Love Poems About Gerbil or Gerbil Love Poems
by Cindi Rockwell |
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Circle of Life

As a baby, love comes in soft and simple ways
A warm bottle, a hug, fresh sheet on which she lays.
The toddler, she matures, begins to fill her days
Walking so she can grab the toys with which she plays.
By five our sweetheart is eager to face school ways
The gerbil in her class never ceased to amaze.
At puberty, she's in that "I-know-it-all" phase
Any attempt at advice brings a zombie gaze.
When graduate is on her own at last all pays
She becomes a friend you happened to help to raise.
One day she'll say the thing that sets your heart ablaze:
"You're gonna be a grandma," -- one who's earned her praise!

by Thomas Harrison |
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It Is Like a Christmas Present For the Whole Family

‘It’s like a Christmas present for the whole family!’

My nephew is ecstatic about the impending birth of his new brother or sister. The baby is due in the middle of December and he, being only five and still full of wide eyed wonder at the world, sees this new member of our family as something beyond just exciting and special, but heavenly and scared, almost Godly given their arrival being near the birth of Christ. Through a knowing grin, he asked if the baby will be born in a manager. With a winning giggle, he suggested he get a cow for Christmas rather than the gerbil he wrote to Santa for.

Swaddled, warm new life,
Cradled in a mother’s arm,
A gift wrapped in love.