Love Poems About Frog or Frog Love Poems
by Daniel Turner |
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When We Were Young

When we were young we loved our fairy tales
A frog could  be a prince with just one kiss
Each cloud, a boat where dreamers could set sail
Imagination was the great abyss

Too soon we grew and lost our innocence
Found out that swords are never pulled from stones
That dreams come true but only with expense 
And happy ever after's come and gone

Yet some of us still wish upon a star
Believe that rainbows come with pots of gold
Reality is life for most comes hard
And love like water runs both hot and cold

Like you I wish that fairy tales came true
But grown ups know they very seldom do

   by Daniel Turner

by The Insolent Rib |
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Love Is So Cliche

If a cat
caught my tongue
it must have been after that
in my throat
that was after those 
in my stomach

Was it vertigo
or did the earth move

I don't know
but you
are all that I need


For Bobby May's
Your Interpretation Of What Love Is Poetry Contest

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hope life is like a buttercup
cos this old fool does care
if i was there I’d kiss you but
you might object "how dare"

perhaps  I shouldn’t call the tune
and bring you to my sight
attraction brings the moth too soon
if I don’t employ it right

patience like a cattle dog
who lays there in the shade
connected not, just like the frog
before a prince was made

Francine made me do it:

Don  Johnson  15-4-11

by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: animal, love, princess,

- Haiku X 125 - Frog -

                                  the princess and frog

                                 he hid in the flowerpot

                                    her father said no

Sun :) A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

3rd place in the contest

Poem of the Week : 18.03.2018

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by Jasmine Cruz |
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This Poem Really Sucks


Timmy ate a banana and gave jim a pet frog.
Booby looked down the street at the apple
Kim told Ronnie secrets of wise men asking questions.
When does time stand moving down.

Why does gorilla`s move standing still
Can strippers clean a pose man at night
Stop in the name of garbage.
For when its told never clap your knees.

Does old dogs tell of fables on friday
When does young lads commit food
Stuff loves never dying thrust
Keep the courage to be afraid

by Marius Alexandru |
Categories: 3rd grade, cute love, kid,

What is Love, in the eyes of six years old child

A kiss from my mom each night on my forehead,
A smile and a hug when I fall, from my dad,
Forgiveness from my brother when I play with his toy-car,
or from my sister when I eat the last candy from the jar,
A lick on my cheeks from Max, my new dog,
Miss Piggy, together with Kermit The Frog.

The hands of my grandfather throwing me up high,
The grandmother's pear compote or her sweet apple pie.
Lucas, my neighbor when he brings me his cat
Olivia, my cousin, letting me borrow her beautiful red hat.
The rain when we jump, just for fun, in the mud,
A soft blow on my scars, bandages for blood.

by john williams |
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Froggy Love Song

A young green frog
Strumming on a log,
His warbling sounds
Singing words of love.

Strumming and a crooning
He warbled long,
About the moon and the stars,
In his lovebird song.

He also sung about
His wetlands home,
Singing and a plucking
On his swampy roam.

Taken in by the sounds
Of this sweet melody,
Another green frog,
Swaying in her tree.

Love arrows bounced
Between the two,
The pounding of their hearts
Just grew and grew.

Now they sit together
On a large lily pad,
He now sings songs,
About being a dad.

by Diana-Marie Bombardieri |
Categories: love,


she winks with her right
and sounds her most tuneful croak
yet, he sits unmoved

she tries her fly skills
which should impress any frog
yet, he does not flinch

she gets impulsive
takes a leap onto his pad
yet, not even warts

she is all wound up
she hops away insulted
it is so his loss 

April 25, 2012
Diana-Marie Bombardieri
CONTEST - lilly-pads and frogs - LeeAnn Sidney

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: childhood, family, introspection, love


To the Build-A-Bear Store
With granny in tow
Do you remember?

What was you four?
Say you remember
Only one or two

Well maybe  three
Still sitting upon
Granny's knee

When we opened
The door to
The place

Why it was a
Virtual zoo
Animals wasting

To be filled 
Waiting to be glued(sewn)
First you

Had to put a
Heart from
The very start

Then you
Pressed the
Button and 

Filled the
Animal with

Then she
Sewed him

But he had 
No clothes
You got

To pick them
Out from
500 different ones

You picked 
A camoflauged

Outfit just
For your

Green frog
Which you

I remember

by Stephen Barry |
Categories: absence, bereavement, childhood, death, growing up, mother son,

List of Ma

Mary Poppins
Glinda the Good Witch
Final curtain call
1000 acre wood
The Irish Jew
Most important women
Unconditional love
Kind, Gentle
Generous, Selfless
Protector, especially
Against great odds
Wide mouth Frog
Costume maker
Self made Women
Bright side of the road
House at Pooh corner
Second hand Rose
Wizard of OZ
Roots and wings

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It begins life as a tadpole
Uncanny resemblance to a sperm!
Therefore I wonder how much of our (my) DNA
Is shared with the humble frog.
Why am I so ebullient under water?
Donned in lycre!
I float and float.
I let the water take over my core;
My soul anchored 
To the shores of the azure pool.
In the vast oceans,
My soul ebbs and flows.
The coral reef like an iridescent womb;
Smothers the fish eggs, then the fish. 
Moonbeams cast an exquisite spell on the rivers deep.
I catch my own reflection in the river and smile.
I am a woman of water. 
The particles of my DNA
Of water and water alone.

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: holiday, husband, love, wife,

Valentine Exchange

a limerick

No longer sweehearts, but I need a gift.
For just a day can we forego our rift?
You get me a puppy dog;
I'll buy you a marble frog.
On Valentine morn, exchange will be swift.

I'll treasure the frog, hand-picked and hand made;
you'll dote on your puppy without charade.
The gifts are no bother
we'll share with each other.
Just be glad, I didn't choose a grenade.


by João Camilo |
Categories: love,

I love you

Yes, yes, yes. I must hear every second,
Doesn’t the sunlight warm every day?
Breathe and then, do again, you can say,
Louder than the jumping frog in the pond,
Faster than the bumblebee roaming around:
I will never be tired to listen to the sound:
“I love you”, as you first see me in morning
And speak once more, with a wide smile.
Then linger: my answer may take a while,
We also wait a year for the arrival of spring.
The first dart of Cupid may became the last
if I hear “I love you” as I did in the past.

by iolanda Scripca |
Categories: funny,

Frog In Limbo

So here I am -  Reincarnated
No more keeping up with Joneses
Free at last ! ... forgetting though:
They love to eat frog legs for dinner...

I was given a challenge to write a short poem by looking at a picture of a frog... :)

by Rockman Pritts |
Categories: nature,

Frog On A Lily Pad

He croaks as he waits
Calling for love from his pad
She answers the call

Rockman :-)

For the Haiku: Lily-pads And Frogs by Sidney LeeAnn

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, mirror, romance, romantic,

Always beautiful queen

Do you know darling 
to treat one with respect
loving most precious jewel
Through light of rainbows
one royal gem kissing fingertips
Queen fluttering lashes
flowing ruby rich 
in silent waves
straight to the golden chambers
melting chocolate sweetly your eyes 
Mead flows vintage pure 
loving until the end diamond 
In friendship joking around
hopping down of a helicopter
dressed in a frog suit 
Running over catching and kissing you
the never ending joy 
is to have the wild and free beautiful lady
dancing to a beautiful tune 
inside on the pathways of my mind

by Michael Byte |
Categories: absence

love inside my heart

Many moons have shown
While my soul was gloom.
Now I have joy within 
That goes beyond the moon
And further than end of universe.

A smile fill my day
As I see my love
By my side for life.
My heart like a frog
Jumping from my chest
As I kiss her lips.
My eyes sparkle bright
Full of a hidden joy
That has emerged 
From deep down inside.
No more gloom 
With my Juliet at side.

by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love,


                               CHINESE SECRET LOVERS

                                      Bold frogs croak 
                                 Garden pond danger watch
                                      Carp smile deep

                                         Lovers halt
                          Frog-beckoned silkworms weave
                                        Worlds vanish

Victoria Anderson-Throop    ©1/3/13

by Kallie Mason |
Categories: sad

Useless Things

A body without the blood,
the Earth without mud.
A butterfly without wings,
a man without  fling.

Love without a heart,
a store without a cart.
A cat without a purr,
a vision without a blurr.

Pink without the red,
a person without a bed.
A smile without teeth,
a frog without it's feet.

A tear without a cry,
a shot without a die.
Me without blue,
the world without you.

-Kallie Mason

by Sonia Walker |
Categories: humor,


froggy went courting 
on a sultry summer day
his flowers wilted.

by Tamra Amato |
Categories: depression


Out of the dark, dark cavern
off the worn corner of my bed.
Most minutes are free from 	
the words, dead, dead, dead.
Amazed to take a shower
then walk the dog,
I want to play, kiss a prince, love a frog.
Even get dressed up and comb my hair.
Go out looking normal,
see if I’m “all there.”
When did I start singing?
When did joy leap—
into the arms of wonder
above the dark
above the deep?


by John Boak |
Categories: love, i love you,


In the office I am the top dog
But with you I feel like an enchanted frog
Waiting for true love's magical kiss
From the lips of the lady I want to please

In the office I give the orders
But for you I would cross dangerous borders
I'd be willing to obey whatever you say
Just tell me loyla and I'll do it your way

In the office I give all the instructions
But I will do anything to win your affection
For you my sweet lady  everything I will toss
Because  I love you angel, you are my boss

by Lei Strauss |
Categories: anger,

Never Say No

I met this frog face girl in our school!
Socially mean and so uncool.
Fond of seeing someone in despair,
Guess her heart is so impaired!

Laughs like an evil when she strikes,
Making faces to someone she dislikes.
Can’t forget that girl with glasses,
Usually see her with bunch upper classes.

Tell you what I’m not afraid!
I’m a prissy well prepared.
You’re a stopper in a show!
You love being applauded in a slow…

You want to drag us in a shame!
Guess I’m not that usual lame.
Watch it out coz I’ll set the show!
Never ever say that it is NO!

by njeri hunjeri |
Categories: fun,

How to treat a criminal

I shouldn't be writing in my current state of mind
I shouldn't be typing, my fingers are all blind
Life is good over here, am falling like a log
Afraid to have balloons pop on my face, I'd cry like a frog

The pastor and his wife are so drunk
I shouldn't be feeling guilty, all is fun and funk
The treadmill over there, a life support for him
Has broken glasses all over, talk of a gym

The weather so beautiful as I sit over here in my cozy blanket
I shouldn't be writing about criminals, it's my bad habit
Of avoiding socialization, but I love integration
How to treat me, maybe an intervention