Love Poems About Gecko or Gecko Love Poems
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Loving Me In Another Man's Arms

She is loving me
But in another man’s arms
Her heart she says is longing for me 
Her body she lays cuddled in a man’s arms.

Her heart for me
And her body given to him
Her body she withhold from me
And her heart given to me she denies him.

She plays a love
Like a single in a double act
Her body and heart differs in love
As the clouds kiss the water, she awes the act.

But a witty spider
She entangles in her web  
A cockroach and lures a gecko, rather
The gecko preys on it and the roach tore its web. 

by Henrique Oliveira |
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Joy at the Dying of the Light

At close of day, my wild spirit sprints away 
From the barren lands where shriveled creatures quake
In fear that the night light might a desert make;
But the silent stars that witness day's decay
Gleam forever in a soft, heavenly way,
As they look down on lizard, gecko, and snake,
And all earthbound creatures that tremble and shake
When the sun ceases to shine at close of day.

But it’s when light stops shining that life begins,
For in the dark, I must love myself or die
(Too often I've sinned unforgivable sins);
So I look past the fire round which the Earth spins,
And seek out the stars behind day’s glaring sky,
Because, in the end, the good night always wins.

by Jim Tidd |
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In the morning, I shall create
a new daddy
not tired from folding five loads
picking up dozens of legos
dozens of ball bearings,
dozens of g. i. joes
hiding in the corners.
Untangling gamecube cords
and electric cords
and dvd player cords.
And why is there half-eaten sandwich
under the couch!
There will be no morning struggle
And, NO, you can’t take the gecko to school
and wait, wait. . .here’s your homework.
Why is my son wearing an orange shirt
with green pants, and socks of different hues?
Oh well, we don’t have time,
Get in the car.
Stop fighting. I said, stop fighting.
Ok, have a good day, I love you both.

by Michelle McDermin |
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My Gecko

Boy I want to take a chance with you
New paths have opened up
And I want to take these adventures with you
I feel a force that makes us think
But we think in unison
All the hours has created something
Something so fast, that I doubt it's real
When there's a gap, I can't breathe
But then my happiness takes over me
I freeze up when I see you
I don't know what to do
I want to take these adventures with you

by Newton Ranaweera |
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Moon peeped through the treetops, tiptoed to a window, knocked softly and hushed to keep his promise. ‘Chuck, chuck, chuck, ' a gecko wished; a bat dropped an oozing mango and flapped from the backyard; a curlew screamed a welcome note; a door creaked open, and they shadowed the moon.
Robert Browning's "Meeting at Night" inspired me when writing this piece.