Love Poems About Homosexual or Homosexual Love Poems
by Billy TheKidster |
Categories: self,

My Sexuality

There is Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual and Asexual.
I don't fit into any of those categories at all.
I'm sexually attracted to myself. I'm I-sexual.
I'm also in love with myself more than with anyone else in the world.

by Sal Manela |
Categories: passion

Be Yourself

Black shiney leather sado-masochism
Goose stepping Hitler homosexual fascism
Auto-erotic asphyxiatoin
Lesbian butt plug masterbation
Two girls one cup making me throw up
A transgender surpise lifting the skirt up
Double and triple penetration
A whole new deviant sexual nation

Be yourslef
Be true to me
Be yourself
Be true to me
Watching Susperia
Hot candle wax
Making new trax
Veins full of love
When push comes to shove
Two girls and me
Two girls and me

by Steven Nazanje |
Categories: joy, life, literature, peace, poetry, prayer, true love,

Aren't you satisfied

In peaceful you came
But started playing against us like a game
Religion, education and your culture were established
While our god and cultural practices were discouraged

You started ruling us in our own land
Forcing us to dance your unwanted band
Your demagogues broke our unity
Then people were sold by chiefs full of brutality

Brave Africans fought for independence
Only be victors of deaths for innocence
We visualized Africa of freedom
And we managed to get our kingdom

Now Africa has gained peace again
But from it, you want to gain
By your homosexual issues, aphrodisiacs…we are mystified
Aren’t you satisfied?