Love Poems About Honeybee or Honeybee Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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My Summer Love

My sunshine in the morning wakens me
with eyes that twinkle mischief and delight.
My sunflower whose gaze I love to see
is he – my summer love – from morn to night!

I'm his honeybee, and he's my daisy.
He’s the sweetest sweet pea of early June!
A snapdragon, he can make me crazy.
But when he is the reddest rose, I swoon!

His dulcet voice, like the song of blue birds,
is also like the the breeze of summer skies
when days are fair. I love to to hear the words
he whispers as he watches me with eyes
like sun-lit oceans. My dear marigold!
Forever his, my heart he’ll ever hold.

May 17, 2021
for John Hamilton's 
Summer Love Sonnet Poetry Contest

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, romance, poetry,

My Love's

My love’s a dusky grape hid on the vine.
I find his sweet bouquet in desire’s wine.
My love’s an envied rose plucked tenderly.
I cling to him, for I’m his honeybee.

My love’s a road that winds behind green hills.
I’m led to new delights. . .his secret rills.
My love’s a letter penned with passion’s gust.
I read his eyes and see the soul I trust.

For Rick Parise's
5 ~ 8 Line Poetry / Any Theme Poetry Contest

by Michele Sherman |
Categories: love, metaphor,


so, here's the thing. 

when you kiss me, there are no tsunamis. 
there is no hurricane behind my eyelids and there is 
no earthquake underneath us. 

but there is the buzzing. 
like a million, swarming bees, 
rattling around inside our veins. 

the buzzing is you, all soft and safe and
the swarming, well, the swarming is me. 

i am all chaos, all the time.
that unending rattling
inside of your skin. 

but in reality, aren't we really just the bees?
all lost and never really found, but searching - 
always searching. 

so tell me, honeybee. 
what comes first - 

the buzzing or the bees?

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: flower,


I’m a lovely daffodil, yellow like the sun.
See me in my garden spot; I’m the mellow one.
Nearby are my tulip friends; how I love their hues.
But a bright blue crocus has turned into my muse.

In the breeze when all we blooms tend to brightly sway,
I keep hoping that blue crocus wants to look my way.
Hummingbirds and butterflies are great to see around.
There must be a hive somewhere. Bees surely do abound!

There’s this little chipmunk. Such fun antics he plays,
but it’s never long enough that cute critter stays.
Since I’m whimsical, Daffy you may call me.
I’m being visited right now by a honeybee!

by Imran Islam |
Categories: love,

My Tears Make You Happy

Do you find happiness
in my tear?
Like the full moon does
in the seawater.

I find your sweet smell
in the air,
like the honeybee does
in the flower.

Why do you hate me
when I love you
Why do you blame me
when I talk to you

I follow you as the night does
the daytime
I miss you, like a refugee does
his lovely clime!

I don't wish you to wipe
my tears away
I just want you not to go
so far away!

I will never ask you
to love me again,
but let me dream of you
to forget my pain!

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: people, old, love, old,

The Country In Me--Redux

Muscadine grape vine
entwine...smell of bovine
forest edge
briars growing down the line.

I love the country
The country loves me
I’m as rock solid planted 
As my hundred year old tree

Watermelon field
hi yield...Alpaca deal
stocked lakes
the red barn I want to build

I love the country 
The country loves me
I’m as rock solid planted 
As my hundred year old tree.

Catalpa worm tree free
rain drops
I love the country in me.

June 17, 2012

by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: fun, funny,

Andrea Knows the Answers

Tail moves the dog or dog moves the tail ?
Who moves faster than  Carol's e mail?
Who knows the recipe of relativity soup?
What is the blood group of Becky's latest scoop?
Who wins the battle of Xomba in  Galaxy 3?
Who catches a butterfly in the woods of Innisfree ?
Who goes to west when east sleeps on feast?
Who cries like a cucumber when she is kissed?
Who builds a yellow villa on the cloud nine?
Who writes" I Love You" on Cindy's credit line?
Who milks a honeybee to make the Pandora cheese?
Who chases a Spanish lion in the Chinese seas?
Andrea knows the answers  she is the poet of all
She burns the oil of moon after a sundae nightfall.

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: devotionold, love, old,

I Love the Country In Me

Muscadine grape vine
entwine...smell of bovine
forest edge
briars growing down the line.

I love the country
The country loves me
I’m as rock solid planted 
As my hundred year old tree

Watermelon field
hi yield...Alpaca deal
stocked lakes
the red barn I want to build

I love the country 
The country loves me
I’m as rock solid planted 
As my hundred year old tree.

Catalpa worm tree free
rain drops
I love the country in me.

©   Mar 19 2010      Charles Henderson

by Abbigail Carbajal |
Categories: art, food, drug,

Sonnet Ii

I have Cured the wok, so let us begin,
put it on high heat, and now let it be.
Get sesame oil and just pour it in 
It burns quickly, work like a honeybee
 add what you’d like beef,pork,chicken or all.
Add soy sauce and love, don’t forget ginger
Don’t  wait, make a vegetable roll call
Be careful, try not to burn a finger
Add in the noodles,once it’s well cooked
Remove from the heat and set it apart
One taste of this drug and they'll be hooked
Step back, breathe, admire what you make is art.
Just as a painting; food tells a story 
Soothe your palate and Savor the glory

by Benedict John |
Categories: nature,


Air, Air your everywhere                               
I love your care                                
You make life so good                                
You give our lungs it food
 Air you help us live
I like the things which you give
 Air you work so hard for us
That we forget all about it as
 As we board the bus
 Air you pass through all the seasons
Because you have many reasons
 Air your movement never ends
 But it always bends
 You can be as calm as the sea
  Or as fierce as an honeybee
  Air you help sailors know that their
   Sailboats are ready to go
     Air, Air your everywhere         


by Elizabeth Kinch |
Categories: body, butterfly, heart, home, love, soulmate,

My Home

Well it's not the bricks and mortar
For that is just the house.
...coming into the driveway,
...parking next to your works van,
Knowing I'll soon be there.
My excitement flutters,
Like butterfly wings beating against my heart.
As I come through the door
Your voice fills my ears,
Warm and comforting,
Embracing my soul with your,
"Hi honeybee how was your day?"
Your arms fold around me 
As you drop light kisses on my neck,
I relax into your body and...
...the butterfly stills,
For when I'm with you,
         At last,
             I'm home.

16th August 2019

by Su Ar |
Categories: love,

An Ode To My Honeybee

I was found by you in my darkest time
You landed upon me as if I was a freshly bloomed flower
You made me feel young and beautiful
I felt like I could sing, like I could dance once again
And so my dearest honeybee 
I give you the pollen of my flower
I give you the fruits of my labor
I give you all my unconditional love

by Nicola Steel |
Categories: happiness, husband, love, passion,

Musings of You

The moon appeared whole that night,
at rest, deep within your eyes,
unsure am I of the heavens now,

‘though musings of you stay.

Our lips became acquainted once,
fervour was in abundance,   
the season’s phase unrecalled,

‘though musings of you stay.

Honeybee tended to timid rose,
I, in your snug embrace,
winter winds almost forgotten, 

‘though musings of you stay.

Joyous faces on a frozen lake,
turn sour with pencilled lines,
nor are you, my love, faultless,

‘though musings of you stay.

by Marty King |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, how i feel,

Rhyming For Kicks

in the spirit of you
i love to search for every clue
inside you i dabble
there is no time for psychobabble
the feeling of you is so warm
like a patient honeybee i carefully swarm
i believe it is my duty
i put a special spotlight on your natural beauty
tonight you are not irene the unseen
you are my perfectly serene brown sugar queen
with you i take my ever precious time
for you are worth every effort of love's lines, angles and rhymes

by Michael Burch |
Categories: bird, funny love, humor, humorous, love, song, true love,


by Michael R. Burch

love was a little treble thing?
prone to sing
and sometimes to sting

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by Mandy Dale |
Categories: baby, beautiful, beauty, love,


You float in mid-air ever so bubbly
Your unimaginable sweetness caught me
You turn and swirl like there's no limit
You aim and strike when you got hurt

My sweet little honeybee
Your smile can be an eye-catchy
Even since when you're just a baby
Your tender and soft touch is adored by many

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: nature,

Love of Gardens

To walk with butterflies which seem to dance
greet a hummingbird as it slows the flight
I hold gardens in a tender romance
and feel my skin kissed by wind featherlight
in the midst of it, all beauty is found
as a flower's scent brings the honeybee
while birds glide high above me all around
my eyes relish the bright colors I see
whether day or night gardens are timeless
as waterfalls, as clouds cry Nature turns
her light to dark transition is seamless
as my soul finds the peace for which it yearns
I bond with beauty in gardens I adore
a wondrous wandering welcomed captor


by Su Ar |
Categories: break up,

Don'T You Dare By Kaden Mackay

I'm sorry
I'm so sorry
Don't look at me with your sweet doe eyes
I'm sorry
My heart exploded with the pressure
My emotions spilled 
All over the floor
Into your heart
I couldn't handle the littlest bit of pain
I reacted in the only way I knew
I'm sorry
Forgive me for thinking I was in love
Forgive me for being so sweet
We are too young for this my honeybee
My dying sun
My shattered moon
My imploding stars

by Barbara Lejeune |
Categories: lonely, love, missing,


A feeling so special a feeling so strong 
In my eyes you do no wrong 
In your arms is where I belong
For you've had my heart all along 
Yet your in my thoughts everyday 
I miss you dearly in every way 
And in my heart is here you'll stay 
As my feelings for you will never stray 
So don't give up and come back to me 
For I'm your honeysuckle and your my honeybee 
Yet my feelings run deeper than the dark sea 
And we make a good couple don't you agree

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love, magic,


Magnetism draws in honeybee Nectar divine, the prize Feeling by touch, in playful spree Cupid strikes in disguise Love throb, a pull innate To joy rhythm, gyrate Bliss that doesn’t abate Bridge the chasm Magnetism 16-September-2021 Quietus

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: love, nature, people, social, time,


                            Bird sings
                                  Sweet petal

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: crush, cute love, emotions,


Buzzin’ without wings, 
flying without a buzz;
All the girls want to know, 
where’s that smile coming from?
That glow, that shine;
It’s like you’re lit; 
lit up from the inside; 
You shimmer like you’ve tasted heaven, 
there’s sunshine on your lips;
Who is he honeybee?
Who’s got you buzzin’ with that energy?
You can’t hide the hummin’,
You’re feelin’ his rhythm; 
 It’s a new song you’re singing;
All the girls are laughing 
can’t help but want a taste 
of the drink I’m sippin’
I just keep buzzin’ like a honeybee 
I’m flying cause you’re right here;
right now, next to me.

by C L Sivaranjani |
Categories: nature, tribute,

I Wish To Be One With Nature

I Wish to be one with Nature

I wish I were potable water alms
I could freeze in your charms
I would melt in your arms
I could flow in your palms

I wish I were a humming bird
I could flee to you ahead
I would reach your hold
I could be with you getting mould

I wish I were rain
I could reach you like a chain
I would make me sustain
I could have my love retain

I wish I were a honeybee
I could collect honey I agree
I would save my love for thee
I could feel this as honeycomb key

I wish I were a butterfly
I could fly over you in sky
I would flutter at you as I fly
I could become one with you in reply

          - C L Sivaranjani

by R J. Elless |
Categories: fantasy, love, passion,

Oh, Honeybee

I met this fine lady
on Saturday night
Hot Mocha all over
satin dress was skin tight
Her musical nuance
playin six and eight-time
She says Loves ain't a sin
Honey and it's not a crime

Didn't have to think
we went for a ride
Yeah, call it a spin
We grooved all night
She gave me a kiss
as I gaze in her eyes
She says Love's not a sin
Honey, call me sometime

So, I pick up the phone
She says won't you please
Then I had to roll
run over and see
In one sprig of clover 
The lady kissed me
Hot Mocha all over
Oh, Honeybee.

Her kiss is elixir
runs all over me
Deep in loves cup
such passionate mead
One lucky sprig of clover
Oh, Honeybee.

by Imran Islam |
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Love Is Ever Young

I still can see in your sleepy eyes
so much love for me
and I still can see on your sick face
tears wave like on the sea!

Sweetie, you are still my sunshine
for giving me new days
and I see, how you used to shine
from the Milky Ways!

I melt in love when you smile at me
with lovely white eyes
and I feel like I'm a baby honeybee
on your sweet red lips!

I'm in love with you, it's not wrong
But forgive me for this madness!
You know well, love is ever young
So I love you and will always!