Love Poems About Flounder or Flounder Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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Fragmented Fantasies

Crushed under the hand of fate, misery shadows my day. For looking into your eyes, I saw hope crumbling away. Fragmented fantasies morphed into long-forgotten fears. And dreams began to flounder, in a sea of fallen tears. When feelings felt out of place, suspicions began to rise. And yet, ignoring the truth, I closed my eyes to your lies. But now that you have left me, my whole world's falling apart. And I don't know what to do, or even worse, where to start. (Quatrain) 10/21/2015

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: mystery, spiritual,

Our Soul Weeps

In the ethereal domain 
Ascended masters we revere are seen
Thus soul’s ascension seems endless
Is the clear knowing from this that we glean

We are as yet in a primitive stage
Myriad fears and desires still bemuse
Awareness stuporous, we flounder in darkness
Falling prey every time, to ego’s ruse

Of what use are scriptures, if we heed them not
All that’s asked of us is we learn to love
The path too has been clearly mapped out
Let head meld with heart, acting hand in glove

We are ignorant, knowing not who we are
We’re fearful to let go of lower mind
Tragic it is, we know not we’re living light
To glory of our soul, we remain blind


by Paula Swanson |
Categories: faith,

Rise Above

Wipe away acrid tears of yesterday, unchain the unforgiving guilt inside. Listen, for a moment, to what I say. You must, to yourself, open your heart wide. Allow His lasting love to be your guide, flounder not in the sea of broken souls. Rise above. Feel His love. Heal, become whole.
Paula Swanson For the contest: Rhyme Royal Sponsored by Dr. Ram

by Jacob Cra |
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Flounder From the Little Mermaid

I am Flounder, wild and young.
I flap my fins and love to have fun.
And sometimes when I eat bad algae,
I make the water a little bit bubbly!

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: heartbreak, hope, love, relationship, youth,

Like Any Miracle

Wisdom is tethered to time, but patience is new to youth. And juvenile emotions seek flattery more than truth. When passions flounder, hopes drown on shallow shoals of remorse. And navigating through lies, love begins to drift off course. Feeling lost and unwanted; life is anything but fun. And devastating your heart; trust fades away till there's none. A few fledgling feelings flex wings of hope despite despair. And although intangible, you still handle them with care. The subtle fabric of love is an emotional weave. And like any miracle, all you can do is believe.

by Vivienne Blake |
Categories: break up, depression, lost love, recovery from,

Rubayiat of Lost Love

Hopelessness attempts to drive me under,
despair to take me down, break me asunder
but loss of love can never quite defeat
or drown, or mercilessly leave to flounder
for I am not yet ready to retreat
or cede to your demands  nor yet entreat
your mercy, plead with you for one more chance
pander to your ego, giant conceit.

This feisty lady’s finished with romance
You have already led her quite a dance,
offended her, disgusted her with love.
She will no longer give a second glance.

Written and posted 29.8.14 at

by Jai Garg |
Categories: lifeheart, heart,

Crimson Fever

A piece of you to crush in rubs,
Tender heart in fury and snubs,
Lies in wait to cajole in cues,
As night sparkles to various hues;

I would fleece you with temptation,
Aflame delight in sensation,
Grapple your heart to touch my passion,
Before we shed our confusion;

Ebbed nausea within my desire,
Ignites to burn loves fire,
Timid in total surrender,
In love debase each offender;

Paint moments red with raptures,
Let you flounder in captures.

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: spiritual,

Paradise Call

Pampered like a child, Lord, your grace
Abounds in my heart; and on my face,
Reverence for you beams with gratitude
Affording me with a humble attitude.
Demonstrating your eternal blessing
Imbuing in me a warm ethereal feeling 
Soliciting solace and heavenly happiness
Eliminating my worldly woes and stress;

Come, when I walk through a dark valley
And flounder in shadows and back alley,
Light up my life with faith, love and hope
Lord, give me courage and strength to cope.

~Contest: A Brian strand August - Acrostic
~Acrostic/Quatrain contest by Savannah Brown

by Joe Dinki |


My mother’s pain followed me
	that Summer,
	like a June bug descending.
	in a misty July reign.
	Pervasive like a sieve.
	Her inertia was infectious.
	A muddle as I breathed,
	in line, I was,
	for a movie I
	saw a million times
	never got to see...

	Gene Hackman combed his hair
	to one side to relate a
	tail of whoa!
	Whoa, hold on there Gene --
	it all falls from grace,
	from providence!

	They placed you on
	that set in a bad
	turtle-neck sweater,
	such nasty foul weather,
	tumbled that ship to flounder.
	A mood turned upside
	But you didn’t
	drown a sunder.
	I did.
	Awash in love,
	from someone above;
	it swelled to pull
	me under.

by Effie Blake |
Categories: hope, life, love,

A Flounder Matured

second best turned out
to be my first. i'm as
happy as mint tea.

by Caycay Jennings |
Categories: confusion, desire, devotion, emotions, romantic love, sorrow, truth,

Pale Shelter

Your words and gestures reflect
no measure in your aloof eyes
to soothe my pallid insecurities.

I flounder thru perception errors
as you voice feel like grand favors.

I wish to know love's florid flush
in confidence blooms clearly rosy
not cloudy tenders floating doubts
where you repeatedly pose me.

Be it splendid or crumbling despair,
my need craves your heart's reveal.

Whether I reside cruelly splintered
or dwell in love's fueled contentment,
let me enter your genuine sector.

... CayCay
December 1, 2019

by Timothy Kendall |
Categories: anger, conflict, daughter, love, peace,

Keep Playing the Songs

Grasping her ticket, she's had since Christmas, in delicate hand.
"Will it still be on Dad?"
and with a forced smile I reply,
"Yes my love"
They can't murder song or fun
with nail bomb or gun
They'll only make the lyrics stronger,
the encores longer,
the clapping louder,
the cheering prouder.
But as I pull her near to hide the tears in her father's eyes that she has never encountered,
when the night arrives will I flounder?
Will I let the bastards win,
and give in to doubt that my beliefs put my child in danger?
Then what message does this send her,
that cowardice is stronger than love and peace and freedom?
We must go on.
Keep playing the songs.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

Whoop Whoop For Love

Whoop, whoop I'm in love with love It's the only thing that really matters Everything else goes on totally unabated And can leave our minds in tatters But uttering the word love to people Most times they'll melt and blubber They get flustered and turn a crimson red Flounder like a ship with no rudder It's a basic instinct with all living things We think that we're superior It's the common bond that unites us all There's no real motive ulterior The propagation of the whole human race Is the basic reason for love But it's evolved as more in us *****sapiens As a time-honored act from above

by Wayne Wysocki |
Categories: first love, humor, love,

Puppy Love

by Wayne Wysocki

Put some money in the KITTY,
Better DUCK, 'cause I'm not LION,

I won't CLAM up
Or FLOUNDER around,
I'm gonna HOUND you;

Mind your own BEE'S WAX;
Is bound to get your GOAT,

Is a TIGER by the tail,
But lots of fun;
And you are the one.

by Robb A. Kopp |
Categories: food, sea

Love Goes Around

I love shark, bass, ling, king, and flounder 
They make me a little rounder

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights reserved ©MMX

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

Whoop Whoop For Love

Whoop whoop I'm in love with love It's the only thing that really matters Everything else goes on totally unabated And can leave our mind in tatters But uttering the word love to people Most times they'll melt and blubber They get flustered and turn a crimson red Flounder like a ship with no rudder It's a basic instinct with all living things We think that we're superior It's the common bond that unites us all There's no real motive ulterior The propagation of the whole human race Is the basic reason for love But it's evolved in us *****sapiens To an act that is honoured above © Jack Ellison 2013

by Mapulemla C Imsong |
Categories: introspection, universe,


In time and space, I flounder
The universe knows not my name
My verses neither enlightened 
Nor delighted souls,
Of love and hope,
I gave them not a glimpse.
My fingers forever entwined 
With invisible ink
Aches for a peak into 
The secrets of the mind,
Spy for a chance masterpiece,
But alas!the theatre is sealed.
The universe whispers the names 
Of bards you so love,
But it knows not my name
To you, I am just anonymous.

by Niall Cuddy |
Categories: dark, good morning, growing up, symbolism,

100 Crooked Footsteps

Early in the morning
And insatiable 
A drifter on the dock
Washes what was once 
The stain of love.

100 crooked footsteps
I flounder
Under the hail
From beach to door

With a painful thrust
I dream of Julie
As branches danse
To a witches brood

I shake a stick
And ask what am I
Am I not happy?
I am of age

Yet beauty’s fatal kiss
Docks itself
100 crooked footsteps
From my door

Crow faster
Crow stronger

by Paula Larson |
Categories: nature, thank you

Leaf Rights

Did you ever thank the leaf
for all the beauty they bequeath.
You grumble, putting them aside
while in your own heart, lies deride!

Oh natures wonder ~ still have pride
then put assunder heaps of chide
so given, now in glory hide
the leaf as blunder, thee as stride!

So humble dunder, thus denied
must love the leaves, once green, now dried,
to scoop in flounder from reside
leaf rights a bummer, so decried!

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: fear, freedom, love, spiritual,

Fear of Freedom

Anchored in patterns, we flounder about, trauma bonding with pain, claiming not joy, enslaved by ego that our soul does grout, in state of stupor, fall prey to it’s ploy, strangely fear of freedom, making us coy. Path’s easy, affirmed again and again, simply align with love, cleansing soul’s stain, drawing in bliss, cascading day and night, erasing bondage to lower mind chain, whence in-pours grace, granting spherical sight. 30-January-2022

by Paula Swanson |
Categories: faith

What Joy Is Weeping

For what joy is weeping
whilst feeling bitter within
Wash thou soul of darkness
Thy heart, cleanse of sin

look thou upon Him
who looks down from the cross
He didn't die for himself
but for love of those lost

For all man does flounder
within thy faith that they see
For temptations and trials
shall be cast upon thee

Thy strength, from heaven above
Thou shall cry out faithfully
Wittness that He loves us all
Now thou weeps joyfully

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love,

Heed Loves Voice

Heed love’s voice, conscience whispering Else flounder in darkness Pure of heart feel bliss throbs spearing Aligned with That oneness Ego stalks us in stealth Yielding dwindles soul’s health Love divine, our sole wealth There’s no choice Heed love’s voice 04-March-2022 Quietus

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: life,

The Hand We're Dealt

We all must play the hand we’re dealt
And many folks’ve surely felt
That most unfairly they’ve been whacked
By cards that somehow have been stacked.

Still, there are those that rise above
And focus on the things they love,
While others flounder first, then sink.
(There must be more of those, I think.)

Yet as the game of life plays out,
The future always filled with doubt,
Some winners lose and losers win,
For that’s the way it’s always been.

by Ankita Ahuja |
Categories: deep, for him, heartbreak, love,

Words Shroud My Memory

Words shroud my memory 
Of late spring that we broke
The glasses of wine 
With beauty so bespoke

Words shroud my memory
Of the time we last met
The benign soul 
The beat within...

Words shroud my memory
Of love that remains
Lost in ponder
A vacuum it creates 

Words shroud my memory 
The last moment we met
The capering towers
Of a heart deep within

Words shroud my memory
For the eternal love we share
I stare at you
As life sways away 

I flounder in resonance 
To keep your thoughts alive
Knowing someday 
I will plunder my soul 
To keep yours alive...

My words shroud my memory ...

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy, love, muse,

Delusion To Illumination

Discontent with the way things are we flounder about seeking joy and to this end we strive and spar but cavings of ego decoy, so rudderless we drift afar. Transfixed by diverse forms we see, we're in a state of hypnosis; nurturing lust, our soul's at sea. Prayer proffers the prognosis ~ head and heart should with love agree. Renouncing thus every excuse, thoughts rested, we choose cessation, succumbing not to ego’s ruse, we align with love’s vibration; rapture of bliss becomes our muse. 17-October-2022 HMS, Rhymezone, PS, Grammar THREE STANZA POEM IN QUINTAIN (SICILIAN) Poetry Contest Sponsor: L Milton Hankins