Love Poems About Giraffe or Giraffe Love Poems
by Michelle Faulkner |
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Bio Modified-Solitary Scribbler

Cloud watcher, tea drinker, dog walker, cat napper
I love summer twilight, dawn fog, and banana cream pie
I believe hype is trite, compliments are contagious, and love is homemade
I feel tangled, fragile, and tentative
I fear unwashed hands, unheard words, and unforeseen consequences
I want to feed a giraffe, ride in a carriage, and sleep in a castle
I reside on the side of feathered hope


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by Lisa Costigan |
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Your Having a Giraffe

Just a normal Sunday sitting on my chair
When all of sudden in walked my auntie uncle Claire

What the hell you doing barging in like that??
He said your not going fu**ing believe it? I just ran over your Cat

I said the only pussy in this house is my other half,
We played a few drinking games and i beat him at charades
He soon ad enough of that tho so i  pulled out deck cards then he stared moaning reckon the games i play are hard.

Well i had enough of his lip i couldn't take no more
so rubbed his face on cheese grater and now hes bloody sore.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: animals, family, imagination, inspirational, life, love, nature

The Giraffe and the Squirrel

Giraffe long slender 
Neck, with a long black tongue
Cleans baby squirrel

by Janice Canerdy |
Categories: animal, appreciation,

The Okapi

I love to see to see bunnies, so hoppy,
with small twitching noses and floppy,
cute ears or a llama,
the cause of such drama.*
I'm charmed by the unique okapi!

Stumped viewers are always inquiring,
“What IS that?” They stare, so admiring
this zebra-giraffe,** for
it is neither one nor
the other—and so awe-inspiring.

*a reference to the popular children’s story “Drama Llama”
 (about a llama that gossips and stirs up trouble among the
  other animals) and the topic of entertaining videos

**another name for the okapi, native to the Congo

by Joyce Wolayo |
Categories: allusion, boyfriend, desire, devotion, funny love,

Zain My Love

Zebras gallop in the distance reminding me of your love
Always on my mind when I need you
Inside my heart and body like a gallant giraffe
Nothing and no one could love me like you.

Zest doesn’t catch a fly but I would catch you
All around me it is a heaven you created
Impenetrable with no illusions, it’s us, you and me
Never looking back, your smile is a kiss Zain.

Zoom in like a camera, always and I will always say;
Amen with me and let it be forever, always my love
Inseparable as the sky and the moon
No one could change these feelings in a billion years.

by Chipepo Lwele |
Categories: allegory, nature,

I Love Nature 1

Everest,Kilimanjaro,Nanga Parbat
Red Sea,Mediterranen Sea
Pembrokeshire coast park
Victoria Falls
Lochinvar hot springs

chipepo lwele
PS;the reminder of the natural world around us.
     the poem about animals, plants,rivers,lakes
     ,mountains,seas ,waterfalls and hot spring.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: humor,

The Role of a Jester

The role of a jester I readily accept It's part of my makeup I have no regrets I take on the role With gladness of heart My reason for being To me it's an art An art to perfect With each little rhyme Finding that word At the end of the line A line that produces A giggle or laugh Like a mouse making love To a lady giraffe Now see how you grinned And chuckled at that It's really quite simple When knowing the knack Start with some silliness And add the absurd Even join 'em together To form a new word Rewards for your efforts Are many my friend You'll make people happy Feel love without end © Jack Ellison 2013

by Eve Roper |
Categories: cute love,

Dine and Dash

Charlie and Marley maculate giraffe
Looking immaculate with a soft laugh
Dinner at Bread and Butter
Had their stomach a flutter
Through the window they ate shocking the staff


by Robin Davis |
Categories: baby, family,

Preparing For Baby

Pink or Blue--Yellow or Red
A crib that turns into a bed
A tall giraffe and teddy bear
Soft blankets to drag everywhere

Powder for a diaper rash
A spoon for food she likes to mash
A mobile helps to keep her calm
Fluffy jammies keep her warm

Lots of bubbles in a bath
Toys so she can play and splash
Keeping teethers nice and cold
Nap time stories being told

Lots of work is being done
For this precious little one
Made from sweet and tender care
And more than enough love to share

Robin Davis
Nature category (what's more natural than having a baby )

by Elton Camp |
Categories: funny, baby, baby, mother,

A Baby Only a Mother Can Love

A Baby Only a Mother Can Love

By Elton Camp

The new baby had quite spotted skin
It was a long way up neck to his chin

He was covered with hair, head to toe
Maybe it kept the baby warm, though

His ears extended from his head so far
And his nose was wet & black as tar

His legs were disproportionately long
Though there was really nothing wrong

The mother’s feelings I properly read
For I saw her kiss him on his head

(Written after seeing a mother giraffe tending to her newborn)

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: cat, celebration,



I don't know why god created 
dream why we run like wheel 
behind fun donkey monkey have 
a kid dog and ***** tangle when 
they meet fish and butterflies 
never meet hrose 
Ride the giraffe print of leapord 
lead the jungle why trees never 
walk  it is gross when I think 
About your kiss because 
I will cry for more 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

by Okonkwo Ifeanyichukwu |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Chance To Love

Go to babies you will understand love
Merely looking at them
You hear their earthen cries that
Shows their love language
Babies are harmless
Pure beings
Filled with innocence
Their smiles is admired by
God and man
Boys running after lizards 
Girls attracted to their love toys
Forest citizens the monkey
Though ugly as claimed but
Cares for their babies without joke
As they stick to their mothers belly
The tallest forest citizen Giraffe
After birth kicks her baby severally
Until she walks around
It is not harshness
It is motherly pet for courage
Mothers are always fulfilled when
Their children are making progress.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: books,

We Encourage Reading

“Where is she?” Auntie asked. Not reading again, I hope.”
“She surely is,” her parents replied. “She is no kind of dope.”
“I want her to go out and play, travel, and make a friend.”
“Not right now,” her niece told her. “Not until I get to the end.”

“Why does she love it so?” her auntie asked, not understanding at all.
“She travels the world in her novels, she can be miniature or tall.
One day she is a pirate, the next day a giraffe or race car or an atom bomb.
We encourage it because it keeps her safe, and happy,” said her Mom.

by Marco Chies |
Categories: allegory, christmas,

This Landscape

the old man fluffed the pillow
smoothed the blankets
and lay down to sleep
hoping never to wake up
the price of gasoline is something impossible
said the nightingale to the goldfinch
have you seen how unemployment is
asked the pig to the frog
I hate noticing how it grows
the murder rate
shouted the giraffe to the beaver
eleven o'clock at night and all is well
warned the cabin boy
sore eyes from longing for love
have you noticed
that the mall is beautiful
when does christmas come?
certain that happiness lives inside a showcase
in the morning the old man woke up angry
and in the window of the tiny apartment
there were only gray clouds of rain as a landscape

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal,

I Must Be a Giraffe

I must be a giraffe
They sleep three hours a day
I wish I had his height
And his skinny legs, hey!
I would eat the leaves off that tree
And walk around with my head in the sky
I would love to be a giraffe
Oh me oh my!

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Pinwheels Lured the Giraffe

Pinwheels lured the giraffe into the wilds of Cancun.
They were twirling millions of time faster than the moon.
You are so funny! Said a bullfrog; tall, but no big buffoon.
I am glad that you said giraffe. Can you sell me a balloon?
Pinwheels are all I sell said the bullfrog. They are colorful.
Twirling around and around is their ultimate goal.
I love them so much, it is difficult to watch them go bye-bye.
Sixteen please, the giraffe said because he was not shy.

by Christopher Flaherty |
Categories: love



I live to make her Laugh
For her id ride a Giraffe
That's how much i Love Her
Id put no one else above Her
And despite the fact i have yet to meet Her
Inside i feel much better
Because despite the fact i have still not met Her
My heart is for once willing to be Patient
As in my forseable Future
I am that very Lucky Guy
That engages Beauty's Eye

by Valsa George |
Categories: animal, art, nature,

Hey Giraffe

Hey Giraffe, I wonder how tall you are! In height no other animal, on par You're the tallest of all seen so far Though not popular, to me you're a star Some think you are lean and lanky But I love you as you're never cranky None can accuse you of being whacky Shall I call you by the name Jackie? You can reach up to any tall tree Everywhere you can roam free On flatlands you're rarely seen grazing With your long neck you're amazing! Love to watch you with your head up in sky, Chewing green leaves stationed high. Flanked with a coat of tawny spots, Skilfully God has assembled your parts.

by Kaveh Afrasiabi |
Categories: love,

A Question

How can I turn from love and live?
Like slippery fish sliding through the water,
the answer evades me, not quite ready
for slaughter. 
Maybe I should turn into a canary
whose singing is its culinary, 
or a ferocious lion in savannah
with no fear of hyena, or a
long-legged giraffe who behaves
like a chief of staff. 

I'm a member of animal kingdom
not a candidate for martyrdom.
I let the bat in my heart to 
fly away to safety.

by Johnette Loefgren |
Categories: childhood, teen,

Puppy Love

caramels and carousels
and silly smiles we shared
the last time I stayed over
you told me that 
you cared.

We've always been like cousins
dancing on the wind
I thought that you would always be
just another friend

  The pretty girls all chase you
and pull your hair and laugh
you always teased and said
I had a neck like a giraffe.

You've grown so tall and handsome
like Adonis in my eyes
I never dared to think of you 
as being my life's prize

You say I have an aura
a shining in my soul
I think you have a fever
I fear you've caught a cold.

But I will take advantage 
of your sickened state to say
I'll race you to the river
for I just might win today!

by Janice Canerdy |
Categories: animal, food,

Love Those Open Windows

Though this small appetizer’s delish,
through the next open window, we wish  
to claim grass, leaves, and seeds.
That’s what each giraffe needs.
Through some windows, we see pork and fish!

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, halloween,

What Is This Halloween Thing

I love your Halloween costumes! A little boy piped up.
Iggy laughed, and coffee spilled out of Giggy’s cup.
What is this Halloween thing? Giggy asked, wondering true.
They were aliens from Planet X6, these odd little two.

Halloween! You know! The child said with a laugh.
This kid is as funny as the animals we saw yesterday – a pink giraffe!
You saw a pink giraffe! The child said You two are funny!
Until this, the aliens thought the oddest earth idea was the concept of money.

by Aa Harvey |
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A collection of Love is Poetry Giraffe

A collection of ‘Love is…’ Poetry

Love is here!
Love is now!
Got to get my hands on it!

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