Love Poems About Goldfinch or Goldfinch Love Poems
by Wendy Watson |
Categories: bird,

On gold-tipped wings

How cheerfully the goldfinch sings
At rest from undulating flight, 
A bar of gold on charcoal wings
And crown of scarlet, black and white.

I love to hear his cheerful trill
As tasty teasel seeds he spies.
With long fine beak he takes his fill
Then off on gold-tipped wings he flies.


'Songbirds Contest' :Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: bird, husband,

summer heat

outside my window life stirs the hot summer breeze.... one male goldfinch lands to eat fern leaf fennel seed like my love who lands for meals

by Marco Chies |
Categories: allegory, christmas,


the old man fluffed the pillow
smoothed the blankets
and lay down to sleep
hoping never to wake up
the price of gasoline is something impossible
said the nightingale to the goldfinch
have you seen how unemployment is
asked the pig to the frog
I hate noticing how it grows
the murder rate
shouted the giraffe to the beaver
eleven o'clock at night and all is well
warned the cabin boy
sore eyes from longing for love
have you noticed
that the mall is beautiful
when does christmas come?
certain that happiness lives inside a showcase
in the morning the old man woke up angry
and in the window of the tiny apartment
there were only gray clouds of rain as a landscape