Love Poems About Heron or Heron Love Poems
by Oliver McKeithan |
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                                Peepers chirp love songs
                                Looking for single misses,
                                Blue Heron stands waiting.

by Laura Leiser |
Categories: blue, longing, love,


BLUE dances in sultry, slow motion
wooing her lover with piercing, azure eyes
draped in sparkling sapphires that
hang loosely around her blue blood neck. 

She sways like a lusty sea breeze 
wafting over a crystalline sky
with a cool demeanor that belies
her waves of passion and intensity.

Now, BLUE lifts her serene head
aloof, like an elegant blue heron
stunning in her brilliant, cobalt dress 
luxurious long hair flowing behind her. 

BLUE urges her lover to come fly away
mesmerizing him with whispering words
wrapping him in cerulean silken ribbons
seamlessly sealing him forever in her debt. 

Written on 1/4/2019

by Iris Blade |
Categories: beautiful, light, love,


I was his earthquake
Shaking the ground at which he stood
He was an iridescent pebble
I tossed him like a skipping stone across the ocean
But I always found him
On a beachy island brought in by the waves
Stranded on a mountaintop 
Shining in a desolate night
Dropped from the claws of a heron
Landing in my sea of basal tears
Rising up he lit the sky
For he was my light
And with a single sadness
I could bring my sun 
Back to me
Shifting the day
Lengthening time
For he told me
I could make the 
Dawn sway.

by David Smalling |
Categories: love, nature

Sometimes at sunset

Sometimes at sunset my eyes skyward turn
To see the white of heron wings against the blue
Like the bright irridiscent candles, and yearn

For my winging heart to follow where they fly
For they are heading north, and north is home to you
Sometimes at evenings I wave my hands at them and cry.

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: beautiful, blue, dance, kiss, romantic, romantic love, water,

Her Azure Dress

Like a rippling lake, her azure silk dress flows,
splashing gentle waves with her delicate spin
into my awestruck arms as the music slows.

As I hold her closely and smell her musk skin,
she whisks me away to a sapphire sky
where ombre blues blend and collecting stars grin.

Her lake dress reflects, to my wonderment eye,
heron wings flapping within, in playful drifts,
as my mirroring heart begins to fly.

Her sash bow embraces a lifetime of gifts
as it wraps my treasure so beautifully
in the dazzling pleasantries of wordless wisps.

Azure radiance croons as she kisses me
in that dancing blue dress under our marquee.

Categories: feelings, love, nature, romance,

Apparent Romance

Clouds touch the mountain and wet thrillingly
Fountain falls as snow and there fly heron
Rainbow smiles with tailor bird willingly
Bamboo leaves dance in green glittering morn
You and I come to exchange emotion
Butterflies on wild flowers, drink honey
Drone hums around hive on the bee’s valley

-November 08, 2018 Chattogram

by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: appreciation, day, love,

Sonnet 72 'The Beauty of the Day Is In Your Face'

The Beauty of the Day is in your face,
It shines like soft light in the dappled shade.
Enfolds my heart and makes it beat apace,
Its radiance is of golden sunlight made.
O, daring flies the heron, flies by me
And dares me, soft, to take your quiet hand.
Of Hopes, there are particularly three
That march beside me up the golden sand:
That I may hold your smile within my heart,
That some bright day, I may your fingers, kiss
That I, in light, may paint you, Sacred art.
These three, and by the falling water's bliss
We, two, sit peaceful and the heron praise
Who wakened in my heart this song of days.

by allen beilschmidt sr. |
Categories: life, love,


I have lived and I have loved
and it was love, indeed,
that gave me life.

is love that has lifted me
far beyond the earth's
endless sky.

was love that engendered
an occasional cry-
(a saddened sigh.)

Blue heron hungers for his mate
ardently awaiting her return

Love has many hazards-
heaps of twist and turns;
yet without love

there is no life at all