Love Poems About Hones or Hones Love Poems
by Sigrid Ermine |
Categories: baby, blessing, endurance, graduation,

Immortal Gene

Irrefutable evolution conduits 
        Matter tip toes through tunnels
        Microscopic nano shifts continue 
        Outperformers filter free of funnel

        Replicas of kept traits hail heredity
        Thrivers cognate with larger logic
        Attentive nurture forms pedigree
        Love poured over timid progeny

        Genome keys cut exacting bones
        Entrapped wrapped sticky chrysalis 
        Nature photocopies, care duly hones
        Elevating banquet, perpetual Christmas 

           Elevation in Evolution
            Eighth of December 

            Desirable Education

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, health, jesus,


Good health sure wealth. Heart beats love greets. Brain zest thoughts best. Face glows praise shows. Hands serve Strong nerve. Feet fly steps high. Firm bones skill hones. Pulse rate joy’s state. Cells cope life’s hope. Saved soul best goal. Spirit stays fit. Wellness gladness. Smooth veins blood reigns. Mind light faith might. Great lift God’s gift.

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: care,

Silver Wings

Oh she soars above the twilight
spreads her wings towards the lantern,
instinct hones towards Blighty’s bight
mind confused thinking of Skipton.

Gone the lure of tropical nights
diamond scattered heaven above,
only the cliffs of dolomites
to where here is her true love.

Waiting in anticipation
trauma the drama yet the fight,
together participation
oh once alighted from this flight.

Silver wings bare your robust soul
bring her back safely just for me,
here to play out fate’s active role
at the gate of our minds I'll be!

© Harry J Horsman 2013

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Meet urge with surge as act funds proof,
Align mind and heart with soul passion;
Note form emerge in visual proof,
Inform clear start with bold vision;
Feelings fund zest in body cues,
Expand the zones where tact frames call;
Set course and quest to spur fond dues,
Trouble can hone skills in free fall;
Impress calm feel with image clear,
Note and distill what thought inspires;
Glimpse sure goodwill that ever steers.
Align and thrill grand form you sire,
Love sets the tone of wealth that grows,
Live voice now hones the word that shows.

Leon Enriquez
16 May 2015

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Endings come quick as dusk arrives;
Voice in sad tones bid farewell here;
Echoes now speak of distant tides;
Now silence hones the loss of cheer;
Insight seems blank as ideas fade;
Notice the strain as we part ways;
Give up the flank with sad charade.
Love leaves huge pains at end of day;
Expect these hurts to linger well;
Accept the tasks that call to you;
Vouch to clear dirt that come to dwell;
Invite and ask your soul for cues;
Nurture the will to act with feel;
Glimpse and reveal a path that heals.

Leon Enriquez
07 April 2015

by Alexander Smoljanovic |
Categories: imagination, poems, sad, sad love,

Gold Autumn Leaves With Withered Rose

Gold autumn leaves with withered rose
crumble like promises we made.
To dust returns the love I chose
as rust consumes the sharpened blade.

Wet grindstone hones the rusted edge.
Love swings the sword I can't evade.
You watch me teeter on the ledge
but find no words that can dissuade.

My broken thoughts can not sustain
the quest for all that I do lack.
Yet though vague flashbacks still remain
I know this too will fade to black.

I never thought that anything
that felt so right could ever die.
What was once love would later bring
an end to thinking I should try.

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: love, nature, sympathy, time, wife,

Why I Adore the Rose

Day reveals 
the personified beauty
of the rose, while 
night hones 
the edges of its thorn

I kept the luster 
blooms, so tender, to my skin
and the blades I bathed 
them in the sunshine
of my young heart

I prowled, constantly, at her 
articulate smile, translated by 
the flickering flames of 
her mystic fire, the true reason
why I adore, so much, the rose

by Paula Larson |
Categories: history,


While losing strength in faked renown,
that some lost treason I could own
then dissipate, as if my prone
were self existing, ne'er be sown!

For thy concern in mine seems lone,
as vestige gathers for a throne
and when its aptness, stressed out - shown
does wish for somnolence and loan.

Some caring of my heart disown
is only of thy trials, their moan
as righteous thought would leave unknown
because resentment hones and hones -

It's still of love I ask condone
until thy hope recovers crown.

by Paula Larson |
Categories: love,


This roughness in my mind, thee gone
has somewhere closeness lost its song.
And I compile inside, a note too long
that sadly calls, no answer, ringing strong.

Does still me, like some hurt's confined propone
is vying for upsurge, its own belong.
And truth so easily sung, seems somehow wrong
with closeness you, that confidant's enthrone.

As somehow love befitting only hones
the day, the night, the endlessness of own.
Each other, in the grip of wholeness loan
are one - in final triumph, finally known!

by Helen Reimer |
Categories: christian, inspirational, spiritual,

The School of Precision

We need those who keep us precise
Like the Swiss clocks and chimes
And engines so nice,
Oiled, clean and shiny at all times.
We want to be sharp and admired
By hones people who love us,
Be in precision and never tired!
We can see it as a blessing
To increase and perfect our powers
To serve God and confessing
All honor to be given
In the School of Precision
His will on earth, as in Heaven
Will be the right decision!

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Pique poignant plane with tact that gives,
Reap ripples rich if you but see;
Opt actions sane as good heart lives,
Make mindful reach for what may be;
Plans ideas bold that set the tone,
Thrill in fond sights that cast wise feel;
Love now unfolds as vision hones,
Yield precious light that surely heals.
Prize ample ways that signal change,
Urge joy to be true pleasure here;
Zoom well each day both clear and strange,
Zest that you see will honour cheer;
Laugh away fear as courage soars,
Etch desire here with poise that roars.

Leon Enriquez
04 July 2014

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allusion,


Spice sound spell
Toast true tell

Work wise wit
Frame fine fit

Love laughs loud
Pique poise proud

Juice just joy
Toil treats toy

Time tells tale
Sure signs sale

Be bright bloom
Reap rich rooms

Heart hones hope
Clear charm copes

Glimpse grand grace
Flood firm face

Prompt peace pact
Truth treats tact

Leon Enriquez
03 September 2017

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, spiritual,

Bliss In Fullness

Bliss in fullness pervades our form We feel it in our bones Heart’s engulfed by this benign storm Magnetism each node hones Joyous love abundance Fragrant mist ambiance Sparkling, our radiance Fill emptiness Bliss in fullness 20-March-2022 Quietus

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, lost love, love,

What Once Was

Sincerely I place my write
Words between the lines
Younger than the verses
Lies a deeper meaning within
She carries a hopeful message
A truth only with she can carry
Honorable a heartfelt cast
Stating all the she ever knew
Below her deep set eyes
The love we once knew rings true
Holding peace, truth, and southern life
Each with a bell that can ring proud
Lifting me beyond this terror
Bringing maybe a love beyond
A visit from the hopeful past
Seeing what was once hope
But now hones a wisp of pain
Seeing what once was
Is a dark hole of black absence
A horrible vision of night hell

Russell Sivey

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, spiritual,

Each Pore a Door

Each pore a door, embracing joy Pulsating inside out Burning, endearing love ahoy In rapture, we so shout We feel it in our bones Magnetism, our form hones Peaked bliss, soul alone owns Feel bliss in-pour Each pore a door 05-December-2021 Quietus