Love Poems About Homestead or Homestead Love Poems
by Chris Bowen |
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Love of Art

summer'sby homestead
pretty little cousin girl
sheer dress,pressed against

by A K Das Mridul |
Categories: lost, love hurts,


Tide of river and love of woman,
Exhausted me to make a nomad,
Had ceased the flow of life,
After thirty years of acclivity-declivity,
Hath merciless allegation to the river
And mind with woman.

Oh, aggressive river,
So mighty hungry you got!
Robed the last sign of my homestead,
What bygone takes you in that killing revenge?
Heavenly peace made my childhood to youthful days;
You robed the last memento!

Only survival is that innocent heart…

Cursed woman,
Take, I give you that innocent heart,
Keep carefully, if you can’t;
Break it into pieces,
Turn all a bloody tinge you bloodthirsty witch,
Get fulfilled your ever thirsty desire!

by J.L Chandler |
Categories: love, money, women,

Julia Barnard

Sofia’s love was like a viking as she tore apart
       She grappled with her demons as she swept each basking heart
A gangster fairy tale betrothed upon her arm 
      A fleeting evening and a trip out of the dark 
 Four hundred dollar bills as token of your love
      The glamour and the fame; the glitter and the game
If one could bear the grime and snare 
       Of the homestead that she came to bare
You would still pay for her charm

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: home,

Homestead Love

gingerbread lace on a gorgeous white porch
splashed of corals and oranges among the green trees
here is a home where love is generously lavished
I rush out of the car almost before it has stopped
Home at last, I smell vanilla and cinnamon and love.

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: life,

What the Eyes Sees the Heart Cant Forget

He stands at the brow of the hill
Looking down what was once was his homestead
Til the predators came along
Took his family, he found them all dead

Now he watches them each day
To see how, what and when these men behave
He is heavily armed, these men will pay
The price for their ruthless killing wave

He stealthily walks down the hill
Gun on his shoulder ready to fire
He is here to kill
Their lives must now also expire

The sight of his dead family fills his brain,
Just tossed aside not respected
Has deadened his heart …totally alone
life and love he has rejected

Picture 4

Penned 08/03/2017

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: love, wedding

License To Love

I would in deed thee truly wed
Token drops of blood for you bled
Lavish garlands at your feet spread
Kneeling at your feet all pretense shed
Vow that by virtue and fealty be led
Each promise proofed and carefully read 
Barter my name in your stead
Banish all pretexts; to self dead
A humble leader not trite figurehead
In your footsteps softly tread 
Feast on your hospitality; in your graces bred
Share your trials; vanquish your dread 
Cultivate your esteem; nourish your bed
Furnish your homestead; provide your bread

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, city, destiny, emotions, feelings, how i feel, imagery,

Burlap and Satin

Considered a debonair through and through I got used to the most expensive hotels. And I was catered to and pampered, that's true, oft dinning on steaks and oysters on half shells. But I fell in love with the country in you, and before I knew it, I heard wedding bells; moved to the homestead, and watched the pigs fatten, a combination of burlap and satin. (Rispetto) Mar.16, 2018

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: beautiful, bird, flower, fruit, nature, red, rose,

Roses Too

Ripe strawberries are intensely red,
And blazing full-blown roses are too,
And pompadours in a leafy homestead,
Or the heart love has rendered blue.
So ruby the sun's comings and goings-
And beds of scarlet beauty unknowing.

Written on 7/14/2021
For: Bite Size Poem no12 Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Line Gauthier

by Sonia Walker |
Categories: family, mountains, nostalgia, sad,

Mountains Are Calling Me Back

The mountains are calling me back,
determined not to give me slack.

Windy road leads me to the place
which is emotional to face.

Summers spent at the old homestead,
Nanna would bake her tasty bread.

Red and white gingham curtains hung
on paned windows where they were strung.

The old picnic table stood in the back, 
meals were served with love and no slack.  

A tire hung on the oak tree,
hours were spent swinging with glee.

Bitter-sweet thoughts hit so rough,
family gone and it is tough.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: appreciation, color, home, life, nature, uplifting, work,

In the Absence of Complication

Where love reigns on the homestead,
everything purrs as it should.

Topaze sunlight pouring over emerald fields -
grueling days followed by serene nights.

In the absence of complication,
trials and tribulations become distant memories.

Above sapphire skies delight sanguine eyes -
inspiring forthcoming musings of the mind.

Submitted on November 15, 2019 for contest COMPLETE THE POEM – IN THE ABSENCE OF COMPLICATION sponsored by SILENT ONE  -  RANKED 3RD

by Jo Bien |
Categories: loveme, me,

Lay Down

take your hat off cowboy
sit down and rest awhile
you've been on the range too long
where is that winning smile
I know you worked up a sweat
from riding this old homestead
lay down and rest awhile cowboy
you can put your boots under my bed

lay your head down on my breast
let me wrap my heart around
let me take your cares away
let my stroke your tired brow
let me hold you with my arms
stop the worries from coming down
let's make love until it's light
and the daylight does surround

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: animal, bird, home, nature,

Footles-Welcome To the Neighborhood

The Neighborhood all trees eyes please The Neighbors help out act out The Birds they’re free to flee The House barn red homestead The Driveway steep high blue sky The Squirrels mouse gray spry play The Tree old bag sights flag The Flag source-stripes stars-hype The Wind whistles bristles The Moss green spreads it treads The Owl beware its stare Our Home full of God’s love Over All pleasant present