Love Poems About Finch or Finch Love Poems
by Ann Roske |
Categories: autumn, nature,

Loving the Lion

will not kill
the queen- yellow
lion feed the bee.
Survival rides upon
the wind, the child's breath scatters
seed.  Gold finch come, a banquet set
feast before summer 's demise.  Love the
lion and her seed, love the yellow weed. 

by Steven Federle |
Categories: april, bird, love, spring,

Evening Meditation

Our apple tree is exuberant tonight,
its white blossoms flare within emerald shades 
of our big cottonwoods,

and the flashing red finch descends
busy among the bursting white flames, 
when suddenly, by a small boy enraptured,
it poses as the guardian halcyon.

Love in April is like this, 
measured in flashes
of red wings in trees
and scored in lines of 
molten sunlight, pouring
through our knotty fence
into the silky darkness 
of our star drenched night

by andy thomson |
Categories: betrayal, bird, heart, love, science, time, visionary,

Unconditional Love

(Unconditional* Love)

I will love you forever
Because I’ve said it
Makes it so

There is nothing
That can change this
If spacetime doesn’t flow

It feels like a reality
But might be
In my mind

To your faults
I am accepting
Occasionally blind

If my thoughts
Have strayed
It has only been an inch

Love’s happier
In cages
Like a heart or nervous finch

by Jude Chukwuemeka |
Categories: happinessme, daffodils,


When I see the trees sway with joy
And the hills stand on their ears
I’ll pay the piper to play a tune
Mankind making music and wine.

At the arrival of a new-born child
Let the daffodils clap their hands
Let the willows sing hallelujah songs
O sweetness, laughter, love and life!

A shower of confetti falls from the sky
As the concerto dips for a vinyl spin
Happy hearts take to the dance floor
With diamond smiles on each face.

O ecstasy, take me far away!
Aloof from agony and pain
Hide me inside the palm of the moon
So I can forever sing like a finch.

by jennifer hedrickfinch |
Categories: lifebetrayal,


An Invitation of Thoughts
Angels, dare not enter;
for our city prides on greed and hate.
Fear takes betrayal without heed, 
A means to an end.

Our Soul holds more importance,
rather than our indulgences "need".
In the heart of the beast, 
reigns the seed of decency.
Bankrupted sorrow, and despair 
becomes tomorrow's healing nature.
Heavens peace only comes from within,
not on a faithless belief.

A brief chance to believe that in time, 
our spirit will strenghten, 
rekindling humanity's faith in god;
and our love for him.
Jennifer Debra-Lynn Hedrick-Finch 
Copyright ©2009  Jennifer Debra-Lynn Hedrick

by Quazi Johirul Islam |
Categories: 7th grade,


By Quazi Johirul Islam

I am back to New York after four days
She embraced me with her wide opened arms
Offered love but I don’t find the old charms 
I’m back, in an unknown place no one stays.
Someone must have raped my beloved town
Scars are palpable on her subtle face 
I'm shocked who took away the green-glace  
She is pale and her esteem is so down.

I have found upside down gold-finch-body
Holding sky by her dried and tinny feet
No one else but the death has offered greet
Precious one became now cheap and shoddy.
Chilly air whispers death now everywhere
Evil vibe in the dark I feel the snare.

New York, USA. 6 March 2019 

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: god, love,

Love does not flinch

Love does not flinch, if beguiled look away
Heart aglow, to music divine it sways
Veering not off course, even by an inch
Seeking no victories, it needs to clinch
Vibrant emptiness, lets God have His way

Each cell and pore of form, devoutly prays 
Gods love and light the all, as our mainstay
For vaporised presence, this path a cinch
Love does not flinch

Recognising weary souls, go astray
Love enablement, makes life but a play
Inner alignment, does the love pulse winch
Vibrant is-ness, symbolic of a finch
Colourful rainbow, erasing all grey 
Love does not flinch


by Lisa Milligan |
Categories: love,


Lemon brightness in my eyes

to warmer climes in winter he flies

it’s in his nature to choose his wife

instinctively choosing to mate for life

fidelity causes some men to flinch

they could learn a thing or two from

my finch