Love Poems About Homophone or Homophone Love Poems
by Joanna Daniel |
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Loved By Him

Life is wonderful when you're by faith led, 
Giving you hope when heart's heavy as lead;

Trust in God, He knows the count of your hair, 
Let Him guide, don't be a fidgety hare;

Lean on the Lord when life is hard to bear, 
Surrender, you can to Him your heart bare;

Saved by grace through faith, no need to pay fare, 
Look to God in prayer when life's not fair;

He will take care, worry not for your bread, 
He loves you, no matter where you are bred. 

5th November 2022

For "Homophone Rhyme" contest

by Thomas Harrison |
Categories: analogy,

Homophone Love

Each night I told you, “Dinner is served sharply at eight.”
But it was my heart on which you dined, that you ate.
I was never first, was never your number one,
just another bedpost notch, a trophy you won.

In your eyes there was no depth, nothing to see,
no crashing waves of passion for me to drown in at sea.
Still loving your fire, the crackle and flame burning me sore,
whilst cradling the match in which sparks of your love I'm sure that I saw.

Because one is too few for you who needs lovers two
that make three, perhaps four; the only way you get to
a hallucination of love. You who gets bored of things new…
when deep down inside, I’m right – this, you always knew.

by James Peranteau |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, cool, crush,

Haiku koi


           the lock uv her tress
  from her lips she with koi pulled
           predicting mine kiss


     koi           In Japanese, "koi" is a homophone for love, another word that 
                    means "affection" or "love", so koi (ornamental versions of the 
                    common carp) are symbols of love and friendship in Japan.