Love Poems About Homosexuals or Homosexuals Love Poems
by Johnny Rhinem |
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Homosexuals Are Possessed

Why else would they be gay ? Highly doubtful that
They were born such a way I mean, hey, we all know
Aliens conspired with the Fallon Angels to over turn sexuality
Of mans strotum quotum quantum pontum theory in evolution's sub
Delirium zone they devised at first hint towards this, Creation ? After all
Surely it is a self evident truth that certain species given one's colour hair texture 
Shape of their nose as some hose are also possessed at least obsessed amid another's
Yearical impirical spherical tearical burn the _itch at the stake are inferior yes, to pearly mates.

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Pope Never Carries A Grudge

Pope Never Carries A Grudge

Pope will never carry a grudge;
Homosexuals who am I to judge;
All do love,
Below and above,
Not always firm and does budge.

Jim Horn