Love Poems About Hedgehog or Hedgehog Love Poems
by Eve Roper |
Categories: fairy, fantasy, love,

Spring Love

A fervent fairy
In romantic dream
Holds a watering
Can, flitting over
Her daisy sweetheart.

Morning sunlight
Obscure bee whirs,
Round fair-haired face
Tease twinkle toes.

Mice clamor, 
Hedgehog rolls 
Heather blooms.




by Carol Eastman |
Categories: caregiving, happiness, love,

Hedgehog Blues

Hedgehog Blues

It’s not easy to hug a hedgehog…
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t… Try

Just because he doesn’t dance…
Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t… Try

As rainbows reach across the sky…
His mind can reach across the sky…If he Tries

If you can dance, and reach, and Try
Don’t stand in his way as He attempts to Try

It’s not easy to hug a hedgehog…
But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t… Try

To just love him as he tries.
For love builds wings upon which to fly.

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: funny,

Stupid Hedgehog

We have a hedgehog in the garden
Whose feels that spring is in the air
Making one hell of a noise
Hoping a mate will care

Think he is getting frustrated
Cos no answer call he hears
Round and round he shuffles
Hope he doesn’t spear

His manhood on those spikes of his
That would be a sin
Especially as he’s in love with my boot remover
That looks like him

He has been making advances
Well in fact I’ts more than that
Don’t think it’s scratched his itches though
Cos now he is looking at the cat.

Hope this ditty makes you smile
Cos a smile is better than a pill
But a down right belly laugh
Is the best medicine of all

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: dream, fun, happiness, marriage, nature, true love,

Mini Haiku Anthology

shadows in darkness how on earth can that be moonlit adventures touch tactility hedgehog spring in a basket portable season hanging no slugs or snails stripped to the wood err trees were vocal we'd hear deforestation resilience to weather fickle seasons hibernation

by Jennifer Ratcliffe |
Categories: lost love, love,

Gone By

I've been a bunny, a kitten,
a baby seal,
a hedgehog, a bear and a tiger;
but most of all I have been me.
Sleeves shredded
sunset pale,
an accessory to the main crime.
My Bonnie face
and my Clyde armour-
no murder or money
just dusty road.

by Ann Gilmour |
Categories: lonely, longing, love, sweet,

Love Required Will Not Bite 10lines

I’m a hedgehog called Nick
With prickles that will prick
Keep away, keep your distance
Warning not to show persistence
But wait, I’m very lonely
And would welcome someone homely
Cuddling on a winters night
Squeezing her so very tight
Nightly dreams increase my plight
Love required will not bite

Written 6th April 2019
Contest: 10 Lines 5 Words Rhythm 111 
Sponsor: Lu Loo

by Yonah Jeong |
Categories: love,


-- dear Hedgehog

to spread love

to prove love

by hiding
to show love

doesn't harm all

do you see me?

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal,

The Peeping Hedgehog

The peeping hedgehog scared the willies out of the maid
She ran from the room screaming, after hearing the window shade
I don’t know what it is, maybe a beaver or a bear she yelled out.
We could hear her six minutes later, giving another annoying shout.

At least I got rid of her, the peeping hedgehog said, amused.
I did not know these mammals talk, so I felt slightly confused.
Let’s play Uno, the hedgehog suggested to me.
I love Uno, so I invited him in for tea.