Love Poems About Hare or Hare Love Poems
by Carol Sunshine Brown |
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S hare your happiness and
M ake someone's day better
I nclude everyone around you in a 
L oving 
E mbrace
S ave someone from loneliness

by Rick Parise |
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The Untold Story of the Tortoise and the Hare



There once was a hare who searched for love
who combed the fair forest high above
he swam through the loch
looked under each rock
when at last found his sweet turtledove 



by Regina Mcintosh |
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Mother Nature

I journey, with my pen in hand,
To genuine and unique places…
To the heart of a lily,
The inner side of a turtle’s shell,
Behind the eyes of a gentle hare.
I travel to the forest edge
And out into the pastures
I listen for the rustle of grass
Amid the meadowland’s prairie
I swim the clear streams, splashing…
Beneath the soothing sound
Of water’s rapids falling all around
I write the words of life and love
Penned from the heart of nature’s terrain
About the rain, the sky, the sun…
Anything that touches me with the satin hand of Mother nature.

©2014 by Regina Riddle
Contest: Wanderlust
Date: August 11th, 2014

by J.W. Earnings |
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Ridiculous Me

Watch this scene with both eyes and try not to blink C: --> 

I stood there... silently
Like a predator near prey 
I sneak behind YOU

You weren't even aware of it!! Ha-ha! 

I made YOU jump hIgH
Like a startled hare
I chuckle and smile

You know that mischievous smile of mine? 

Your reaction was
PRICELESS - you were so upset
But YOU forgave me

Well...I'm flattered. . . 

We laugh'd together (just like the good times)
In a chorus - our volume
Picked up extreme sound

Believe me - I could hear our laughter from a mile away!

But I'm glad I did
My best to make you giggle

Ridiculous me... 
Wouldn't you agree?

by Cheryl Darby |
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'When Irish eyes are smiling',
sang the midwife, gleefully,
as she handed me a bundle,
and revealed that it was 'She'.

A baby, with the darkest hair,
blue eyes, that shone like sea,
here lay this little person, 
blessed with Irish ancestry.

A girl no longer now, alas,
she's long since flown the nest,
so I replaced her swiftly,
with 2 Greyhounds, I don't jest!

Faye Shannah and Pigalle Blue,
an Irish racing pair,
but you can safely visit me,
unless you are a hare!

You could come for coffee?
and bring a Cake to finish,
actually, I love real ale,
but never, ever, Guinness!

Cheryl Yvonne Darby (Cyd)

by Karin Edwards |
Categories: death of a friend,

Take Me To See the King

(In Memory Of Mrs. Vera Latney)

Take Me To See The
On a Prayer and an 
angel's wing
So I, my Red cabbage,
to him can bring
Now, let those "pearly-
gates" wide-open to Me fling
As I hear gentle hands on a
harp string
Giving Me reason to lift My voice
and sing
To have a feel for whatever My eyes
do cling
In the land of "Milk and Honey" that
has Everything
Even, My long, lost LOVE, with whom
I hare a ring
Please Take Me To See The King

by Lin Lane |
Categories: color, introspection,

Black and White

I am
a hare
who cares 
for you
and I
love life.
I see
things in
the hues 
of blues,
bold, bright.
But you
see in
pitch black;
pure white.
My friend,
could you
please cast
a light
then look
through eyes
that make 
you feel
your life 
is real?

March 7, 2016
Image #3

by Sean Cannon |
Categories: animal, car, children, dedication, depression, desire, devotion, future, graduation, growing up, how i feel, nature,

Worker Bee Sees a Hare

To drone,
I have in a world
filled with prospered humanity.
Like a worker bee I
ready the honey in which
my society cares for;
I have grown tired of the strains
born upon my
although the smells I love,
it is never enough.
And the satisfaction returned is
forgotten, for fire
always triumphs the solace
that defeats the situation.
The hares that cower and stare
at this worker bee in his
working state;
a car with one route,
for two teenagers who wish for a

by Tamara M. Kohlstaedt |
Categories: dedication, devotion, inspirational, magic, religion, spiritual, uplifting,


Beautiful flowers and thoughts of spring.
Is what this Sabbot to us does bring.
Colorful eggs and the Lunar hare too.
Romance and fertility will now ensue.

Engaged as one, our Goddess and God.
In whose pathways we've vowed to trod.
Our hearts full of joy, tidings are glad.
A feast is in order for all to be had!

Wearing new robes and gowns made with care.
Making your beloved stop.... and stare.
Spending quality time with those you hold dear.
Giving love and attention to those far and those near!

by Mike Martin |
Categories: conflict, daughter, destiny, emotions, goodbye, leaving, life,

Let It Go

Show your love and let it go
Show your ego and confine it
For your love it shall return
For the latter not so likely

Like the falcon on my arm
The swing out in the park
Just like a sailing boomerang
Or a cradle in the dark

When the hare outruns the fox
The cubs don't get to feed
Like a fortune to a fool
Driven only by his greed

Like the clouds release the rain
Like the tree, its seed to grow
Like the bird on fallen wing
Show your love and let it go

by Trash Boat |
Categories: anniversary, arabic, beach, betrayal, birthday, bridal shower, power,

Turbo Lax Chicken

I want some chicken to chew on
I wanna eat it until its all gone
I want to slather it in turbo lax
And cover it in tic tacs
I love the chicken's neck
My parents always say "what the heck?"
But i don't care
Finding a grilled chicken neck is very rare
I'd kill somebody if they try to steel my chicken neck, but who would dare?
I eat it so fast i'm like the hear in tortoise and the hare
So when i see a chicken it better run
Because what i'm going to do to it isn't going to be very fun!

by John Scott |
Categories: best friend,

Deputy Dawg

Old dogs will not learn new tricks
Young dogs love to play heads and tails and chase after sticks 
Give a dog a bad name
Hi meet my new puppy, I called him Saddam Hussain
Your the man now dog
You son of a *****, thats rich
Every dog has his day
Monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday,  fido,  saturday, sunday
Alpha male
Beta *****
Running with both hounds and hares
Cant make his mind up if he is a dog, who cares
A not unblack dog was chasing a not unsmall rabbit across a not ungreen field
Meanwhile the white dog ran after a hare through the rape seed
Meaner than a junk yard dog
$50.00 for an old fender
Hair of the dog
Too much grog
Go see a man about a dog
Go get some more grog

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: easter,

A Foot In the Door

Loneliness is never funny
And one can't buy love with money
When lost in despair
Along comes an hare
With eggs he claims eased her bunny

by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: cheer up, happiness,

Spreading Happiness

S hare your love along the way, 
P ray for others every day, 
R ejoice and always be gay*, 
E ncourage in what you say, 
A ppreciate straightaway, 
D onate your time, stop to play, 
I nspire with your word array, 
N urture goodness and display
G rin radiant, cheerful sway, 

H ug when needed, fears allay, 
A ssist the aged in dismay, 
P raise, positive traits portray, 
P romote peace, elders obey, 
I nvolve in good works, per se, 
N ourish love, be that bright ray, 
E mbrace differences, yea, 
S erve humbly, be kind alway, 
S mile and problems go away. 

*gay - happy

21st March 2023

For Anoucheka Gangabissoon's "Spreading Happiness" contest

by Brandee Augustus |
Categories: childhood, friendship, loss, nostalgia, sad

Friendship Lost

T ogether
 W e were always stronger and the
 O nly two

 P eople in the world that knew how we felt 
 E very second of the day;
 A nd I have yet to find another friend I can 
 S hare all my 

 I nner thoughts with.
 N othing is worse than having to leave the 

 P eople you love behind
 O nly in your mind and heart
 D o they have the chance to live on and
"S pread" their wings.

by Jasmine Turner |
Categories: depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, loss, lost love, passion, philosophy, recovery, me, care, me,

Let Me Go

Let me go

let me go 
let me fall 
don't say you care at all
dont you realize what you do to me 
when I look in your eyes
can you see what I see?
Let me go
let me fall
don't say you care at all
you stop and stare
like I'm the crazy wonderland hare
let me go
let me fall 
don't say you care at all
you want me back
buts its all an act
because of you I’m under attack
I’m letting go 
so I don't fall
because now I see you don't care at all

by Eduardo Bosco |
Categories: anxiety, break up, desire, humanity, life, love,

Lively Ironies


Our life is a long nightmare 
Leaping to and fro, a hunted hare 

She births darkness admist the day 
And sweeps the smile that lights our way

She meets mankind in joyful feasting 
And leaves his life in sorrow fasting 

She sounds the gong, a birth announcing 
And chants the dirge, a life departing 

She sews our hearts in one affection 
And let them loose in separation 

She feeds our soul from flowing fountains 
And breaks our heart on rocky Mountains 

Our life is a long nightmare
A golden opportunity to live right here

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: nature,

Meadow Love

meadow love
laughing in my face

Queen Anne's Lace
smiles at me

Wild strawberry
is renegade

left by Indians
iris and rose bush

the white tail deer
blue jays and red cardinals
ready hawks

opossum and beaver
squirrels nests
high in tree

sweet clover for hare
oak's moss carpet
spring lovely

endearing waft
lilac aroma
season shifts to summer

heat wave
temperatures in the hundreds
ground dries up quickly

much praying
for gentle rain
saving herself until spring

by Sara Khaled |
Categories: loveme,

Missing You

I've been missing you for so long,
And since you left everything has been so wrong.

Sadness has been kept away by your love,
But now i had more then enough.

I want you back no matter what,
Even if that means living in a hut.

Your love is what had made me feel like a billionaire,
But now, even though I'm surrounded by money, i feel poorer then a hare.

I'd rather have you with me,
Then have money that can buy me the biggest sea.

by Michael Henry |
Categories: animal, cute love, night, summer,

Secrets of a Summer Night

Secrets of a Summer Night

They met in a cornfield at midnight
‘Neath the light of a pale harvest moon
No sweet music played in the background
But the crickets provided a tune

Away from the gaze of the barn owl
Their sweet romance started to bloom
The fox and the hare were not even there
So the two lovers started to spoon

The summer night guarded their secret
And no-one was even aware
Of the passion displayed by these lovers
As they showed just how much they could care

And when it was done they both snuggled
In the light of the stars far above
Then they scurried away to face a new day
Two cute furry fieldmice in love!

by I Am Anaya |
Categories: god,

My Sweet Lord

Sweet Lord, cosmic flute player
Rama Rama Hare Hare
India's deity, mythology   

Krishna Krishna
Religion oldest and largest
Incarnation of Vishnu- Guru Vishnu
Supreme God of Protection, Compassion, Tenderness, and Love
Avatar eighth of Vishnu

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: destiny, future, technology,

Nothing's Irreplaceable

They said the car would never replace the horse
   They were dead wrong, of course

The plane would never replace the boat
   That one still sticks in their throats

TV couldn't possibly replace radio
   Ha, ha! Totally incorrectimundo!

Email would never replace the love letter
   Point of fact: It works much better

Texting and tweeting can't compete with email
   P-l-e-a-s-e!  Can a hare outrun a snail?  

Whatever comes along next, the naysayers will get it wrong
   Might as well just go ahead, and give 'em the 'old gong!'

by Mary Miriumjilith |
Categories: hope, nature, peace,

Pink Rain

Leaping deer,
            Lovely dear.

        Hopping grasshopper,
           Jolly reaper.

       Peeping hare,
          Pretty care.
        Perking woodpecker,
           Carving letter.
       Smiling flowers,
          Divine dreams.
       Singing birds,
          Flying gazals.

       Falling love,
         Smelling blue.

      Raining pink rain,
        Romantic heart shine.

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: fate, love, symbolism,

'twas Not Beauty Killed the Beast

Storied fables fill the page
                            of many bygone tales 
Penned perhaps to entertain
                               as memory prevails

Some as priggish parables
                                   some as lullabies 
Some weren’t meant to be the truth
                      Some might call them lies

The Wolf in clothing of a Sheep
                      The Tortoise and the Hare
Ugly Ducklings, Beanstalk boys
                    with Golden Goose to snare

If but one there could be true 
                                  in manifested fate
 “Twas not Beauty killed the Beast!
 “Twas love
                                The Beast was hate

by Charles Hice |
Categories: inspirational, mystery, nostalgia, sad,

Common Man Sense Common Ground

Common Man Sense Common Ground
Common Sense will tell you that the eye has heard this all his life. Murder rules 
the day. Everyone does that. Get high get stoned free love. Get a life. Loser.  Shoe 
is Untied. You dropped your pocket.  Give me a descriptive list Jenkins Shirt 
without the r on it boy eye told you Jenkins not a list a Descriptive list you have a 
dictionary use it. Sex is fun. You just do not know who it is that eye am now 
become. Ugly as a mudd fence. Ugly as a picket fence. Ugly as a March Hare. 
Ugly in her underwear. Common sensed man is ground.