Love Poems About Fencing or Fencing Love Poems
by James Fraser |
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Blue Lagoon Delight

Oiled and bronzed
In cupped pose
Her wetted hair
The want in me grows

Against the moonlight
Beside the blue lagoon
Her curves of delight

She turns her head
As she looks into my eyes
Sultry and steamy
On the cooling sands we lie

Tethered together
By capturing arms
Under the light of the moon
We share our charms

In sync we caress
With the sounds of the waves
Our tongues fencing
As our lips crave

Two become one
On this moonlit night
The love of two
In wonderful delight

We arise from the sands
Beside the blue lagoon
Walking home hand in hand
Our hearts in loving bloom

by Yvette Lisa Ndlovu |
Categories: love, passion,

Kindle the Fire

  Windows to the soul locked. Fencing in the juvenile lamb and the seasoned fox.
                                       The key cast off. The blinds closed.
                                      Shading him from my veiled darkness. 

                                       His castle in the air ever so light. 
                          Blown by the twinkle which playfully waltzed in my ball.
                                      A voracious inferno ignited in a gentle lamb. 

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by stephen pennell |
Categories: fun,

Just for the Rose

Making wishes on Dandelions in the moon light.
Knights on white chargers, oh what a sight. 
Two good looking princes having a fight. 
Swords drawn and fencing under starlight.

A ballet performed for the man in the moon. 
A singer serenades you can't help but swoon.
Ballerinas dance with stars to a beautiful tune.
All done with silhouettes against a full moon. 

Hand written love letters in  flowing prose.
Flowers and chocolates wrapped up with bows.
I will stay with you for the highs and the lows. 
All for the favour of a girl called rose. 

by Rosanna Tarsiero |
Categories: allegory, confusion, introspection, love, on writing and words, visionary,


I speak 
to you in
verses, fencing
for my life

From the crevasses of 
my shaken 
soul come about lost 
voices I neglected
to hear, fragments
of piercing awareness I
forgot, deranged 
feelings wrapped around my 
throat like 
a silk scarf forcing
me to breathe deliberately, disorganized
nonsense pouring
out of my buzzing
brain sweeping
away everything
I believed

Chunks of lucid
thoughts emerge braving
the weather, survivors 
in a stormy 
ocean of overwhelm

I am left
among the bewildering 
remains of an inner 
shipwreck wondering how much
of it you too
can see.

by David Wood |
Categories: first love,

Excerpts from a Teenage Diary

Wind billowing through a rolling cornfield
Far from the city lights
Formations of silver grey clouds 
Billowing through a dark sky
Competing against each other

Rows of tall trees standing to attention
Silhouetted against a low horizon
As wisps of smoke drifts up from a
Bleak ancient farmhouse in the foreground
Surrounded by dilapidated fencing

Daylight now failing as evening’s shadow
Begin to casts its silky smooth cape
Tentatively over a tranquil landscape
We sit in the car at the side of the road

And kiss 

by Kim van Breda |
Categories: christian,



Welcome to the world…

‘finite’ humans trying to understand an ‘infinite’ God
He has a game plan which is not our own
the only constant in our lives-alone
at all times, through all things
always faithful, His love He brings
the stowaway on Satan’s ‘bus’
erecting invisible fencing, avoiding mistrust
only through His mercy, power and grace
can we ever win our soulful race
‘finite’ humans trying to understand an ‘infinite’ God

Welcome to the world….

by jai Garg |
Categories: life, love

Spider Mite

Lady Spider weaving her web again;
Powerful stories surfing on the net.
Hostess - protecting anchors around
Trail Blazer, accosting melodic sound.   

Wonder now, what traps she spins.
Boomerang, those frailed legs wantonly pin.
Hideous grips, Neo Geometric moves,
Tempting shots, another day, type cast hooves.

True DNA, we ought to meet,
Face to face on grass luscious green;
Fencing brainstorm, Vedic games:
Who lost and who reigns supreme.

Mark words; the destiny song sings,
Limpid Plangent the oasis rings:
Grasshoppers play their fiddle well.
She spider fries her tale: and it sells. 

by Leon Stacey |
Categories: family, father, happiness, imagination, life, love, son,

Stick Fencing

Two sticks by the oak
Trimmed and prepared for battle
On a grassy knoll

On the playing field
With one hand behind our backs
Sticks cross left to right

In the round we dance
The fields sway, trees clap their hands
We duel and laugh

(Caleb and I playing in the front yard when he was 4 years old.  Now we duel with 
wooden and plastic swords.)

by James Fraser |
Categories: love, passion

Scents and Senses

On a bed of roses
Scents and senses
We hold back
Our wanting intentions

Both in adventure
Roaming of hands
Sensuous caress
Exploratory demands

Lips in touch
Fencing of tongues
Naked flesh in ignite
Panting of lungs

Fingers conducting
Orchestral commands
Musical groans
Our excitement stands

In resonating rhyme
As if on an ocean we drift
Our pleasure in love
Absorbed in this gift

Our silk sheets bear witness
Graced with red roses
Scents and senses captured
As our loving closes

by James Fraser |
Categories: love, passion

Cave of Carnal Capture

In shredded attire
Bodies of flesh
Through the waterfall haze
In sweat-en fresh
In his arms, captured
Her leg like a vine
Wrapped with intention
As he enters entwined
In standing pose
This pillar of man
Inner grows
Wanting runs
Tongues fencing
Adventurous hands
Waterfall spray
Mixing with glands
Grandiose groans
Echo this cave
Two statues in loved weld
In carnal crave
The cry of content
Choirs her walls
As spasmodic groans
Inner enthral
In quivering shake
Intake of kiss
Cave of carnal capture
Sexual bliss

by Zammy Ickler |
Categories: dark, deep, desire, feelings, fire, humanity, loneliness,

Red Love

the candle flicking forward
fencing the shadows
its like angelic moonlight
cocooned to its impassioned heat
expanding to surpass its limits
till the slow darkness resumes
autum's colors through the flame
as I submerge to a endless fall
visioning the psych of the flare's breath
welcoming me as it burns from hatred
the heat alight from amending nurturing
never to release the satisfaction
the emotions one never receives..

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: love

How God Sleeps At Night

[To "answer" the poetic line, "how do you [referring to God] sleep at night?" used by an 
undisclosed poet...]

I first awaken the tambourines
Pour lemonade through my eyelids
Then wonker downstairs to
Daze upon my angels, free livestock-lovestock,
Who choose to roam the open perimeter of
Fencing patched with quilts and gaps
I made a muddle over month after month...
Wishing out our hallway lights I then 
Ascend to the bellhouse,
Silencing our tambourines
With quick and loving amazement.

by Hassan Mohammed Alemrany |
Categories: appreciation, emotions, identity, lost love, miss you, romance, spiritual,


 Companion of my cheerful heart
 Come deep into my bossom
 Sing wherever you want
 Wander through my vales of passion
 Tie my soul and yours coming apart
 Cross the streams of romance
 To my dark walls of thought
 Fencing me
 Here I am
 Catching only a glimpse
 Of your pure heart
 Deserting the shrouds of despair
 To quench your volcanic passion
 Storming me faraway
 Here and there
 To leave you alone
 And drown in my illusions

 Poem by/ Hassan Mohammad Alemrany
 Egypt, Minya, Bani Omran