Love Poems About Homesickness or Homesickness Love Poems
by Anne-Lise Andresen |
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- You Know What I Mean When I Say Homesick -

A child is born
  a little life it's a miracle
  Death is nothing to fear
  but feels like
  autumn leaves on cold snow

  is not
  like night and day
  the sun and the moon
  They are seeds from
  life and love

  is like
  with different fragrance
  and color
  But they have the roots
  from the same garden

  several generations
  their lives together
  or uncomplicated
  Grandmother's garden ...
  with homesickness

  Life reflects
  and caught the light,
  radiance and hope
  in old memories

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
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by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: love

In Spite of Miling Frustration


Let not the miles and mile
Downs and frustrates
Our longings and hoarse feelings
As distance is another promise
To remain steadfastly true.

Frustration is wishful distraught alkaline
Keeping us to be alive
Through artificial life sustaining button
Hindrance is an insulin
To be posted from time to time.

If not of the indispensability
Living apart is a dare
Traversing from place to place
Our memories enlivening
As muteness and alexia demise.

Of fruitful vows
To contain and cure loneliness
Communicating is stalling
Drying the tears subside somewhere!

by Dylan Ravenclaw |
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I experience homesickness
When I am away,
It hurts when I
Have to go
But I know that
Home will never leave
And I will always
Be able to return
With open arms
I feel terrible,
After being apart
For a long while
And I just want
To run to home again
And never have
To leave anymore
I want to stay
And be at home,
Comfortable and nice
In perfect leisure
But life pulls me
Out to do things
That I would rather not,
I’d rather never leave
You, my home, my beloved,
My person I love so
You are my home
That I never want to leave
So will you stay with me
So I never feel
Homesick evermore?

Written on March 30, 2021