Love Poems About Homophones or Homophones Love Poems
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align the trisyllabic

align the trisyllabic
Words hide within the letters
No i can do better
I love the light that licks the darkest cloud
not right
Keeping petals as a pet
all will be repealed
appeal to the mass ese
Flashes of stupidity
lost inside the ditty
Rhyming from line
align the trisyllabic 
Putting the iambic down
wishing oceans were wider
Right to write about rites
i'm mad
Pallid drones
point your lasers
Predestinate the president
let the public rule again
never mind don't really care
I am the one who rules in there
Kind of got away from me there
I try to show you who i want to be
within my lies
i am free