Love Poems About Gorilla or Gorilla Love Poems
by Mike Hauser |
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Stuck On You

No need for Elmer's 
Or the strength of Super Glue
The silver tone of Liquid Nails
Or that Gorilla from the zoo

No Scotch, Packing, or Duct tape
To wrap tight what's loose 
None of that so called sticky stuff
For this boy will do

No 10 penny or roofing nails
To hammer all this through
No Quick Set or Rubber Cement 
So that things don't move

None of that stuff seriously holds enough
At least not 100 proof
When all I need is love
For me to be stuck on you

by Savannah Rose Harper |
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I'M Not Scared of That

That clown isn't scary
That ghost isn't either
Not the monster
Not the gorilla
Not the boogeymen
Not the bat
Not the vampire
Not the werewolf
Not the--AHH MY MOM!!!!

This reminds me of when I was little,well,I AM still little I'm only 13 but it reminds me of 
when I was itty-bitty...............XD love ya all thx for the comments!!!!!!!!!~$avannah~

by Steve Crismond |
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A Day To Remember

“We’ve never seen a more beautiful sunset,”
Is what the locals said.
We were blessed with a double rainbow,
And you kissed gorilla rock,
With a cone on your head.
Your bride’s mates were ornate foul,
And the unflattering picture of a floating pregnant woman,
Is etched in my mind even now.
These memories of when our life together began,
Until my days on this earth,
Will never come to an end,

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: animals, husband, imagination

Prisoner of My Love


                                                  My gift to him was simple
                                                          A stuffed gorilla dressed plain
                                                  Black white chain gang uniform
                                                          Holds red bleeding heart

by James Fraser |
Categories: animals


High in the mountains
Of the Albertine Rift
In the cloud forests
Another of natures gifts

Mountain and lowland
In the place they call home
Close to the Virunga Volcanoes
In their indigenous roam

Silver-back, black-back
The boys of this race
Who marshal their group
In pride of their place

Poaching, encroaching
In their neighbourhoods
Isn't it about time
We left their woods

Endangered they are
Its time to relate
We are barely their servants
The real King of the primates

" This poem is for Deborah Herber, and her love of the Gorilla "

by Johnny Rhinem |
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What Title: It's All About Love

Feed them to breed them their battle cry ? Waking...
With a thought amid her mind this theory as evolution
Considering his primate virgin soils ancient time aside she
Eden left wondering while staring at the photo of a five month
Old infant polar bear; how beautiful eyes closed shaking away waters
In frost she dreams a walk past trees their clearing how odd, the white child...
Emerald orbs black pearl doors his gorilla ponders baby smiles at her momma bear.

by Terry Flood |
Categories: animal,


There was an enormous gorilla Who fell in love with a chinchilla When time came for loving He’s pushing and shoving But hadn’t intended to kill ’er