Love Poems About Homicide or Homicide Love Poems
by Jeffrey Lee |
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Imagine That

If there was no crime
No hurry for time
No genocide
No homicide
If there was no mothers burying their sons
If mankind didn't invent guns
If schools still had prayer
If everybody recognize Jesus Christ as our savior
If there was love and respect
No hate between white and black
No homeless
No loneliness
No wars
No rich or poor
No accidents or disasters
If man only served one master (God)
Imagining is good for all it's worth
Heaven is definitely not planet earth

by Jack Ellison |
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Can Love Kill

Here's a thought, can love actually kill Most assuredly YES, it can kill at will A love divine Can also blind A nice kind of homicide with no blood spilled

by Carolyn Devonshire |
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Alluring Orb

monthly appearance linked to rising homicide increasing suicide rate but to fishermen lunar tide prompts appetite creatures drawn from hidden depths "Old Crater Face" smiles seafarers love his allure Moon Man baits their attention moonbeams cast a spell shimmering golden halo lures the food chain from below

by Seth C Mongrut |
Categories: confusion,

God Where is Our God

God, Where is our God?
automatically, I ask
after I hear the news
of a horrible attack

Why the devil has to be
alone to do as he pleases
Why innocent lives
have to die in homicide?

God, Where is our God?
the one that burns inside
why do you stay in silence
when blood is spared in violence?

Why do you let children
die in such a way
invisible you are
when little souls are prey!

God, my Dear God
you know I deeply love you
why do you sometimes
disappear and I don't know you?

Carlos Mongrut

(In tribute to the lives lost in the massacre of children in Connecticut ...)

by Jack Ellison |
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Can Love Kill

Here's a thought, can love actually kill Most assuredly YES, it can kill at will A love divine Can also blind A nice kind of homicide with no blood spilled

by Mathew McKelvey |
Categories: depression,


The murder of one,
Ends in the death of two.
An emotional assault,
A barrage,
An unrelenting torrent of blows,
The damage:
A veil now covers the shared wounds,
Of love,
Of passion,
The façade of two,
So easily shredded by one.
Happiness once deep,
Now floats along the surface.
A new beginning,
A swift end.
If this is war,
Then let the knife begin.

by Jonathan Moya |
Categories: black love, break up, dark, death, desire, dream, love hurts,

Bittersweet Dream

On your knees you beg and plea

pain agony and misery

this suffering shall set you free 

As your death is guaranteed 

peace joy and tranquility 

soon you’ll be with me 

A blissful afterlife in spite of our demise

A gruesome double homicide 

I toss and turn in my bed with opened eyes with tears to the side and wonder how could i ?

But, the eternal love without goodbyes that awaits you and i

by Anil Deo |
Categories: angst, black african american, conflict, education, eulogy, how i feel, writing,

Pls do not die of embarrassment

When someone like me, embarrasses folk like me
We must have courage, choose the better remedy
Than silence seen as condoning the unspeakable act
Speak with the love we share here, prose and poetry, 
Rather than deepen the hurt with thundering quiet

All of us lovers, romance poets, penmen of argument
Let our words be the flowers in an eternal monument
Police emotions lead to homicide, further chaos, pain
Why shy away from sharing - No, do not (explain or) vent
Evil by anyone, we all can snap! Stop a runaway trauma-train

by Kurt Philip Behm |
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No Longer Free

Bring your lover into your world,
  don’t hide inside of hers

    ‘A mistake too often made
       with respect to women’

Self inflicted homicide…
  men die of good intention

A modern age hormonal trap
  —loves truth no longer free

(Greensboro North Carolina: April, 2019)