Love Poems About Groundhog or Groundhog Love Poems
by Joyce Johnson |
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Punxsutawney Phil

Punxsutawney Phil is not seeking his shadow.
He's peering out to find his lady love.
If she appears he'll woo her to his burrow
And we can deal with winter here above.
What does he care if springtime's late or early?
He's warm and loved within his earthy home.
A groundhog gives but little thought to humans,
Nor pictures self as subject of a poem.
We've told ourselves if he has seen his shadow,
We will have six more weeks of wintertime.
But with his love beside him he is nesting
And staying there, where living is sublime. January 5, 2015

by Joyce Johnson |
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February 2

When Chucky Groundhog comes above,
He's looking for a lady love.
If he sees shadow,
It is spring's deathblow.
For six long weeks, winter won't move.

by Harry Horsman |
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Almost Tomorrow

My darling dearest lady
tomorrow is near,
the weather will bring showers
of teardrops I fear.
Your lips will not be smiling
eyes not there to shine,
for I know that tomorrow
you will not be mine.
Today one of memories
nothing else to do,
only kisses you gave me
to stay with me true.
I’ll love you for evermore
till that of God’s sign,
then I’ll fight to remember
days of divine wine.
Within my heart a candle
‘tis all I have left,
feelings that will never leave
weave your warp my weft.
It is almost tomorrow
for here I succumb,
wish upon a groundhog day
tomorrow won’t come.

© Harry J Horsman 2016

by Carol Eastman |
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Love Will Out

In February? Sun burn from looking up at the sky? 
My Oh My… Yes, it’s so very nice and warm.
The trees are blooming and it warms my heart.
Even the groundhog came out, smiled, and looked around…
Six more weeks of this winter? The Best there’s been…
I’ll get out my Valentine trappings tomorrow at dawn.
Then I will go get our leaf blower and make it to blow…
Bubbles and Valentine hearts high in the air…everywhere… 
When my Hubby reaches our home and walks in the door…
I’ll cover him in hearts full of love… with kisses galore…
Yes, I’ll show him my heart… As he walks in… 
I’m sure… On Valentine’s Day our hearts will soar, again…

Happy Valentine’s Day to All and your Loves…

by Thomas Wells |
Categories: butterfly, dream, joy, kiss, longing, love, passion,


After your butterfly alighted my dreams,  
I never forgot your kiss,
You became the object of my vespers,
The refuge for my injured toiling chest.
I await your spectacle, your curtain call.
Your fragile teasing dance. 
Like Groundhog Day, I predict your fluttering 
Wings, the wavy flurry of your bowstrings,
Again and again.
What wonder comes next?
 Are you counting down my dreams?

by Christopher Flaherty |
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A Mothers Love


You are a spiteful drunk
So what does that make me?
Your *****
Your punk

I can never tell
Is this you talking
Or merely the drink
And tilt your face please
You know your wine breath stinks

Hit out all you want
If you think it still hurt's
That ship's long sailed
Long before my patience failed

As round and round
Groundhog day comes around
And the bottles klink
And into addiction your sanity sinks

And you and I
Both pretend
That this is normal
And we are OK

But Hey
 Dad said life is ****
Married to it
So better make the best of it

Because it is not going to change
At least not in our lifetime

by Lizzy Omolaja |
Categories: deep,

I Am

I am a turtle, who finds comfort in its own shell.
I am a groundhog, scared of its own shadow.
I am the abandoned house at the end of your street, empty on the inside.
I am an unfinished book, hoping for a good ending.
I am misery reaching my hand out for company.
I am the skinniest tree in the forest crying out for sunlight.
I am a lost sock on the side of the street waiting for someone to find me.
I am hidden treasure, waiting for someone to claim me.
I am defeat and love, passion and heartache, disgrace and hope.
I am things yet to be discovered,
I am a girl waiting to be loved,
I am me, all of these hings and more but you wouldn't know...

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: funny

February Two

The groundhog really doesn't seek his shadow.
He's peering out to find his Lady Love.
If she appears, he'll woo her to his burrow
And we can deal with winter here above.

By: Joyce Johnson

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: animal, cute, feelings, fun, myth, weather, winter,

I Saw It

“I saw it! I saw it!”, the groundhog announced.
“My shadow – it grew and it flounced!
Run! Hide! Save yourself and those you love
and leave the cold to the ground above!
Six more weeks of huddling and cuddling.
Here’s to the wonderful warmth of snuggling!"

by John Lawless |
Categories: february, heart, love, valentines day,

A Moment In the Midst of Madness

Ah, February
You and your groundhog
Torment me, tease me
With the fictitious hoax
Of an early Spring.
Oh, why do I still hope?
Knowing that the cards are dealt
By madmen
In top hats worshiping
A despondent despot
A long nosed, squinty eyed
Overstuffed rodent.
Ah, February
Your shortness conceals
The depth of your coldness
The icy twinge of your sunshine
The hollow sting of your emptiness.
And yet sweet February
We bare our hearts
Carry roses for you
Wax poetic on your behalf
For love is not a season
But a moment in the midst
Of madness.

John G. Lawless