Love Poems About Hawk or Hawk Love Poems
by Quoth Theraven |
Categories: allusion, journey, love, magic, romantic love, teacher,

Once Is Enough

Oh for pity's sake put some clothes on, 
the bracing air will steal your breath..
and I need you to stand and stay strong. 
Cold comfort thrills from your chill touch
help me recall why I adore you so...

A chin of the ages rests on my shoulder in sweet affection,
two arms encircle my world in every direction.

Redtail hawk riding a thermal looks down..
what caught its gaze I wonder..

Will the day lend a hand through a pestering cloud,
or roll its eyes in thunder? 

Such a fine firebrand you've stoked, 
as I shave my face and call your bluff.,
Wishing the once would last forever..
though once was more than enough.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: death, lost love,

Lost In the Desert

Sand dunes, nothing but sand dunes,
Some large, some small.
And the sun burning over the terrain.
No oasis, not even a mirage of one.
The last drop would not quench the thirst
He felt it in his soul.  For now 
She was dead and buried
And his soul was barren like the desert.
He would die, lost among the dunes
With no water for survival.
Fool.  He could make it.
He was like an eagle.
Searching to drink water.
Yet he was no eagle and soon fell
Sand clinging to his face covered with sweat.
Opening his eyes he saw the viper.
All would be lost now.
A swish as a hawk picked the viper away.
He fainted and opened his eyes in a tent.
He was safe except for his silent sad soul.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, nature,

The Perfect Day

Mist rises from the valley floor Sunshine peeks over the mountain top silhouetting the Coopers Hawk soaring in the southern breeze I sit in my old oak rocking chair drinking my dark black coffee taking it all in. Mornings don't get any finer I am one one with nature. The smell of flapjacks fill the air Then out walks you my heart skips a beat as you smile brighter than the clear blue stream blending in beautifully with the azure sky your caramelized eyes glisten each time you glance my way I can't help but smile for this is the perfect day

by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: beauty, blessing, creation, earth, environment, inspirational, mountains,

A Vision of Healing

As I stood on the mountain
and gazed at the valley below.
I envisioned a healing nothing
like I had ever known.

My soul soared with the hawk as
it flew so effortlessly by.
Leaving me light and unguarded
so this vision could touch my life.

I seen with the spirits eyes, a day
of discovery that would touch time.
Love and laughter filled the air as
our world returned to peaceful care.

Rivers flowed so sparkling clean and
the earth our mother was again pristine.
The air was light and filled with life
every star could be seen and shown so

No more sorrow, no more pain, only
the truth, the love, the life, was what

by Trisha Sugarek |
Categories: absence, farewell, imagery, longing, lost love, love,

Forever Love

forever love  ©

dance in a meadow
lovers whole in each other
no need for music

sun warm on our backs
creek singing in the background
hawk cries in the sky

warm lips sing the song
laughter lights a glow in eyes
sweet love sweet forever love

Trisha Sugarek
Moths and Machettes

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: life, love, native american, little sister,

My Little Sister

My little sister so wild and free
Always walking ahead of me
Never afraid to take any test
Papa’s pride, his little princess
You loved a brave as wild as you
And to this day you still do
But there was another who loved you so
And he stepped aside and let you go
You never looked back to see
Another loved him it was me
And now after all this time
The wolf has his doe
And the hawk is mine

by Faye Gibson |
Categories: candy, fun, sweet,


Cloud layers thin-spun from 
crystallized sugar and
colored tints of rainbow-
carnivals hawk the sweet
children love to eat in
crepey layers pressed to
crunchy end, candy treat.

Copyright, August 22, 2016
Faye Lanham Gibson

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: grief, hate, men,

Why Do They Do It

There was a kind old man, filled with good will

Writing for him was just his last great thrill

Poems wrote for God and love

Hawk wasn't he, just a dove

But some, with much hatred, wish him to kill!*

(c) Demetrios Trifiatis
        13 June 2016


* I have been with the soup since 2012 and have written more than 
a thousand poems on God, love, peace, justice,  compassion and 
other related subjects. Never had any trouble,  however, lately I have 
been attacked by  certain people who accused me of various things.
Please, in the name of our Lord, leave me alone! I just wish to keep 
writing on positive things, filled with love and God's grace.

by Rick Parise |
Categories: hope, native american, nature,

Shape Shift - Redtail Hawk

An ancient redwood,

I gaze up and beyond

a Redtail floats , freedom , love

perhaps I'll climb

leap into flight.....

by Rick Parise |
Categories: beauty, flying, love, nature, uplifting,

One Moment In Time

One Moment In Time~ Along the California Orange Blossom sunset in freedom's flight of solitude and praise soaring amid the souls of many wonders a Red Tail Hawk silently searching splendor veers east in subtle majesty as twilight calls the day....

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, love, passion, romance,

Wild Romance

Don’t think I am a laughing-stock
I will make tonight an epoch
Baby all my limbs want to talk
I want to rock you like hard rock
We are two birds that make a flock
I am tick tock you are the clock
On your heart’s door I want to knock
Though I have the key of its lock
You are blackboard my tongue is chalk
I want to kiss you like peacock
And hug you like electric shock
You are my prey I am a hawk

by Delores Allen |
Categories: america, deep, humanity, inspirational, people, sorrow, truth,

Rich Poverty

Rich Poverty

What fools the rich are,
to think they are better than the poor.
To not be able to cry for help,
or eat scraps off the floor.
To not feel the cold earth,
through ragged torn shoes.
Or tending school half starved, 
singing that " I wish I had blues".
To join the local street gang,
and be wanted by their kind.
To know people are trying to help,
lift the poor from this grind.
To not have roaches or rats,
to share your lonely bare home.
Or tattered walls where the hawk
comes in, to let you know its cold.
Yet, this is true life, adventures,
love, and pain.
Where people hope for better things,
to come, and come, again.

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love, rap,

The Howling

I woke this morning the ambition among the sky
The damp among a shoulder the crisp among the sky

Vocal among the acre the count of the sheet moment
Of the blue ribbon that blow with wind

For Hungary the spirit shine the light ego the deception sing the bridge

I’m up all night the try maker bring in the winter 
I’m the hawk of the whistle that bring in among the star

I’m the sound at night that howl past the moon
To wake my spirit is to cease one man deed

For Hungary the spirit shine the light ego the deception sing the bridge.

by Jennifer Donnay |
Categories: anniversary, appreciation, beautiful, blessing, caregiving, christian, daughter,

A Mother's Love

A Mothers Love

My mothers Love, I feel so strong,
She shows me constantly, we have a special bond.
She hugs, kisses me, sometimes too much.

My mothers Love, I see her tears, I know she is reflecting on the past 12 years,

We play, we go for nature walks, we splash in the clear, cool, refreshing river of the Minnehaha Falls.

We spend hours, gazing up at the clear blue sky, our hearts skip a beat at the sight of a red tailed hawk.

My Mothers Love, is unconditional,
We have each others heart, forever sealed,
Our love for Nature, is truly mutual,
My Mothers Love, she tells me,
Was started the moment I was conceived.

by Peter Walsh |
Categories: depression,

My Darkness

When we live in a world full of torment
Must life always be getting us down
A vague sense of loss, everlasting
While crying the tears of a clown
Such feelings of loneliness pending
Even when you're with someone you love
A bottomless pit, never ending
A hawk, in the guise of a dove

Sweet Jesus I know that it's me
Has shackled my soul to the dirt
Please help me in time for to see
The people around me I've hurt
If there's but a way, let me know
If there's but a quest, let me see
A light at the end of the tunnel
To help all of those who helped me...

by Brian Strand |
Categories: nature, seasons

Sounds Off-Spring

the red kite whistles
to it's mate soaring above..
from their nest of love

chatter in the sky
northwards,in neat formation
migrating geese fly

a magpie arrives..
the starling's melody dies-
soundlessly death cries

just one flap of wings-
the sparrow-hawk makes its kill
pouncing down at will

by Oliver Liore |
Categories: hero, perspective,

Alter Ego

With pale skin and eyes of green,
From two perspectives, he can be seen.
Hood of black and cape that is fine,
through hearts and souls of evil, he dives.
With arrows of justice and truth he fling,
Cutting through air, the arrows will sing.
From one side he fears and love those who save,
from another he loathes and despises them the same.
Living two lives, one truth and one lie,
which one will stay and which one will die?
Only one life can commit and thrive,
the other must vanish and one must survive.
To look back at darkness and forward at light,
A raven, an owl and a hawk, he'd fight.
But which shall he pick, which fate will he choose?
Hero or zero, what life will he lose?

by Kate Sparks |
Categories: allegory, bereavement, bird, death, feelings, grief, image, imagery, loss, memory, pain,

The Hour Between Night and Day

You are here.
in the tree outside
my window.
in twilight silver leaves, 
the silent red hawk 
hungry, waiting
for the mouse, just now hidden
in the brush.
You are here
in the amber light
of sunset
in the tender hour
between day and night
patient, waiting
as the mouse lifts its grey head
You are here,
in moonlit shadow,
a memory
of talons and beak
fierce love and sorrow
hungry, waiting

by Elaine Ho |
Categories: animals, love, nature, me,

A Bird's Love Song: "following a Star"

Wind, take my soul away,
Up high into the sky,
Let me soar through clouds of dreams,
On golden wings I fly.

I'm carried by an eagle,
I float atop a hawk,
I swerve and dive the livelong day
Together with my flock.

And then I part into a tree
Above the highest peak,
I listen close for songs of spring
For it's a mate I seek.

I heard a slight, soft, "twitter-tweet"
When through the woods I flew.
I wished upon a shooting star,
Which led me straight to you.

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

The Village

starting day ending day karma day,

Approach it like the 100 yard dash,

Vision intermediate Hampton the scene,

To view the occupation to siege the envy,

Pacific in till eyes hawk the cross of a brush of body,

Innocent by standing no testimony just island for ghost,


Vision intermediate Hampton the scene,

Missing look like,


Thoughts end sync for familiar dearly depart,

Hands meet like Greek and enshrine for peace,

Voice o heaven lesson grace invention o I am,


Coming from I’m from the,


by Mark Leeper |
Categories: visionary, love, mother,

Perfect Love

Perfect Love

Perfect love carries an impersonal touch,
like silent buddahs on lotus blossoms,
waiting for suffering to breathe a final, quiet sigh.
Like ice on distant mountains,
waiting to nourish the world below.
Like a Mother hawk, hunting high,
in a cloudless sky.
A love so unearthly blind and beautiful,
That it makes no distinction between caressing mother and child,
or a perfect stranger.

by Jai Garg |
Categories: love

A Dream Kiss

Watch the resolve and smile to peak,
Hot spots in her curve and crave to speak,
Moving lips spoken words in pure glee,
For they tend to close and then disagree;

Mouth in awe to mate the ecstasy,
Each floundered step towards fantasy,
Hawk like pinpoint my frail amnesty, 
Silence in love looks of laxity;

A crush it takes with tenderness,
To awaken passions with wildness,
Stroke naivety within chaste desire,
Each tongue clash now to rekindle the fire;

Is she my strong and fearless lover,
Beautiful to laugh and discover?

by Ugwu Cornelius Chidera |
Categories: child,

Cry No More My Child

Cry no more my child.
Cry not when you feel wild.
Even if you are hungry,
don't be so angry.
For God who made us will bless us
and protect us with blood of Jesus

Cry no more my love.
Be you as cool as dove.
Even if hawk want to kidnap you,
close your eyes and look at sky of blue
And call on arch-angel Michael
to fight your unwell.

Cry no more my only one.
Son,always have fun with pun.
I want to hear you chuckle
and see your smile sparkle.
O son,dad wish you sweet dream.
"Merry" should be your theme.

by Trevor Pitts |
Categories: life

Life, Me To You

Been through a lot, seen it all
Suprised that i'm still standing tall

Did so much, suprised Im alive
This worlds tough, It's hard to survive

I've walked the walk, I've talked thje talk
I've been all over just like the hawk

I've fell in love, been hurt to
Have so many options, so many point of veiws

My life is different, but yet so same
The only difference is I hold much shame

I will let it go, oneday when i'm ready
But for now, i'll live steady

I promised myself, to never give in
To whatever if wrong, I dont beleive in sin

I pray everynight, so god will forgive,
My past of anger, to a future that I can happily live

by Funom Makama |
Categories: love, mother, parents,

Natures Bell On Motherhood

You emerge out of a million, sit on that luck
becoming a great winner out of a competitive flock.
My hands feel you in whole-from head to buttock
I cannot lose count b’cos its nine month near the clock.
With your movement, to me, you always talk.
Doing that well, while trying to walk,
kicking right and left, I feel your knock.

You swim in the fluid of my happiness like a duck
and fly in the confidence of care like Hawk.
Sustained by a mother’s protection piled in stock
receiving its elements, bulk after bulk.
Waiting for nature’s bell as definitive as a rock
joy, blending with pain- as at me, it’ll peacefully mock.