Love Poems About Hippopotamus or Hippopotamus Love Poems
by Funom Makama |
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Schizophrenias Temple- Hope I am Making Sense

The suffering inflicted when I was George Bush I’ll gladly take back. This is my calling to give back to society. Love and fulfillment are fakes, I’ll not give in evil and good, all I can handle and take in hard work is a fluke and a trap to stop me from giving myself an applause. Nature can give its all, which is why the sun is black someone’s always telling me to go to the nearest bank and take it all. I love the idea because, I just watched a spider grow to a Hippopotamus then I realize I can take down the arm forces to please my possibility of glory in deliverance to mega winning lottery. Hope I am making sense!

by John Anderson |
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Preposterous hippopotamus laughs at scandalous rhinoceros. 
Precipitous, calamitous cumulus leaks rain on head.
Furious, igneous volcanoes spurt copious lava, aqueous and amphibious into sea. 
But despite the acrimonious albuminous setting,
anxious, ignominious and siliceous bed fellows, make amorous love anyway
wearing polymorphous, ponderous and porous pajamas in bed,
and enjoy anomalous couscous made by anonymous, ambidextrous, audacious, cantankerous cook.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Loving Africa

Africa is the extreme nirvana of the world
She gives us beauty in the form of beasts
And joyful children whom we see on no other continents
Lions, giraffes and hippopotamus to name a few

Africa is a proud woman. She lives her truth.
She makes no apologies for her wildness,
Because it is her strength and her fortitude.
She is a survivor, of typhoid, AIDS and other things

Africa is the ultimate gift to the world.
We cannot go anywhere else and experience this many dialects
This many smiles, this many hands of friendship.
The African nations are unique, and golden; a reflection of love.