Love Poems About Gull or Gull Love Poems
by Thomas Martin |
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It's the silence I have learned to love. Sunrise on a nesting gull or a marsh wren's call to its mate, the moment the tides shift from ebb to flow.

To the consternation of my doctor and relatives, as I grow older I hear and see so much better . . .

light on the river
alone with birches and willows
and my breath song

Published - Cattails - Winter, 2016

by Onward Mutapurwa |
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If I Was the World

If i was the world,
I would have given the sun
its rays light and
 warmth or,

I would have grant you the moon to smile
by darkness
 In a Scarry night would have
dressed the sky with stars
The future ,its fantasies could have merge 

with dreams seas could have tide love 
To the shores of affection 
Happiness could have gull and love like a ship could have float in our friendship

by Thomas Martin |
Categories: autumn, blessing, earth, introspection, memory,


It's the silence I have learned to love.  Sunrise on a nesting gull or a marsh wren's call to its mate,  the  moment  the tides shift from ebb to flow.

To the consternation to my doctor and relatives, as I grow older I hear and see so much better. . .

river light
with birches and willows
gratefully alone
with falling leaves
and my breath song 

Published Cattails January 2016

by My Gull Wheels On |
Categories: art, devotion, faith

Poetic License Suspended

Poetic License Suspended

A string of poetic tales, about my life, my love and, my Lord...
Observations in scales, of mortal plight, once we chance, accord...
Imagination pales, and yet just might, share a glance, of more...
Propping powerful sails, from my short life, happenstance, galore!

by My Gull Wheels On
a.k.a. Michael Wilson

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: 7th grade, loss, lost love, memory,

The Poem I Never Wrote

The Poem I Never Wrote

Is still on my lips 

Buried treasure at the time

Now it's a barnacle on the ships side 

And with each passing year

It keeps growing and growing

In infamy 

In its infancy, some 50 years ago

The stage was set

We were twelve, once

Like two seagulls circling the sea

In harmony 

But I didn't have the gull

To hold her hand

Or pass her a love note 

No, no
Theres was no poet in me

Or a lion

Only a snail

It tears me to think about it

How our butterflies fluttered 

And I didn't catch hers

connie pacheco 


Not for contest

... it kept growing and growing, becoming 

saltier and saltier

by Garvita Gour |
Categories: for him, heart, love,


love is when you stay by the side of your lover wen he is in ail
love is when you don't allow him to stay pale
love is when you make him hale
love is when you care for him more than your manicured nail

love is when you don't let him stay dull
love is when you stay loyal and never gull

love is when you protect him from evil rays and keep him safe is you heart's protective case.
its when you don't hesitate to take a first pace..its when you help him to come first in life's difficult race.

love is something which can never be is a disease for which no medicine can be prescribed.

by Zakhe Michael Mcunu |
Categories: appreciation, desire, devotion, faith, fantasy, farewell, growing up,


Shiny shades guide me
 Shooting star shine for me
 Shine bright like falling snow
 Soothe this pain of sorrow
 Oh blue diamonds of Gods
 Burn all the desire of gold
 Let no man see holes to this fate
 Least there be sin on this flesh
 Boats are broken by the gull winds
 Boasting Books full of all words
 Words that shall reach you
 And shall heal your open sores
 Thou you shall be wounded one day
 Only break the doubt with love
 Hold our vows so high that birds don’t reach

by Sandra Adams |
Categories: bird, dream, love, ocean, sea,

So Far From the Sea This Gull Flies

he skimmed this gelid air
on a gossamer breath
ascending then descending 
adrift like my wishes

perhaps he was lost
like i in my unspoken thoughts
just wanting to be anywhere
other than where he should be

i closed my eyes
on his wings
aloft on dreams
as i spiraled
into the arms
of your love

by David Smalling |
Categories: lost love, nature, bird, bird,

For a Bird

Evening willow calls
Low across the brambling sand 
A bird cries alone

Sunset bids farewell
To the moaning surf and bar
A gull flies through dark

The sky no sound makes
With thunder or wind or plane
Promise of us gone

Evening willow calls
To moaning surf at the bar
I to distant star

Let night comes silent
Then, and heart waves be so still
A bird flies alone

by Daver Austin |
Categories: seasons,



The gull senses it
Just his usual cry, yet something portends
Something come alive
A relaxed, quiet intensity
Strange, like a trembling, single leaf, or
A dozen late, pink roses – one white rose

Laying out, watching the sky
The grass – damp chill against the bones
October’s sensation?  Well, not love exactly.
Thrill describes it

Distant roar of the stadium crowd
Footballs in the air
Spiraling, - spiraling to nowhere
The roar – now it becomes you
You become it
The visible, the invisible action of it all

by Ph.D Volo Von Wolfenstein |
Categories: allegory, love, visionary, wife,

The Affair

Bird-girl, gull,
The new Boatswain's wife,
Remember when
they'd call you
the Girl of the Wandering Ship,
the pale fire of the night?

S.S Montblanc,
White Mountain,
I've climbed aboard...

And made love
to sparks,
explosions, powder,
Hundred people dead
in an hour,
victims of extramarital

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: emotions,

Inhaling the Sea

In the hour just before sunrise                                
No one about but an occasional gull
Harbor lights shimmer through the mist
And I am drawn by the song of the surf
Long ago I was as innocent as the wind
In love with the sand and the sea, a
Notebook always at hand, I wrote of
Ginger skies, sails and the essence of me

Tomorrows have come and gone, and
Heavy the burdens of living can seem, so
Eventually I always come back to the sea

Soft the light breaking over the vast blue
Easing me into life by the emerald green bay
Again breathing deep I reflect on another day

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: love,

The World Began To Turn

I remember that cloudless day in June
The world seemed new and young - as young as we.
We shared the beach with salt and gull and dune,
And we knew love as only love can be.
We made a pledge that June down by the sea
To always love and laugh - to share and learn.
And then our world slowly began to turn
To take us where we didn't want to go.
That fire once so warm does no longer burn -
But that love does not seem so long ago.

May 13, 2016, Sad Poem contest for Laura Loo

by David Smalling |
Categories: seasons,

Autumn Splendour

Go love your rainbow falling from trees
Your spectral forests stripped of leaves
Stark branches fingering the sun's eye
The little deciduous garden waiting to die, and dappled ground appalled 
I will praise the days of fainting breeze
The hurricanes swallowed by the fog, my shack at ease
I will praise the days of sea's white gnashing
At the gull swirling above the perilous fish
And the children tumulting in larval greed of freedom
As they come home from school. For dappled days, praise!

Autumn Splendour by David Smalling

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: lost love, love

The Mending of the Heart

I saw two foxes run through a hole
And my sorrow was weakened still.
I watched two lovers swim through a gull

And the air took my breathe into the sky
Like a frightened lullaby.

by Imtiyaz Gull |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

A Love and the Love

'A love' is annoyed.

'The love' is feasted

Metaphorical love is blind, 

Bonafide love is gifted!

Thy metaphorical love ruined and tattered.

My Bonafide love gives me peace and tranquillity!

Thy lover always ordered,

My love gives me an equality!

Thy love has a lust.

My love is disciple of Almighty Allah!

And that's why thy love gives you a dust.

My love begins with Bis'millah!

Thy love has seven deadly sins.

O Almighty Allah absolves me of my sins!
By: Imtiyaz Gull

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: beautiful, bird, celebration, encouraging, happiness, love,

Morning 5

they walk hand in hand
Hindu girl and Muslim boy
sun on wings of gull
Kolkata, June 14, 2016

by Maggie Huscroft |
Categories: life, loss, love, nostalgia

The End of It All

The sigh of the sea as it leaves the shore.
The cry of a gull, you at my door.
The pull of the moon, the turn of the tide,
The sound of the rain when we’re warm inside.

The howl of the wind, the way of all things
The trick of the light, the phone doesn’t ring.
The tick of the clock on my kitchen wall.
The thrill of the chase: the end of it all.

by Richard Karr |
Categories: love,

To the Sea You Must Go

Why does the gull take to flight?
When the winds are on high
Abandon shelter to face such fright
With the gesture of a sigh
Why does mystery defy notions?
The moon and stars just shine at night?
Lips to whisper deep emotions
Why an embrace can feel so right
How can the swallow find its way?
Where none has flown before
Cross limitless miles of oceans
By just the cunning of its lore
What gently bends the willow?
In its moment of silent prayer
What brings softness to a pillow?
To catch our dreams all there
What wakes us at the dawn?
When we hear the sea wind blow
Now before this love be gone
To the sea you must go!

by Zin Eddine Dadach |
Categories: adventure, analogy, blessing, humanity,

The Happy Fisherman

Sailing with my true blue friend,
Every wave was a new lesson to learn
Every storm, a new chapter to open;

Listening to its deep voice,
Every story was a reverie to follow
Every silence a whisper of love;

Guided by the wind of my destiny,
Every voyage was a new sail to make
Every departure calmed my soul;

Following the gull of my dreams,
Every sea was a new season in my life
Every horizon a place to seek the answer;

Searching for the painter of my soul,
Every fisherman was asked for guidance
The happy one gave me wisdom;

Escorted by the light of my heart,
Every island was a new treasure to uncover
Every discovery a color to my rainbow..

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: memory,

Within Her Arms

It was a day I spent within her arms
Totally smothered by her love and charms
The world seemed new and young - as young as we.
And we found love as only love can be.
We shared the beach with salt and gull and dune,
I remember that cloudless day in June
We made a pledge that day down by the wave
To always love and cherish what God gave
And then our world slowly began to turn
That fire once so hot does no longer burn 
I still recall that space within her arms -
I smile softly, the memory still warms

October 11, 2016

by Yonah Jeong |
Categories: love,

For You 1

We are traveling the safari zoo
with loved ones
there are several the families
we ask them quietly
"don't know what love is?"
they yelled at us
"why are we here".

by Vernon Witmer |
Categories: dream, flying, love, philosophy, places, river, tree,

Sometimes I Own the Sky

Sometimes my space is small and all it takes 
is the whisper of a thought to knock me down.
Sometimes I own the sky, my gesture wide engulfs 
the furtherest gull to fly, beyond where thoughts may lie.
This town may be our place of resting purpose.
Where would I begin to think I am,  if not for love.
And I continue to suppose and I propose again to test 
the bending wheat of leisure. For I am not an oak 
but made of manly measure, and my grain 
is but a river of my dreams.

by David Smalling |
Categories: faith

A Plea

We can go back again to the beginning of our love
We return across languid gulf of languishing waves
And walk barefooted on the morning sand
We can in the cold of wind hold each others hand
And tell stories light as the gull above green
And dappling sea, O let us go back, my friend
And flex and bend our iron scruples to dance
Like a supple rhyme, or mento music frolicking
Where each tide rise and break upon the bar.
I am ready to leave all this, just be my guiding star.

by Nazim Zarsinner |
Categories: absence, butterfly, caregiving, friendship love, lost, love, peace,

In Love

When she fell in love,
All the world for her was dull,
His path she would gove,
Her heart throbbing like a gull,
Thinking 'bout him was her lull.