk along my catacomb
Fearful of Evil, silhouette
Lord I beseech Thee : Take me Home
As Written in “Heaven’s Gazette”

Just once more, I see my “ LENORE “
Be Queen of Heaven’s Honeycomb
Ready to Live FOREVER More
Lord I beseech Thee : Take me Home

by Marie Harrison |
Categories: angst, childhood, family, happiness, history, hope, imagination, inspirational, introspection, life, loss, love, nostalgia, peace, people, philosophy, places, recovery from..., sad, social, uplifting

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
My childhood home
Is cherished 

Memories filled with
Silver and gold
And sometimes pure cold.

No one told me
It would go with me
Where ever I go 

When I roam from
Town to town
I carry it with me

I open the door
Each night when
I go to sleep
And dream.

I can’t shake
What I learned
And what I didn’t 
Learn inside 
My honeycomb

I can’t stop
About that

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: inspiration, introspection,

Door To a Wayra Behind the Door

Behind the blue door Sorrow resides constantly Paint the walls a pure bright white The door a soft yellow One that invites live in rapport The soft yellow door Where fragrance of joy exudes The scent of the honeycomb And spiced perfumes await Love, peace, joy gush behind that door
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud Contest: DOOR TO A WAYRA Theme: Doors Written by: Sara Kendrick Date: July 15, 2014

by Ad. Andrew Joseph |
Categories: lonely,

Good Night

As radiant as the Sun... 
Pleasant as the touch of rain. 
Gentle as the moon light... 
Wonderful like the stars at night.. 

An oasis in the desert.. 
The sunrise in my heart.. 
Love like a morning star.. 
Eyes like saphire.... 

Teeth like a flock of sheep... 
That are shining evenly... 
Graceful as a gazelle... 
Spotless as a white ***.. 

Her lips tasted like honey,
at dawn....
It drops as the honeycomb
At night, with a milky tongue.. 

And, as it began to rain... 
In  cloudy climes... 
She slowly kissed good night, 
To the emptyness of my heart! 

Dedicated to those whose heart have been broken by their most cherished on

by Tamara Robinson |
Categories: dedication, emotions, love, romantic, storm, tribute, woman,


My Cold and Lonely Spirit has been filled with a raging storm called Thomasina,

She rocks me worse the fiercest hurricane winds,

Her fire burns through me, hotter than open coals in night air,

Her words do indeed pierce my heart,

Her love is really what makes the honey drip from my honeycomb,

And I am her honey bee buzzing all around her.

by Star Light |
Categories: love, heart, heart, love,

I Love You Too--Forever and Always

As I looked
I seen.. 
as words written
came From within your heart
came into mine..
as You said..
as I read..
I Love you.. baby..
then I whisper unto you
I Love you.. too...

I want to say..
Wherever your Sweetness may be
Whatever you maybe doing
For Your always in my heart too..

For your as sweet as a Honeycomb
as you know.. my heart still.. 
Sings everytime.. 

I pray you come back
For I Love and miss you
Forever and always.. 
answer your waiting to hear is
Yes.. I Still.. I do.. 
Yes.. I always Will...

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: friendship,

No One Would Buy That Thing

My new neighbor asked if I wanted to go shopping with her.
This is like waving a honeycomb in front of a hungry bear.
When she said “thrift stores” I was all in.
The day was delightful; we had similar tastes.

Enjoying some things, laughing at other things.
“No one would buy that crazy thing!” she said at the checkout counter.
Pointing to the ceramic bull planter.
I took my change and picked it up.

“I would!” I told her. “Wait until you see my bull room.
It is one of the few things with a bull on it I did not already have.”
“So, you like it,” she said. She looked at it hard and smiled.
“I love it!” I told her. Different opinions cannot hurt this friendship.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: loss, love, sad, time,

Kissing Your Ghost

Half awake, half aware, in a blanket of twilight, 
silent suffocation beneath it's vacuum weight; 
in the severed grasp between realisation 
and the drowsy semi-dreaming state. 
I miss your kiss, sweet dew-bathed lips 
pressed light as crushed luxuriant silk 
upon my dormant, hungry mouth 
with honeycomb zest and buttermilk. 
Your absence won't suckle or resuscitate 
the passion emaciating deep down in me; 
I will feed and dream of surrogate love, 
of kissing your ghost for company.

by Michael Burch |
Categories: bird, funny love, humor, humorous, love, song, true love,


by Michael R. Burch

love was a little treble thing?
prone to sing
and sometimes to sting

Keywords/Tags: Love, Honey, Bee, Honeybee, Honeypot, Honeycomb, Nectar, Clover, Sweet, Sweets, Humor, Humorous, Light Verse, Treble, Song, Songbird, Sing, Singing, Buzz, Buzzing, Abuzz, Hive, Queen, Drone, Worker, Sting, Be Free, Relationship, Relationships

by Gideon Idudje |
Categories: deep, love hurts,

Momma's Equation of Love

since love is a sweet nut
is love a sweet nut?
if love is a sweet nut
why does love sometimes 
turns a bitter sweet?
then love is the only nut
that bears in it 
sweet & bitter taste
so love is not just a lovely butterfly
Cos' momma said "love drains"
but is every too much 
love story a bitter ending?
then love needs be added 
an aroma of seasoning
then love without navigation
meets the iceberg (titanic)
but  love with wisdom
is like honeycomb to munch
momma said "love is a seedling that 
opens herself into many flavors 
depending on how 
she is nurtured" 

By Gideon Idudje 

by Matthew Hees |
Categories: life, love, passion,

Heart Paths

Can we perpetuate the pleasure felt
When moved by our spirit

Heart in motion can be balanced
Like a wheel it makes tracks.

Countless ages have formed roads
Where hunger has beaten a path

Whether to tree or honeycomb
Or shelter of a lover’s arms

Waiting on the back porch swing
Not knowing the time of arrival

Anticipation is a fever unbroken
Burning and tingling with quiet fire

Corralling our emotions for moments
Expectations as high as the stars

Knowing from experience 
That the heart rules all.

by L'Nass Shango |
Categories: love

You Speak of Love

You speak of love
And I
No mere Jason for a mother's life
Cannot shake how flimsy
The promises of loyalty sail
The desert sea of needs.
And so beyond
The gourmet of the eyes
For swivelling hips and honeycomb drips
I sought my paradise
Beyond the wilting flowers of lips
And coming back to port
Accepted whatever creature comfort
Bloomed on providence
For I
Muted in sorrow still must tell
The Holy Grail
Was only the casting
Of desire's spell.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: angel, emotions, feelings, humanity, nice, romance,

Natural Consequences Cupid Dear

Natural consequences, Cupid Dear.
This is why you have to be careful.
Careful with your words
And careful with your arrows

You have to be proactive,
Think ahead. Plan with love.
Knowing that every thought, deed, and act
Has consequences

Put yourself into their shoes
Is this truly the one for them?
Will they stick it out for the long haul?
Or will this match strike fast and hard, and swiftly burn out?

Natural consequences, Cupid Dear.
Now let me take away the honeycomb and the bees,
So you can think straight. The empathy I show you,
You may, of course. pass on to the others....

by Abimbola Oluwasola Israel |
Categories: self, senses, sensual, sexy,

It Is

It's the stories your eyes tell me when I lie inside of you
And the rhythm your body dances to when you sit in me .

It's the soft breeze that you breathe  when you lean into my neck pit and scratch my napes
And the silent sighs of pleasure that your lips blow.

It's the slow crawls of your skin upon mine
And the gentle heat from your honeycomb.

It's the way you whisper"I love you"
 when we lie in eachother like missionaries.

      That makes my heartbeat again and again
      Your are my heart quake
      My fall
      Yet my redemption.
And yes!
 You always tastes great!!


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: life, sweet love,

Natural Consequences Cupid Dear

There are natural consequences, Cupid Dear.
This is why you have to be careful.
Careful with your words
And careful with your arrows

You have to be proactive,
Think ahead. Plan with love.
Knowing that every thought, deed, and act
Has consequences

Put yourself into their shoes
Is this truly the one for them?
Will they stick it out for the long haul?
Or will this match strike fast and hard, and swiftly burn out?

Natural consequences, Cupid Dear.
Now let me take away the honeycomb and the bees,
So you can think straight. The empathy I show you,
You may, of course. pass on to the others....

by C L Sivaranjani |
Categories: nature, tribute,

I Wish To Be One With Nature

I Wish to be one with Nature

I wish I were potable water alms
I could freeze in your charms
I would melt in your arms
I could flow in your palms

I wish I were a humming bird
I could flee to you ahead
I would reach your hold
I could be with you getting mould

I wish I were rain
I could reach you like a chain
I would make me sustain
I could have my love retain

I wish I were a honeybee
I could collect honey I agree
I would save my love for thee
I could feel this as honeycomb key

I wish I were a butterfly
I could fly over you in sky
I would flutter at you as I fly
I could become one with you in reply

          - C L Sivaranjani