Love Poems About Grasshopper or Grasshopper Love Poems
by George Christos |
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I Love Nature

I love the plants, bushes and trees
And the birds, animals and bees
I love the hills, rivers and creeks
And the ocean, beach, and mountain peaks
I love the fish, sharks and sheep
And to just watch a grasshopper leap
I love the insects, spiders, and other bugs
And even the ants, wasps and slugs

I feel peace and love in nature
But man looms the biggest danger.
With mining, farming and agriculture
He circles around like a vulture.

by Vincent Flannery |
Categories: funny, love,

The Grasshopper

Resting on a tall blade of grass 
As two more go meandering past
His giant eyes surveying the land
Sitting all alone on that strand

Sitting there so willing to wait
As so soon he was hit by fate
Landing on the same blade of grass
He fell off and landed on his a@#

She called out "are you alright?"
Maybe this is my shinning night
And when he looked up at her
Music played "The Way We Were"

She jumped down to the ground
As her love has now been found 
Quickly they suddenly took flight 
As a giant sneaker came into sight

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: culture, friendship, humanity, life, love, nature, nice,


Rare as each blossom on a tree,
From Watusi tribe unto the Cherokee,
Each member of man's family,
Has their own unique biography.

Rare the nights of burgundy,
That prelude yellow dawn ecstasy!
Green are the fields so summery;
Pink the rose of fragrancy.

Silvery moon most satisfactory,
And stars winking at you and me.
Nature speaks not of equality;
Pale butterfly to grasshopper free.

Deep blue sky and frothing sea,
And colors of the nebulae.
A spectrum of hues, each in harmony,
Is how it was all meant to be.

Redbird red sings a rhapsody,
Pretty bluejay warbles his gaiety.
The sun shines on His Majesty,
As orchards respond fruitfully.

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: family, love, people



Jacob was my second grandson
And has been a “Mama's Boy” since birth.
Cute expressions and cuddly disposition captures hearts.
Observes everything and starts the “brain wheels” turning.
Barely “knee-high-to-a-grasshopper”… but power packed!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 1, 2010

Poetic form: Name

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade, food,

Slurping Down Grasshopper Pie

The pure green goodness of grasshopper pie!
Tasting that mint gives me a delicious high!
Thinking of insects as I eat is my last choice.
But this recipe was penned by a humor named Joyce.

So come on marshmallows and Oreos too.
We are going to have to make this insane name do.
We all gulp it down without thinking about
The grasshoppers that would make hopping feet prints no doubt.

Grasshopper pie, I am in love with your colors so sweet. 
Bright verdant green and the Oreo black are a treat.
Your name is good too, it will help me tease my little cousin Bill.
Guess how many grasshoppers we had to kill?

by Michael Pagan |
Categories: appreciation, power,

Words To Self

The masses love to lead while the cowards bleed and the strong feed. 
Breathe and let go. Your brain runs fast but your soul moves slow.
Grow my grasshopper and up lift your soul. 
Become the butterfly your heart wants to be.
The depth of your life is created not imitated. 
And not limited by your thoughts, but grown from your dreams.
Have Faith in yourself.  
You will become what others said you can't and rise when other fall.
For the journey of life is not a race.
No finish line. No pace car flagging us in or waving us down.
But enjoying every moment until we are six feet in the ground.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: garden,

Garden Secrets

Damselfly breeze floats on a summers’ day
Carefree with love and delight in her way

Monarch butterfly arrives soon after
Ruffled marigolds hear tiny laughter

Grasshopper, not sure if he’s invited
Queen of faeries says I’ll make you knighted

Bumblebee diligently pollinates
The garden is alive for goodness sakes

Coneflower sways to robin’s melody
A fallen petal blows away carefree

Human enters the garden from the right
The mystical fey scurry out of sight

Woman looks around feeling something new
Sh! It’s a secret between me and you!

by Mary Miriumjilith |
Categories: hope, nature, peace,

Pink Rain

Leaping deer,
            Lovely dear.

        Hopping grasshopper,
           Jolly reaper.

       Peeping hare,
          Pretty care.
        Perking woodpecker,
           Carving letter.
       Smiling flowers,
          Divine dreams.
       Singing birds,
          Flying gazals.

       Falling love,
         Smelling blue.

      Raining pink rain,
        Romantic heart shine.

by Dawn Mungovan |
Categories: love, music, nature,

Our Song

hand in hand
we walk through
the verdancy
of our love
invigorated by
our close
breathing it in
with reverent awe
we step to the
beating of our hearts
birds in the distance
are singing our song
with grasshopper
metronomes and
toads laying the bassline
we stop to dance
to the private symphony
in celebration of
our romantic sunrise

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: garden,

Growing Tomatoes and Flowers

Elephant ears with a green glow.
Gives nature a magnificent show.
Please visit and stay down below.
One of my plants looks like a sweet bow.
Zinnias, marigolds, roses too.
Sharing their pretty. Each one brand new.

Daisies planted softly in the ground.
More beautiful garden rarely found.
Sunflower’s face so prettily round.
Tiny grasshopper providing sound.
My work is happy. Dirt therapy.
Flowers my main productivity.

Angels, faeries, dragonflies too.
Sit next to pasture where cows go moo.
I have no qualms about what to do.
I’ll also grow tomatoes for you.
Soil so dear; flowers and veggies love it here.

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: life,

For What It's Worth

Life is full of many things
Those with wealth, that live like kings
And those that do not measure up
And fall to short, to fill the cup

But Me, I love to fly
Regard me not, like other guys
When young, I heard a Tale
That removed, the curse-ed vail

That most people sot to save
For mammon they would slave
Grasshopper or Ant
My story, has the former slant

I live today for all its worth
I search world for signs of mirth
I give away, what God gives me
That clearly is my destiny

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: fantasy,

Grasshopper Moth Queen

Grasshopper moth queen’s job is a delicate one.
She must send out the tiny moths one by one.
Hope and optimism are tucked away in their wings
They fly as delicately as a robin sing.

She is thoughtful and kind, and she uses a light touch.
The moths that are sent, love her help very much.
They sprinkle joy amid the common folk and the fey.
It is their job to bring happiness to the end of each day.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: flower, garden,

Crepe Myrtles

Crepe myrtles are not supposed to grow in Kansas but in my gardens they flourish thanks to my green thumb and lots of love and communication.  I appreciate them and they thrive, feeling cherished.

                                                     gorgeous bobbing heads
                                               lovely sea of crepe myrtles
                                                       delights grasshopper

by Ashraf-Ul Alam Shikder |
Categories: art, life, lonely, love,

It All For Love

I don't know how to say love
tricks of camouflage
about the emotion of mind.
long way away from my tribe
lifeless life I live
far the river, mountain and bloom
over a sea of 
ruin leaf
life here live as moth, fly or grasshopper
often as vagabond wandering around
views of life, life of a tree
every and each stand alone

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Trusting Grasshopper

trusting grasshopper chirping with gusto and love expecting to live

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: beauty, love,

Beauty Comes To Make Happy

Seized I the dream of last night
I let the passion go out too far 
The blue shining morn comes- 
as the new born dew, 
as grasshopper on the grassy leaves
and hums on my ear -
 “Seize not, grip not
Beauty born for free
She’ll come with ring knot
Combine you with happy!”

-November 07, 2018 Chattogram

by Bamanga Bashir |
Categories: love,

A Trend

Even poets
knew well
that tomorrow
is also binding
this way
why drawn
like a chased grasshopper
in a political green?
perhaps, I mentioned
a poetic theme.