Love Poems About Fondness or Fondness Love Poems
by Lu Loo |
Categories: emotions, lost love, passion,

Time To Let You Go

Beneath the sunlit sky I see your face, and in that moment you reveal your touch- I feel the way you’ve mastered your embrace, and through the night your passion is as such. Above the twilit moon I need your kiss, I beg of you to keep my secret safe- For when away your fondness I do miss, and as we said we need our tender faith. The way the spark is lit beneath the sheets, reveals the gentle ways you swiftly trace my body like a sketch down to my feet, for in your arms is where I leave my lace. Before the Lord made man you loved me so- But now it’s time for me to let you go. October 21, 2016

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: first love, memory,

Bittersweet Memories

Those memories of her, now bittersweet
Recalling tender moments that we shared
Young lovers' dreams which time can not defeat
Is proof down deep inside how much I cared

My pining heart still yearns for yesterday
To taste those honey kisses once again
Her dark brown eyes that always seemed to say
The love she had for me would never end

But that is where my recollection fades
As fate stepped in and steered her love away
The passing years created such a haze
What caused our love to die has now decayed

I wonder if she ever thinks of me
With fondness, like my treasured memories

  an original poem by Daniel Turner

by Joe Flach |
Categories: uplifting,

Echoes of the Heart

The pounding of my heart Echoes in my ears Of the things that made it beat All throughout the years The fondness for my friends Echoes back to me Some of whom I've known For half a century The pattering lover’s beat Echoes in my soul A rhythm that sounds so sweet From the girl who makes me whole The fatherly, thumping sound Echoes throughout the house From the love for our children In tandem with my spouse The echoes of your heart Will put a smile upon your face As long as it beats From being in the right place

by Isabella Seccombe |
Categories: loveheart, heart, lonely, love,


He did not love her, yet she adored him. 
For the naive soul who fell all alone,
Ablaze with a fiery yearn for him,
Her Fondness met with a heart of cold stone.

Wept as the fire died, saw embers of him.
The embers burnt black, and she became scarred.
Discovered merely hatred within him,
The truth was unveiled and her heart was charred. 

To be lonely in love is to suffer,
No solace in solitude it is grim,
Dreams are lonely with only one owner,
She wants to share her dream of love with him.

To love him, to love you, is all I ask
Let my heart find peace and remove my mask.

by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, passion,

The Fascination of Aspiration

Sincere lingering
     brought forth by proclivity
       infatuation fondness

       Flowers in mid-spring
    brought forth by simplicity
you are my constant conquest


Abrupt appetite
    brought forth by fascination
       devoted eagerness dwells

       Sweet scent, penetrate
   brought forth by aspiration	
laying down while you compel

~Written By: Laura Loo~
~Date Written: March 12, 2016~

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: faith, inspirational, introspection, lifelove,

All These Things and More!

Alive today, in this time, undeserving, yet, I am blessed…
By His divine mercy
By His eternal love
With a resolute faith 
With a loving family 
With special friends – a few
With hands yearning to heal
With a gift of verse -sometimes
With a gift of stitching - therapeutic
With a spirit for sharing
With a penchant for nature – no reptiles 
With a special love for roses
With a beautiful smile that welcomes 
With great fondness for the sea shore 
With an incredible love for books and music
With a heart that loves unconditionally
With eyes that still see some good
For all these things-everything and 

*Note:  For Dane-Ann's "Count Your Blessings" Contest

by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: love, sunset,

In the Heart of a Moonlit Smile - a Collaboration With Connie

In the heart of a moonlit smile,
as the sky is alight with fire,
I behold a woman of style,
in sunset she shines with desire.
a love-light glow upon her face, 
her temple shining so divine,
I hold close, her Heavenly grace,
with angelic love, she does shine.

A man of great integrity
whose fondness for the twilight hour,
is shared with me in unity
in grandeur of nature's power.
The stars reflected in his eyes
enchants my soul upon this night,
we gaze in love, with moonlit skies
as crickets serenade 'til light.

As always, Connie, it is an honour to share words with you on the Soup. you always make our collaborations sing. Stay safe.

by Daniel Cheeseman |
Categories: love

I Hope You Will

Gone, will you miss
That so special kiss
Words for your ear
That heartfelt tear

Will memory retain
Or with time wane
Will nights be cold
Of dreams yet untold

The bed a lonely place
Will you miss that face
Miss those gazing eyes
Cry those empty skies

Miss the sweet caress
Of lips first tenderness
Reflect and linger on
Of me when I'm gone

A question we all ponder
In quiet times we wonder
Will you remember me
In fondness of memory

by Tonye George |
Categories: adventure, beach, beauty, cool, cute love, nature, poetry,


I spring alone with forgotten memories and shattered letters, I waltz through every landscape, I leap unendingly, sprinkling imprints of my fondness as rippled dunes and filtered secrets. I am passion and chaos, beauty and power, I jog in hair ice and frost flowers, stroking my lover jealous. I pour out shields of ideas and inspirations, gently on your soul when I fondle through her arms. And when we clash, I become a dust devil, I swirl like Turnado in heights splashing debris into your eyes leading to tumultuous storms.

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: appreciation, inspirational love, january, seasons, winter,

Winter's Cold

Winter’s breath sighs splendor, Causing love’s surrender, Bleeding fondness and grace, Love is no pretender, Soft warmth you can’t erase. Winter’s breath sighs splendor, Stirring faith so tender, Joy seeps into the soul, Wonders God shall render, Silence who can console. Winter’s breath sighs splendor, True love won’t offend her, Love survives the bitter, A chill that could end her, This love is no quitter. Winter’s breath sighs splendor, Dusk’s dreams, though so slender, Abide inside to grieve, Love is the heart’s mender, Through the cold, just believe!

by Shane Cooper |
Categories: joy, love,

Loves Reality

Fills me with joy
And my heart races
When I hear your sweet voice
And soft words of affection
So tender and full of fondness
My soul takes wing and soars high above
Boundless and eternal love I pledge you

by Allie Lusha |
Categories: love

Love Knows No Distance

Each stars relentless splendour charts a
course to keep the path of true love shining
To bring you ever closer under the velvet
skies of universal moonlight. 
Distance shows no mercy. 
Longing never subsides. 
Absence spreads its cruelty with each turning
Hanging by a thread of feeling that wings its
way on the word of love. 
Undiminished by the passing times fondness
ever stronger there of.......

by Mark Peterson |
Categories: trust,

That Which Lasts

Common little treasures,
lying still upon the shelves
or hidden in the corner of
of a near forgotten drawer— 
all these surround me now—
brand new once and
gazed upon with fondness still.
Though scratched, chipped
and tarnished, each performs
its daily task—offering no complaint.
I love and trust them all the more.

by Victor Chavez |
Categories: love,

You May Not Believe Me

you may not believe me nor in my faith,
But I'll be there always till ends our fate
Together by stars predestined and God. 
May my all I hope you accept though odd.

With my heart and soul I love you ,my dear ,
Whose affection I'll whisper in your ear.
Your silence frightens me. I wish you saw
With what fondness I do hold you in awe .
With my heart and soul I love you, my dear.

by Tucker Carwile Jr |
Categories: lost love, me,

Your Best

After tonight,
                              will you know my face
                            Or am I just a trophy for your wall.
                            Will I be remembered with fondness,
                                or distrust.

                            Don't compare me with your last,
                               remember me as your best

by Free Byrd |
Categories: love, world, me,

Love At First Party

Meeting you, Opend a new world in me

a world that with out you I might never see

love...never thought it would be worth being a member

Yet a fondness ignited, like a burning ember

A night to remember with all my might 

Your beautys got me twisted and im high as a kite

We partyed untill morning sun shown

You left me with a feeling like i had just flown

by S.Jagathsimhan Nair |
Categories: love,

Limbless Love 1

Limbless Love

Light gone and then sound,
Romancing darkness at hand,
I cheat night again,
Courting your formless fondness
Embracing  your  love, limbless.

@ 05/ Nov/2012 

S.Jagathsimhan Nair

For PD's Any November poem contest.

by Roger Page |
Categories: lost lovelife,


Remember her face you knew so well
You were in love, she rang your bell
Remember the way her hair just flowed
She made life easy, lightened your load
Remember her eyes glowed green then blue
They seemed to change when she looked at you!
Remember the times you spent together
Running through fields of deep blue heather
Remember the walks on golden sand
Hours would pass holding her hand
Remember the way she’d make you cross
Was it because she was the boss?
Remember the way you’d kiss and cuddle
She’d sort you out when life was a muddle
Remember her now with fondness and cheer
Now more than ever, now she’s not here!

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: heart, jealousy, kiss, longing, love, lust, romance, sexy,

A Jealous Menage a Trois

Another Lover beneath our covers,
So many limbs entwined!
Does he prefer me, or the other;
Does he know how much I pine
For his touches; tender kisses?
A secret battle for his embraces,
For his fondness, my Heart, it wishes!
And for our mate to be displaced...

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: dog, farewell,

Remember Kedo With a Smile - Elegy Ontest

Remember your days with fondness
The days you romped in the park
The times you were cross
When running off was a lark
He was a skinny nervous runt
That your love and tender care put right
Was loved unconditionally
As he loved you with all his might.
He was old and full of problems
Kept going for you that’s all
Being his best pal and letting go
Was for you a massive sacrifice call
Remember him full of bounce
Tongue hanging out  because he’d run
Was that a smile on his face
To him you were his lifes sun

His mistress his best friend.
Remember Kedo with a smile

Penned on October 25th 2013

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: friendship, life, love, native american, heart, heart, me,

My Brave Warrior

You ask nothing in return
Yet I feel a question in your heart does burn
 Are you from my past
Are we together again at last
This is something I do not know
And the spirits fail to let me know
But you my warrior have honored me 
 And my people the Cherokee
We share a space and time
But that's all it can be
For with my heart song is where I must be
But my brave warrior know this to be true
You will always have a place in my heart
For I have a great fondness for you

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: analogy,

Love Analogy

Love is a feeling that embraces you at least once.
Stirring a lot of feelings in your heart and mind.
Fondness is appreciating without missing.
Surpass threshold between both emotions whirlwind.

Nayda Ivette

by Serge Lyrewing |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love, metaphor, poets, symbolism, sympathy,

We'Re Echo By Robert Rozhdestvensky

The sky will be covered 
with nighty stardust
The branches of trees become springy
For a thousand miles I will hear you , we're just...
We're echo
we're echo
we are a long echo each other, we're wingy.

Wherever you are
it is not very hard
(Love calls us again making mental)
I'll easily touch you with my tender heart,
We're fondness 
we're fondness
we're eternal fondness each other, we're gentle.

And even in space 
of a cold creeping dark
beyond deadly range out of border
I won't part with you, we won't quench our spark,
We're memory
we're memory
we're memory each other in Celestial order.

P.S. This is my translation of poem by Robert Rozhdestvensky.

by Megan Green |
Categories: lovelove,


1 Love is such a big thing to be described in one word.
2 So much meaning behind it, so many kinds.
3 Eros love, Physical love. Only in for self-benefit, not real love at all.
4 Philos love, mental love. Where love is patient and friendship extends.
5 Storge love, affectionate love. Fondness and awareness of brothers and sisters. 
6 Agape love, unconditional love. Where everything is selfless, give and not take.
7 Love is such a big thing to be described in one word.
8 I didn’t know the meaning of love.
9 Not until ‘he’ came into my life, my mind, my memories.
10 Not until ‘he’ became, my life, my mind, my memories.

by Reva Mae |
Categories: beautiful, love, rose,

Bed of Roses

In a bed of roses.
I felt the sweetest touch,
The coolness of its petals,
The thickness of its thorns.

In a bath of roses.
The warmth of the water,
the scent of its face,
the popping of the bubbles,
the way it moves with me.

In a room full of roses.
I feel the love in the air,
I see their redness everywhere,
Happiness and fondness through me,
its just a special place to me.

With all these beautiful roses.
I know that I'm loved.
I will keep this moment in my heart,
Something so tender to me, 
Hope we'll never fall apart.