Love Poems About Goose or Goose Love Poems
by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: devotion, faith

Touch Me - Dusk

at sunset
cooler breezes
evoke slight goose bumps
or perhaps they are caused
by the spectral reflection
of sky colors kissing the sea
overwhelmed by many sensations
dusk evolves slowly in the April sky
I shiver, knowing Holy Saturday
pulls curtains of anguish to a close
remaining awake to see dawn
tapping Resurrection’s hope
wrapping my weary heart
sensing salvation
as Christ rises
Easter morn
love brings
*For Nette's first contest theme “Dusk” and “Touch”
by Carolyn Devonshire

by Dean Wood |
Categories: spring,

Irony In the Sky

White chevron squadrons usher in spring
With squawking and honking and flapping of wings.
Their return brings a weekend to revel in fun.
The locals all love it, and hundreds more come!
But the poor migrant snow goose must be sorely perplexed;
Revered on one weekend, then slaughtered the next!

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade,

Mother Goose and Father Time

Mother Goose and Father Time
All together had children nine.
Love ruled hers,
His were let free.
All wound up productive, happy and fine.

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: love, wifeheart, heart, life,

A Sonnet For My Heart

For you’re my heart and my life’s chosen muse.
Without you, my life would be so confused.
    You’re the one my heart chose on that sweet day,
    You’re the one who brightened my lonely life.
    When you looked at me in that charming way,
    I knew then, I had to make you my wife.
The way you walk and the way you move, girl.
Gives my body goose-bumps the size of pearls.
    You set my life free from its loneliness,
    Alongside you is my best company.
    You filled my cup; there’s no more emptiness,
    And you are my muse to write poetry.
I say we’ve had the loveliest embark,
That’s why I wrote a sonnet for my heart.

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: funny love, husband,

Who You Callin' Fattie-A Limerick

There was an old woman called Hattie
whose hubby's name for her was fattie.
So she cooked his goose
hung him from a noose
then buried him in a cow pattie!

by Pat Dring |
Categories: appreciation, autumn, celebration, happiness,

Goose Fair

Goose Fair
I really do love Goose Fair
It’s such a great feeling just to be there
Carousels going round and round
With your feet not even touching the ground
Or Dodgems bumping into one another
Leaving your heart all of a flutter
Candy floss, sticking all over your face
Tucking into hot mushy peas, while round you race
Some rides just too scary to go on
If like me, you are getting on
But that does not stop you having the time of your life
Especially when you have had, Countless years of Agoraphobia and strife.

by James Peranteau |
Categories: love, son,

Giggles and Goose Bumps


              his miniature hand
                 bathed my arm

                  Attached to it
                     the query


                    “Yes son
                I love you too”

         And his giggles raced on

by Brian Martin |
Categories: word play,


Frigid hard worked
Goose pimpled cold
Give me texture

Steely seldom blinked
Poker eyes
Wrinkled straight mouth
Give me chills

Voiceless response
Less embrace
Romantic impressionism
Give me love

by Goldie Uttamchandani |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, butterfly, emotions, happiness, i love you, joy, kiss, longing, love, lust, relationship, romance, romantic, sensual, sweet, together, trust,

The Butterfly Effect

Our eyes meet and then shy
His breath draws closer to mine
Tingling currents
Down my spine

Lips caress and glide
Soft pecks move on to slide
Hands lock into mine
Warm rays of sunshine

May I?
A virgin canvas am I
Slow brush
A stroking touch
Short peck
Colour my neck

Oscillating heart beat
No feeling below my feet
Whispers of heat
Crawling goose bumps
Peppermint sweet

The clocks have stopped
The world is still
Tongues intertwine
Slow sips of wine
I cling onto my lifeline

It’s pure
It’s perfect
The butterfly effect

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: bird, humor, love,

Chartreuse Feathers

There was this teal duck and Canada goose,

   That 'neath a cloistered Colorado spruce,

      Enjoyed a lusty-ful tryst,

         Ending up in a quaint twist!

            Their offspring sported feathers of chartreuse!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

by Sal Manela |
Categories: passion

Be Yourself

Black shiney leather sado-masochism
Goose stepping Hitler homosexual fascism
Auto-erotic asphyxiatoin
Lesbian butt plug masterbation
Two girls one cup making me throw up
A transgender surpise lifting the skirt up
Double and triple penetration
A whole new deviant sexual nation

Be yourslef
Be true to me
Be yourself
Be true to me
Watching Susperia
Hot candle wax
Making new trax
Veins full of love
When push comes to shove
Two girls and me
Two girls and me

by John Williams |
Categories: animal, dog, children, funny,

The Goose and the Dog

A dog and a goose 
For some unknown reason,
Fell hopelessly in love
Last Spring season.

He serenaded her
With his barking voice,
She wobbled at the wings
With his barking choice.

Next he started plucking 
His country guitar,
He pawed out a tune,
She fell in love so far.

Then they sailed on 
A river boat cruise,
He howled at the moon,
Then sung her the blues.

Now both have returned
To their rustic farm,
Goose still swooning 
At his doggy charm.

They moved in together 
In a haystack barn,
He tends to sheep
While she knits their yarn.

by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: fantasy, first love, funny, funny love, longing, love, true love,

I Love My Goose

I love my goose
Some people love their wife 
Some people their dog
I hug my pillow
Maybe two

by T Wignesan |
Categories: destiny, leadership, patriotic, rights, vanity, violence, war,

Limericks Crochetes: Once a Cardsharp Comic Called Don Dump

Limericks crochetés: Once a cardsharp comic called Don Dump

Once a cardsharp comic called Don Dump
Made father’s money jump during slump
Dreamed of ruling this earth
Joined campaign (in) stand-up mirth
Made people laugh without using trump.

He played to the gallery hirsute
Soon his jokes turned sauerkraut through soot
Before long they cried : Heil !
Jackboots clicked, people wail
In goose-step, give : Sieg ! Heil ! salute.

Moral : « Listen not to funny man Dump !
Migrants all know how to scale wall jump.
Ten million there love US
Minus some (who) think like louse !
Live not solipsistic world on rump ! »

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2016

by Michael Smith |
Categories: god, inspirational,


I feel a shiver run down through me
From my head goose bumps to my toes
The Holy Ghost burns my body sweet
As throughout the Lord’s words echo love
And recognition unto remembrance 
Of repentance and all those sins that have past
Gathered would have been heaped upon me
A pile of coal blackened black
But, it was my Savior 
Who gave all the love that He hath
Forgave one as weak as I
As He atoned for my lack
And loved me more, than…
Unconditional, than could a mere man

by Patricia Leonaitis |
Categories: animals, funny, imagination, pets, me,

Talk To Me!

I love to hear you speak
Ever if your voice is just a squeak!
Anything is better than this quiet,
I may go out and start a riot!

Do you think I'm too fat?
Or are you just being a brat!
Do you want me to fall flat?
Sorry but I won't do that.

Some days you will never speak-
I feel like throwing you in the creek!
Are you showing a mean streak?
Or has someone tied up your beak?

I know you're just a goose-
But that is no excuse
For all this non-verbal abuse,
Come on, let me hear you break loose!

Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk!

Just a little fun with rhyme and story. Hope you enjoy.

by Rhia Madison Thomer |
Categories: lost love, native american

The Moon's Lover

Isolated I sat.
There was a moon in the sky,
she was just as alone as I was
in a sky full of stars.
I could taste my own sorrow
The taste was thick on my tongue
like honey
but more bitter sweet the taste.
There was a cold in my limbs.
I longed for warmth,
to be held in those arms,
but no.
No longer did they hold me
I’d fallen away from them
cold and alone.
The sheets are stiff against my skin
goose bumps steal my flesh.
I watched the moon.
There is a tale somewhere
that says she too once had a lover
but they were taken from her. 
Now she, like me, sits 
cold and stiff in the night.
Alone, waiting.

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: betrayal,


Mysterious woman ran in the middle of the night
Yelling with panic the name of her dearly loved 
Shaking with goose bumps at the bad feeling 
Terrible event robbed his physical presence
Eluding a true that affected a third person 
Rifle sound broke the peace of a small town 
Yearning a forbidden love that ended in tragedy

Example for Mystery Contest

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: fun, humor, imagination, nature,

It Ain'T Nursery Rhymes Haiku

     (It's haiku by Shiraito)
Three little kittens
jumped over the candle stick
Mama goose is sick

peas porridge is hot
can't get to heaven on a watermelon rind
Mama goose is loose

old man Humpty Dumpt
sat in a corner on his rumpt
squashed a big spider

hear the mourning dove
got a big hole in my glove
I might be in love

one potato two potato
twenty-six potato more
Susie's a floozie

come ride on my swing
you can sit right on my lap
we'll pump to the sky
SHIRAITO aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet
aka ron wilson

by Walayee Poet Lay Whitlock-Ishway |
Categories: fantasy, love, passion, romance

Moment In Time

It was a gray midwinter day
Trees were bare
Frost filled the air
Blankets of snow everywhere
Yet, you were there...

The fireplace glow our hearts fill
Passion shows
Goose bump chills
Singing winds blow
Crackling wood below

Love burns even in snow...


by Sibusisiwe LETA Ncede |
Categories: appreciation, art, beauty, change, courage, desire, future,

It Is Called

Is when the touch is felt
Without being touched
Is when the kiss is felt
Without being on the lips
It is intimacy

Is when the eyes are staring
Without being noticed
Is when the stomach has goose bumps
Without the acne
It is intimacy

Is when the heart focuses
Without distractions
Is when the feelings are in sequence
Without the control of the mind
It is intimacy

Is when the cuddle is enough
Without the expectations
Is when love is on the mind
Without the thoughts
It is intimacy

by Brian Sambourne |
Categories: desire, love, night, relationship, romance,

Summer Romance

Mushroom soft bed hears lines we read aloud
Shapely verse rhythms arc like trailing waves
Goose-fleshed words uttered, pillow talk endowed
Teasing us closer, haze of misbehave

Silver dark night, perishable, shapes love
Rhythmic movement, a glow in your round eyes
A furtive look of courtship, passion's dove
Beguiling smile, pulled harp string of loose sighs

Arms like branches wrap 'round our oasis
To set free the bending tree bark, lonely
Whispered covert charm that shifts our basis
Desire's loyal touch that smites us slowly
To kiss skin cupped about in furrows
Till summer's dawn shakes us on the 'morrow

Sonnet composed: May 19, 2021

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: love

Australian Cutie

I have met the sweetest little wonder.
I am feeling so wonderful and loose.
This little cutie comes from down under.
She’s like a golden egg laid by a goose.
I can endure the lightning and thunder.
Hold the vodka, give me plain orange juice.
Don’t stifle this feeling.  Just let it grow.
To Australia is where I shall go.

by Adejumoke Adewuyi |
Categories: earth, nature,

The Seemingly Peaceful Lake

A lake,long,long like a rope.
It shakes lightly from the effect of the breeze.
It's seemingly peaceful like a sleeping suckling babe.
Beside it,are greenish herbs and shrubs.
Passersby stop to take a glimpse.
The goose takes a peep,
The feathery duckling never ceases to play on it.
The other bird,dove and her likes,
fly over it on their return home at dawn.
Puppy lovers long to sit by it just after noon.
It has its source from the lowly fount of the north,
to the rocky edge of the south of the village.
All love the long,long lake.
                                                                               December 28,2016.

by Connie Pachecho |
Categories: allusion, appreciation, happiness, love,

She Misses His Hymn

She Misses His Hymn

She brood
His oohed



Note-brood, verb-worry, fret, sit, incubate
oohed, abstract noun-pleasure, satisfaction
title-since he is not in her presence, misses (play on words) 
his essence, his hymns (play on words) she worries (brood) 

Another goose egg.