Love Poems About Honda or Honda Love Poems
by Moses Samandar |
Categories: life,

Romantic Cravings

I live; to walk, between steps
Like life; dodge Mr Honda
It is small
For momentum, living, always
Crush the opponents and it’s all about you
Kiss and romancing
Love to lottery; Missing intimacy
For the love of wild fire

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

Tada Tada Honda Man Cometh

Me and Honda were made for each other Vows that were uttered at the starting buzzer A union unique A 35 year streak How loyal is that, this brand loyal lover

Categories: abuse, blue, love hurts,

girl bites dog GOD bites girl

you smash all my porcelain
but feel guilty
when it's staring back at you
a thousand times in a thousand little pieces

you rip me at the seams 
but deny me a needle and thread 
out of the fear of being poked

you ram your fist into my core
but  your fire builds when 
my gut Is hollow

we are all GODS children 
but he's left us in this 93 Honda Civic 
with the windows rolled up
and the doors locked